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Number one Wholesaler Silver Jewelry in Thailand

Karen Silver design aims to bring you the very best in wholesaler silver jewelry from Thailand! We are an established, expert manufacturer and wholesaler of a variety of high quality silver jewelry accessories and are based in Bangkok.

Offering a fantastic choice of 925 sterling and Karen Silver jewelry products at extremely competitive prices either direct to the consumer or to the wholesale market we hope you can find what you are looking for. Specialising in all types of pieces from silver rings, necklaces, pendants, earrings and more we present great collections at competitive wholesale prices.

Special promotions on larger purchases can also be taken advantage of to give you the best price.

We sell wholesale silver to clients’ right across the world using tried and trusted carriers and will always endeavor to have your product sent to you within the quickest reasonable timescales. If you are in Thailand you can come and physically purchase direct from our Bangkok store allowing you to cut-out the need to wait for production or shipping.

Either way, we are always confident of delivering a quality professional service and meeting our customers’ expectations when it comes to sourcing the very best in wholesale silver jewelry.

We hope to build a lasting relationship and have you coming back to check out our latest collections.

Enjoy browsing some of our latest collections online, your feedback is always welcome!

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Best Avenue to Perfect Wholesale Silver Jewelry

For more than 20 years, Karen Silver Design remains one of the best avenues when it comes to finding the loveliest and most attractive silver jewelry. Most women love and appreciate the presence of this wholesale jewelry shop. In fact, it has been regarded as the top wholesaler of silver jewelry in the entire Thailand area.

It has been offering a wide variety of silver jewelry accessories that everybody will love. If you are also looking for one, the best shop to check is Karen Silver Design. It has already proven its worth in giving quality wholesale silver beads that no other shops can offer. With its years of experience in selling silver jewelry and accessories, there is no doubt that it has familiarized what the customers need and expect.

Karen Silver Design's online store has continually grew and expanded over its years of existence in the industry. There are various reasons why people love the service and products offered by online silver jewelry. One of the most obvious one is the fact that it provides cost effective silver jewelry products at high quality standards.

Previously, you might dream of having a beautiful silver accessory to wear. This time, that is no longer a dream since Karen Silver Design makes it come true. It will give you the opportunity to stand out and shine with your silver jewelry.

Another great thing about this online store is that its product can potentially inspire more people to feel more confident and look more beautiful wherever they are. With Karen Silver Design, you change your life potentially. Make it a great part of your life and get extra benefits from it. Look glamorous as you buy wholesale silver jewelry and start inspiring other people around you.

Happy shopping!

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