18K Pink Gold Plated Silver Jewelry Wholesale

Pink Gold Plated Silver Jewelry and Rose Gold Plated Silver Jewelry has become very popular because of its luxurious look and affordable price. It is one of the essential jewelry collections that every jewelry retailer and reseller should have available on shelf. Discover our large collection of Pink Gold Rose Gold Plated Silver Jewelry at wholesale price now.

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18K Pink Gold Plated Silver Jewelry Wholesale

If you are looking for a certain kind of jewelry that will look gorgeous on your customers, you might want to keep reading. We’ll be introducing to you our 18k rose gold plated jewelry that you might end up ordering sooner rather than later for your customers. We have plenty of jewelry that we’ll be proudly showing off from our collection.

We proudly make these in our factory in Thailand and provide you with nothing but the best. If you are tired of dealing with suppliers that are giving you the run around and end up giving you fakes instead of the real deal, then now is the time to check us out. We sell rose gold plated jewelry at wholesale prices you can’t say no to.

What kind of jewelry do we have available? Keep reading so we’ll unveil our entire collection for new and existing clients.

Pink Gold Bracelet 

First, we’ll be taking a look at our collection of pink gold bracelets that are guaranteed to dazzle. With so many different sizes and charms, it’s always a good idea to purchase different bracelets so your customers have plenty of choices. Whether it’s for themselves or a gift from someone special in their lives, these bracelets are guaranteed to catch eyes and start conversations.

Some of our favorites in our collection include the Silver Open Heart Bracelet and the Sterling Silver Flirty Flower Bracelet. We have so many more of these rose gold bracelets at wholesale prices that you can choose from. It’s all about knowing what your customers might like. 

If you love these bracelets, we’re not going to stop there. We have so many different kinds of jewelry left to show you. Let’s dive right into the earrings. But seriously, our rose gold bracelets at wholesale prices are a can’t miss when you need to order your next batch of jewelry.

Pink Gold Earrings 

Whether you wear studs or dangles, there is always a pair of earrings that are worth wearing. Our pink gold earrings are just one of the pairs of earrings your customers must own in their collection. One of our best rose gold earrings includes the Classic Delicate 2mm Round Tube Hoop Earrings. They are colored to perfection to give off that awesome beauty no matter when and where you wear them. 

We have our collection of pink gold stud earrings and so much more. If you have a steady demand of customers looking for a good pair of earrings, we’ll be your go-to supplier that will provide you with what you need. We ship across the world and work with eCommerce and retail jewelers.

Why miss out on all the great jewelry that is pink gold plated and made from the best silver? Our rose gold earrings at wholesale prices are made with high-quality 925 sterling silver that your customers will appreciate. Don’t miss out on these sterling silver earrings of rose gold when you still have the chance.

Pink Gold Necklaces

Moving onto our collection of necklaces, we have plenty of wholesale silver rose gold plated necklaces that your customers will enjoy. We will warn you though, these are always flying off the shelves according to some of our current clients. So if you are looking for a potential best seller, we have plenty of necklaces that we can suggest for you.

We have plenty of pink gold necklace chains that might be worth a closer look before ordering. One of those necklaces is our Sterling Silver Minimalist Hexagon 18K Pink Gold Plated Necklace. With a rose gold color, it brings out the necklace’s true beauty. Since it’s not too glitzy and dangly, a woman can wear this at any time she chooses. We even have plenty of rose gold plated sterling silver chains as well.

If you sell necklaces on a regular basis and feel like your current suppliers may be leaving you high and dry on options, why not give us a chance? We sell wholesale silver rose gold plated necklaces that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Rose Gold Pendants

If your customers are looking for something that is a bit more subtle, then pendants might be exactly what they want. Our rose gold pendants at wholesale prices are second to none and we have a handful of them that are ready to be shipped to our clients anywhere around the world. Among one of our best selling pendants is our Dome Flower of Life Silver Pendant with White CZ.

These pendants are perfect for the woman who wants to wear jewelry on a casual day, on a date, or if they are working in an office setting. They blend in very well no matter the setting.

Rose Gold Plated Rings 

If there is one thing a woman should own for jewelry, it’s definitely a few rings. She doesn’t even have to be married in order to wear one. We have plenty of 18k pink gold rings that you can choose from.

We even have our collection of 18K pink gold rings that come in different shapes. Among one of our favorites is the Sterling Silver Open Arrow Style ring that will make for a great gift for any mother, sister, girlfriend, or wife. If your customers are approaching the big wedding day, you really don’t want to miss out on ordering all kinds of wedding rings. One of our rings for this special occasion from our rose gold collection is the Flower Of Life Silver Wedding Ring.

We have rings for almost every occasion imaginable. While the choices seem overwhelming, don’t worry. At least we’ll be able to supply you with plenty of wholesale rose gold jewelry whenever you need to order more as you sell out or even expand.

So many options to choose from...order now! 

If you want to add a little bit of a colorful mix to the jewelry collection that you sell, our wholesale rose gold jewelry might be exactly what you’re looking for. We have it all from pink gold necklace chains to pink gold necklace pendants. There really is no limit to what you can choose from.

Whether you are starting out as an online jewelry store or have been around for a long time, we are the supplier you want to work with. If we hadn’t said it yet, we’ll say it again...we ship to clients anywhere around the world.

Every piece of jewelry we have is 925 sterling silver with rose gold plating, which always brings out the best. Rose gold is one of the colors of jewelry that is all the rage these days. And your store might be in the center of it all.

Whether it’s pink gold earring hoops, 18k pink gold chains, or rose gold earrings at wholesale prices you’d be hard-pressed to find a supplier that sells pink gold jewelry direct from their factory in Thailand. Just take a look at our catalog and order what you want when you are ready.

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