Animal Jewelry at Wholesale Price

Animal themed jewelry is classic collection for jewelry stores. Animal lovers can never stop buying them as they want to keep their favorite animal physically close to them all the time. That's why we offer huge collection of wholesale animal themed silver jewelry. Puppy pendant, Elephant necklace, snake bracelet, we have it all with stock. Create animal theme jewelry with us today.

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In the mysterious nature of our world, we humans have come across many exquisite animals who have either moved our hearts or taught us something new. Here at Karen Silver Design, we celebrate these mesmerizing creations of mother nature by incorporating different animals and their traits into our designs. So invest in this animal jewelry wholesale collection to bring more layers to your jewelry store.

Made of high-quality silver

Like every other batch in our collection, this animal inspired jewelry one also is crafted from high-quality 925 silver. This material of sterling silver is well-known among those who love jewelry. Its high durability makes each piece last longer than a lifetime. You can rely on any piece made out of this unique alloy to serve your legacy of style and panache.

It has also been a symbol of luxury for decades. You may have heard the term “silver spoon” quite often. This particular type of silver is what that phrase came from. That is why it can be the perfect pampering gift for a loved one on a special occasion. A single sterling silver jewelry piece exudes timeless beauty and grace like no other. Your customers can rely on it for the perfect package of durability, beauty and malleability.

Range of colors

Many pieces of this wholesale animal themed jewelry collection representing carnal spirits come in multiple colors. Most of them are in the typical nude shades of beige, earth and tan. However, some exhibit more colorful properties in some pastel and vibrant shades. You can find them in baby pink, moss green, navy blue, black, red, white and more. Let them add more glamour to their look by choosing their gold-plated version or pink gold plated which changes the jewelry game completely.

So you can present plenty of color options for your beloved customers. They can incorporate the pastel jewelry pieces into a low-key soothing look or add the bright ornaments into styling an eye-grabbing look. Both of such style statements can be designed with these wholesale sterling silver animal jewelry.

Minimalist to expressive

This animal jewelry wholesale collection can impress any kind of customer with their range of distinct style statements. Some of them embrace the simplicity of minimalist designs with just one chain being the highlight of a bracelet. In contrast, some other pieces utilize vibrant colors and well-defined shapes to express a certain class of fashion. As a result, no matter what your customer is looking for, you can present them with this impressive range of distinct style genres.

Animal Inspired Jewelry Categories

In our collection, you can explore all the jewelry and accessories your store may need. It ranges from pretty little earrings to sleek and shiny bracelets. To have an in-depth look, let’s explore each of those categories one by one.

1. Silver Pendant Animal Themed Jewelry

These are mainly animal necklaces and pendant representing a particular loved creature. Among the most popular ones, we have cute little puppies looking up at their masters with love while wiggling his tail. Additionally, there are also tiny sterling silver animal pendants in shapes of cats, snails, pigs, penguins, sheep, starfishes, butterflies and more. Your customers will find elegance, fun and cuteness in this collection simultaneously.

2. Silver Earrings with Animal Design

We have cute little earrings which you can showcase to your customers with a proud smile. Many of them are designed in the form of versatile butterflies, spooky owls or tiny adorable elephants. Some of these silver animal earrings are also studded to add more glamour and edge to the cute designs.

They can come in multiple colors including silver and gold. So you don’t need to worry about giving the customers limited options. Both gold and silver are highly adaptable color schemes which look good with any outfit.

3. Animal Themed Silver Rings

Choose the slim and sleek rings with paw prints on them, or choose one with a little butterfly charm added at the edge - we have it all for your divas. These animal rings can be the perfect gift for someone who loves their pets or loves exploring wildlife. From the marks of a homely cat or dog all the way to the mighty starfishes hiding under the sea - they are available here.

We have found creative ways to incorporate their characteristics into our elegant designs. For instance, you will find the locomotive nature of a gecko blending in the ring or a golden bird sitting on the silver branch of a ring. There are some subtle emotions embedded in these rings like two love birds looking at each other on the main portion. All of these are remarkable representation of unique animal traits which makes our collection even more desirable. They also bring more meaning to a mere piece of jewelry.

4. Easy to Wear Animal Inspired Silver Bracelet

Our bracelets represent creativity in some ever-so-subtle ways. You will find a little dolphin enjoying a dive into the sea on one or a lizard completing its travel from one end to another here. Almost every piece of our animal bracelet collection comes in three colors - silver, gold and pink gold. Therefore, your customers can choose the one which goes the most with their personal style.

5. Meaningful Animal Silver Charms

You can also invest in the customized beads representing exquisite creatures like bumblebees, puppies, roosting hens, jumping dolphins, comical fish and more such animals. Although most of them come only in oxidized silver, you can find some tainted in black. If you love arts and crafts, you can create your own version of unique jewelry pieces using these eccentric beads.

Buying Animal Silver Jewelry Wholesale

There is no limitation on how customers can utilize these jewelry pieces. They can incorporate these pieces into styling any look for any occasion. Besides, they are also perfect gift options for their close ones. We believe these animal jewelry pieces are ideal as birthday presents or congratulatory gifts for children and teenagers.

So purchase these wholesale sterling silver animal jewelry items in bulk to save some bucks and satisfy the customers simultaneously.

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