Chakra Silver Jewelry Wholesale

The word "Chakra" means "Wheel" in Sanskrit. There are seven chakras which are believed to be the main energy centers of the body. Each chakra has its own meaning and represents a specific kind of energy. We offer chakra silver jewelry at best wholesale prices! Order them now and sell it to your customers who believe in spirituality and enlightenment.

Are you a jewelry store owner looking for a bit more variety in your collection? Do you know someone who is into jewelry based on chakras and energy levels? If you answered ‘yes’ to these questions, keep reading.

We’ll be taking a deep dive into the different types of chakra jewelry and explain some of the meanings behind each of them. There are many people out there who wear different kinds of jewelry based on the different kinds of chakras in their body. Each chakra represents a certain kind of energy and has a specific focus.

We’ll discuss terminology such as Anahata, Vishuddha, and others later on when we introduce them. But if you are looking for chakra symbol jewelry at wholesale prices, you’re in the right place. And we are proud to show you our current collection of jewelry that you can order with your next batch of inventory.


We have plenty of pieces of jewelry that you can choose from. So we highly encourage you to check our catalogue and order what you think will win over your customers each time they visit your store. Whether you run it online only or have a retail space, we have plenty of jewelry waiting for you at prices that you can afford.


Without further ado, let’s begin by introducing you our line of jewelry based on different chakras:

Crown Chakra Sahasrara Silver Jewelry

First on the list, we’ll be taking a look at our collection of Crown Chakra Sahasrara Silver Jewelry. What you’ll be noticing is that we’ll be starting from the top down in terms of the list of chakras. The Crown Chakra Sahasrara is located at the top of the head.


This represents knowledge, fulfillment, spirituality, and consciousness. This chakra is the highest-level chakra that allows you to attain higher consciousness. It helps you develop better levels of understanding things.


You will be fully connected spiritually and do something that very few people would ever do, fully open the crown chakra and gain access to a level of consciousness that seems impossible to reach. We have the best jewelry that is specifically focused on this chakra in particular.


This Sterling Silver Sahasrara Crown Chakra Bracelet is our best choice for jewelry that focuses on this specific chakra. The bracelet will represent your highest-level chakra that will fully develop when you reach an older age. As the old saying goes, ‘the older you get, the more you understand’.


But if you are someone who wants to aim for a new level of consciousness, this bracelet is a piece worth wearing. Especially when you want something very empowering. This silver chakra bracelet is the perfect choice for those who are familiar with the Crown Chakra.

Third Eye Chakra Ajna Silver Jewelry

Next, we’ll be taking a look at the Third Eye Chakra Ajna. This chakra is known as the ‘third eye’ since it is located in the space between your two eyes. The chakra Ajna represents meditation, trust, intuition, and lucidity.


This is the kind of chakra that will allow you to see things more clearly in the spiritual sense. The stone that best represents this chakra is amethyst. And we have plenty of jewelry with that feature just that. Take a closer look at the Silver and Amethyst CZ Third Eye Chakra Ajna Bracelet.


Wearing this bracelet represents someone who is willing to open their eyes and awaken their knowledge, reflection, and intuition. Those who are serious about accessing their inner guidance can wear a bracelet like this.

Throat Chakra Vishuddha Silver Jewelry

This chakra represents communication, expression, inspiration, and creativity. If you are someone that believes in speaking the truth, this is the chakra that you want to focus on. This is one of the chakras that develop at a younger age.


The gemstone representing this light blue chakra is aquamarine. One of our favorite pieces of jewelry that you can wear close to this chakra is the Sterling Silver CZ Throat Chakra Vishuddha Necklace. This sterling silver necklace has an aqua-colored Cubic Zirconia gemstone that represents the color of this very chakra.


If unlimited self expression is what you aim for, the Throat Chakra Vishuddha will be the one to focus on.

Heart Chakra Anahata Silver Jewelry

Up next, we have the Heart Chakra Anahata Silver Jewelry. Anahata is considered to be the ‘bride chakra’ as it connects between the lower and upper chakras. This is one of the other chakras that can develop at a younger age.


One of the things about this chakra is if it’s blocked, it represents someone who may have a hard time opening up to people in their life. And it may represent a lack of trust. Those who want to empower this chakra can wear the jewelry that symbolizes it.


Predictably, this heart chakra represents love, inner peace, and joy. If you want true happiness and love in your life, this chakra in particular will lead the way.


What better time to suggest to your customers the Sterling Silver CZ Heart Chakra Anahata Necklace? What a fitting place to wear a piece of jewelry closer to where this chakra is located. The necklace has a peridot CZ stone that represents this chakra and allows you to open up your heart to the most important people in your life.


This silver chakra necklace is the perfect suggestion for someone who wants to wear different kinds of jewelry. We sell chakra jewelry at wholesale prices so you can get the best deal and sell nothing but the best to your customers. And don’t forget, we ship to our clients around the world.


Whether you live in Thailand or half way around the world in the United States, we’ve got you covered. And we will make sure that you and your customers will be satisfied.

Solar Plexus Chakra Manipura Silver Jewelry

One of the other chakras that develop at a young age (between 15 to 21 years old) is the solar plexus chakra Manipura. This chakra represents self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-worth. The jewelry that represents this chakra is a symbol that you are confident in yourself and feel good about who you are as a person.


One of our favorite pieces of jewelry that we recommend for this chakra is the Silver CZ Solar Plexus Manipura Chakra Necklace. This is the perfect necklace for your customer to give to someone who is young at age (like a daughter or granddaughter). This will allow them to represent the first of many chakras that will fully develop throughout their life.

Sacral Chakra Svadhishthana Silver Jewelry

The Sacral Chakra Svadhishthana is one of the most important chakras of our lives. This develops anywhere between 8 to 14 years of age. This chakra represents a sense of abundance, well-being, and emotion. The mantra is ‘I always honor others but not before myself.’ This chakra represents self-control, creativity, and different types of energy. One of our favorite pieces of jewelry that represents this Chakra is the Silver and CZ Svadhishthana Sacral Symbol Bracelet.


When you are older, you will understand that this chakra also represents your sexual chakra as well. If you want to really feel good about yourself in that sense, the last thing you want to do is allow this chakra to be blocked. This blocked chakra also represents that there is a lack of control in your life.

Root Chakra Muladhara Silver Jewelry

Our final chakra is the Root Chakra Muladhara. This is located at the base of the spine. This represents your survival as a person. When blocked, it feels like we are unstable. We want this kind of balance and stability in our lives.


This is the first ever chakra that is developed in your life starting from one and fully develops at seven years of age. When your customers wear jewelry representing this chakra, it symbolizes that they are on stable ground and have plenty of control in their life.


One of the best pieces of jewelry representing this Chakra in particular is the Silver and Garnet CZ Muladhara Root Chakra Bracelet. When you wear this lovely silver bracelet, people may ask what it represents. You might be surprised when someone might be interested in chakras and the seven different ones each representing every aspect of their life.

Wholesale Chakra Bracelets

By now, you already know about our line of wholesale chakra bracelets. We have shown you some examples earlier on in the write up. Keep in mind that there are bracelets that you can order that represent each chakra. Or you can order a 7 chakra bracelet that represents all the chakras in one exquisite piece of jewelry. 

Wholesale Chakra Earrings

We have various types of wholesale chakra earrings that you can order from us when available. These include our line of chakra stud earrings, chakra hoop earrings, and our silver chakra earrings. All of these are available at wholesale prices that are unbeatable.

Sterling Silver Chakra Jewelry

We have various types of chakra jewelry at wholesale prices. And you’d be hard pressed to find it through any other supplier. We have chakra crystal jewelry and 7 chakras jewelry that represents every one of the chakras that you want to open up and symbolize even more.


With so many choices, it’s hard where to begin. But you want to order some of the best pieces of jewelry we have so that your customers have a bit more variety. Especially the customers who tend to be more ‘spiritual than others’.

Wholesale Silver Chakra Necklace

Even at wholesale prices, we have a silver chakra necklace for everyone. Whether it’s a 7 chakra necklace or a chakra crystal necklace, you can order them for someone who appreciates a necklace that not only is eye catching, but makes for a great conversation piece. Made from sterling silver and matched with a respective gemstone representing a chakra, you’ll see it all in its awesome beauty.

Silver Chakra Pendants Wholesale

If you have customers that love wearing pendants, we have plenty of chakra pendants made from sterling silver. This also includes the 7 chakra pendant that represents all of the chakras that will bring you balance in your life. You can wear these daily if you want something that is subtle and doesn’t draw a lot of attention.

Chakra Rings Wholesale

Lastly, we have chakra rings that you can wear as part of your outfit or as one of the many rings you can wear. We have chakra rings made from sterling silver. These include our silver chakra ring and the chakra crystal rings that each represent the colors of different chakras.


Whether it’s a chakra that represents the sacral chakra or the third eye, your customers can wear a ring that will represent which chakra symbolizes them best.

Get your new chakra silver jewelry by ordering now

If you are a jewelry store owner that runs an online store or a retail space, we’ve got you covered. We will be more than happy to help you order your next batch (even if you have never bought from us before). Our chakra silver jewelry might become your next best seller in your store.


All you have to do is look through our catalog and order the pieces of jewelry you think your customers will love. You may have some customers who are more spiritual in a sense. These pieces of jewelry each represent a chakra (if you are familiar with them, choose one that resonates with you).


We take pride in selling these pieces of jewelry at wholesale prices and we ship to you no matter where you are in the world. These are handcrafted and ready to order.


So, what are you waiting for? Order our chakra jewelry today. Just look through our catalog, see what you like, and order all the necklaces, pendants, and bracelets that your customers will love.


Order now and your store might just be selling these out in no time.

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