Wholesale Chandelier Earrings

If you are looking to keep your shop stocked with beautiful chandelier earrings style, you have come to the right place. Our supply of wholesale chandelier earrings will have everything you need for your customers. Whether they like sterling silver or silver with gold plated, large or small, plain or eye-catching, we have it. Discover and create your new collection with us now.

Chandelier earrings have quickly become quite popular as of late. While the piece has always offered a timeless look, they have also started to take on a trendy nature as well. This can be great for your business, especially given that we have so many options available.We offer not only different size chandelier earrings in our supply of wholesale chandelier earrings, but we also offer them in gold, silver, and even beautiful rose gold which has also become quite popular lately. We have something that each and every one of your customers will find beautiful.Stock our entire series of chandelier earrings and you’ll be sure to make every one of your customers happy and satisfied.

Gold Chandelier Earrings

We have no shortage of beautiful gold chandelier earrings. This means that you don’t have to, either. While other looks go in and out of style, gold will always remain beautiful and timeless. For your elegant customer, you can’t go wrong having some gold options available.

Our 18K Gold Plated Sterling Silver Circle Charm Cascade Dangle Earrings are a great option for any customer looking for large chandelier earrings. These are a statement piece with a dimension of 23 x 62 mm. They offer a beautiful cascading look, with accents that fall from silver hooks in a marquise shape. While these are a statement piece, they are also quite elegant.

We also offer rhinestone chandelier earrings for those customers who prefer that look. If your customers prefer gold but like to add a trendy touch, we also offer rose gold chandelier earrings as well.

Sterling Silver Chandelier Earrings

We have so many sterling silver chandelier earrings available that you might have a hard time narrowing down what you’d like to keep in stock. This is a great problem to have, given that they’ll all be in high demand with your customers.

One of our best sellers of silver chandelier earrings is the captivating teardrops sterling silver matte cascade earrings. These are sure to sell out soon and it is easy to see why. This set of earrings is just beautiful. This is a collection of teardrop silhouettes that are quite enchanting in appearance. The matte finish is the perfect accent and this sett will compliment any elegant and sophisticated look.

If your customers are more likely to enjoy a little dazzle in their accessories, we also offer plenty of sterling silver cz chandelier earrings. We have both long chandelier earrings in the collection as well as shorter ones.

Dangle Chandelier Earrings

We have a variety of dangle earrings available. Our Drop Dangle Chandelier Purple Amethyst Earrings are one example that will give your customers just the right amount of color. These are one of our best chandelier drop earrings. This beautiful set offers a design that includes purple dangles as well as sterling silver. They are eye-catching and will complement just about any look.Another option is our Chandelier Silver Earring with Dangling Faceted Black Stone. These are another customer favorite that sells out quickly. As black goes with everything, this design compliments all outfits and ensembles. Your customers will absolutely want a piece they can wear with anything and this is it. The design offers free flowing black stones that will catch anyone’s eye. 

Big Chandelier Earrings

Our statement pieces are for your customers who like to grab some attention with their look. You’ll find plenty of big chandelier earrings in our collection and no two styles are the same. They range from our Cascading Optical Abstract Statement Earrings to our Oxidized Sterling Silver Triangle Fringe Chandelier Drop Earrings.

Both of these are real statement pieces that will grab anyone’s attention. We have plenty of other options available as well.

If big earrings don’t sell well for you, we also have plenty of small chandelier earrings available for you to stock. These pieces are daintier and can be worn every day.

Silver Chandelier Earring for Jewelry Reseller

Keeping chandelier earrings stocked is in your best interest. It is a look that is both popular right now but that is also timeless. They won’t ever go out of style, especially if you keep our elegant styles ready for your customers to purchase. We have long and short available as well as all metals.

Your customers will be able to find plenty of styles they’ll love in our full range of wholesale chandelier earrings. Keep them stocked and improve your business.

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