Wholesale Chunky Hoop Earring

Chunky Hoop earrings are back in fashion and we have it available for bulk purchase at wholesale price direct from our silver jewelry factory in Thailand! Retailers looking for wholesale chunky hoop earrings or targeting something fancier such as silver electroforming can’t afford to miss out on this one. Stock available for purchase now!

Chunky Hoop Earrings: All The Hype for Retailers!

Wholesale chunky hoop earrings are taking the retail market to another level. This is because earrings truly help make a statement. Being one of the most fashionable accessories available in the market, these accessories are always evolving in style.

Hoop earrings are back dominating the current fashion trend. For many women, simple hoop earrings can be adorned with everyday outfits. Many also prefer chunky hoop earrings to match with their outfits instead of the simple, thin silver or gold hoops.

Different clients will want different looks so as retailers you want to keep options open on different spectrums.

Are Silver Hoop Earrings Really Worth it for Retailers or Distributors?

Retailers and distributors can be rest assured that clients will fall in love with the silver hoop earrings. Silver jewelry may not always have been in the spotlight, but these days one set of accessory that ladies can’t seem to have enough of are the silver hoop earrings. Even though old school, they’ve never been out of fashion.

The interesting part is, silver hoop earrings are getting a whole new definition with the process of silver electroforming. This specialized procedure allows artists to unleash their imagination and create beautiful, intricate three-dimensional jewelry designs. Due to its hollowness, it cuts down on the weight, giving clients a beautiful geometric finish at affordable prices! Thanks to silver electroforming, now chunky silver hoop earrings are easier to make than ever! These are something you want to showcase for trendy clients.

For clients who are looking for an edgier and more detailed look are bound to fall in love with chunky hoop earrings. These are definitely bolder than the simple thin silver hoops. For clients who want something even fancier, consider buying in bulk the gold plated ones with sterling silver. They are always in demand and very popular among women of all ages!

When it comes to clients’ sense of fashion, chunky hoop earrings can be experimented around with different outfits. They can be sported with the casual look of a pair of pants, a shirt and some boots or they can be worn with party wear, it really depends on what the client prefers.

In fact, you can even advise customers that if they would like to keep things casual yet glamorous, they can consider wearing the earrings with pretty much any set of clothing. Even if there are no other accessories worn, chunky hood earrings make up for all other accessories.

Exclusive, chic and great value for money

Whether you’re a retailer or an individual customer, you’ll find wholesale chunky hoop earrings available for purchase at amazing rates out there! These can be perfect gifts for occasions as well! You can keep some for yourself and set the rest aside as emergency “giftable” souvenirs. Some of the designs available range from one-colored earrings, striped designs, swirls, pom-pom hoop earrings, crystal post earrings, beaded hoop earrings. Now that silver electroforming is here, there is no end to designs and creativity out there!

Make sure to join in on the hype. As you check out the market for great retail jewelry options, make sure to scroll through what’s available online. You definitely don’t want to miss out on some pretty amazing hoop earring deals.

Affordable, modern and utterly unforgettable, these amazing hoops are here to stay in the market. 


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