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If there is any collection that jewelry reseller must have, it’s this Silver Ball Jewelry! This always sell as it's the simplest choice of jewelry that anyone could think of. We manufacture and wholesale quality silver ball jewelry, including stud earring in all sizes, small to large 12,10,8,6,4,3,2 and 1mm. Our collection also include silver ball ring, pendant and necklace.


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No matter what age group of customers you mainly cater to, a silver ball jewelry piece can suit them all. This interesting trend has the unique advantage of being both classic and funky. As a result, the silversmiths have a lot to play with while creating their designs. Our collection is proof of such versatility boasted by pieces of silver ball jewelry. Want to know how and more? Keep reading!

Why invest in silver ball jewelry collection?

      Two kinds of finishing

This particular collection of ours has the perks of catering to a wide range of customers with its two finishing kinds. In order to serve your consumers with an impressive variety of products, you can easily rely on our silver ball jewelry collection. Both of these finishing touches have a perk of its own. We will dive into those stylish advantages deeper below:

        High Polishing

As the name suggests, this kind of finishing gives the jewelry piece a highly coveted look. It has an aesthetic similar to that of posh global stars. Such a finishing adds spark to even the most mundane of pieces. When you see one of these, you will find it mirroring its surroundings like a well-crafted spherical mirror.

We have incorporated these high polished silver balls into our amazing new collection to bring all of these advantages. You will find them in the earrings, rings and bracelets included in this collection. With these pieces, your customers can make any look a little shinier.

        Matte Finishing

While high polishing is perfect for the people who want some shine to complement their outfit, matte finishing is ideal for those who want to keep it subtle. There are many beautiful, talented and stylish individuals who prefer to highlight their sparkling dress or makeup. If the jewelry is also heavy in sparks, it can make the total look a little bit over the top. This is where the matte jewelry comes in and saves the day!

The matte finishing of our silver ball jewelry will satisfy the customers’ craving of some classic low-key ornaments. These pieces are also great for a regal look with silver or white gowns.

      Sterling Silver

We all know how significant material is when it comes to jewelry. None of your customers would like to allot too much of our daily hours on keeping the ornaments durable. Sterling silver shines in this regard from every angle due to its incredible sustainability over the years. It can stand the test of time like a classic painting. It keeps the sophisticated shine alive on the wearer’s ears, wrists or neck wherever they go.

Sterling silver is a lot more powerful than pure silver when it comes to jewelry. Many may doubt that because pure silver consists of 99.9% silver. However, the rest of it is made of various impurities. In contrast, sterling silver has 92.% silver along with 7.5% of other metals. This makes sterling silver much more stable and rigid. As a result, it is stronger and easier to craft than pure silver. Besides, sterling silver is better at giving a polished look for the jewelry.

      Elegance or Punk

We are very proud to state that the pieces of our classic silver ball jewelry collection include both elegant and punk tones. This is a unique combination of two colliding worlds having almost nothing in common. However, our expert craftsmen have made it possible with their extensive skill sets.

If you look at our rings from this collection, you will see it contains dollops of elegance on top. On the other hand, if you look at the bangles and some earrings, you can observe a punk pattern in them. They are for those expressive people who want to show their distinct personalities to the world without saying a word! Their appearance is all it takes to make that unique mark and stand out from the crowd.

      Versatile Shades

Although the majority of our collection appears silver due to its material, we also provide pieces in a number of other classic shades. These mostly include gold plating, pink gold plating and rhodium (darker silver). So if your customer is on the lookout for something other than silver, you can easily show them these color ranges.

Gold, rose pink and dark silver are popular shades for accentuating looks. They work with almost any outfit and style. That is why we have incorporated these shades into our classic silver ball collection. As a result, you can cater to a lot of happy customers with these pieces.

      All Budget Ranges

You don't need to worry about which class of customers will be ideal for this collection. That is because this bunch of silver jewelry can cater to consumers of any financial standpoint. We offer pieces costing below £25 and also ornaments priced at above £100! So as you can see, the difference between such price points is enormous. As a result, it is a great collection to invest in for a smart retailer.

Categories of the Silver Ball Collection

1.     Silver Ball Earring

The earrings of our classic silver ball collection combine classic elegance and innovative shapes simultaneously for the potential customers. For your better understanding, we have divided this portion of the collection into two major categories below:

a.  Hook Earring

As you can guess, the hook earrings are the ones which hang from ears using a hook. Because of its hanging property, we had a lot of room to experiment with these silver ball earrings. The length of their hooks varies a lot depending on the design. It can be short and sweet to go with simpler looks, or it can be long and curvy for making a strong statement in appearance.

The end part of these earrings contains an elegant ball or a ball-shaped structure. These dangling elements can be small, medium or big in size. Some of them also include spotted designs to add some funk to the silver structure. Besides, you can find a number of them in gold and rose pink shades. As a result, you can satisfy a wide range of customers with these pieces.

b.  Stud Earring

Compared to hook earrings, stud earrings are more on the restricted side. However, we still made our best efforts to bring a little bit of jazz to these earrings. We have both small and large sterling silver ball stud earrings. To be more specific, these silver ball stud earrings come in the sizes of 12mm, 10mm, 8mm, 6mm, 4mm, 3mm, 2mm and even 1mm! Therefore your customers will have no shortage of options in terms of choosing their most favorite stud earrings. Besides, a number of these sizes are available at the same time in the silver ball stud earring set and brushed silver ball stud earrings .

2.     Silver Ball Pendant

Each of the necklaces in our collection includes a silver ball pendant. However, they differ a lot in both size and texture. One of them gives out a pearl-like vibe with an absolutely polished surface shining in the light. Another one is just highly polished silver looking like a spherical mirror.

On the other hand, you will find a pendant with a gritty texture resembling aluminum wraps. These pendants can be mostly small to medium in size, while some are large. A few pieces also come in several shades including gold and rose pink. Thus, these sterling silver ball necklaces have a lot to offer for your future customers.

3.    Sterling Silver Ball Ring

Similar to the pendants, each sterling silver ball ring in our collection also showcases subtle differences in design. The main frame of each ring is crafted delicately with a single swirl or loop of the sleek silver line. On it sits one or more shiny or matte silver balls. You will find some pieces in gold and pink shades. They also differ in size and texture making the collection more versatile.

4.     Exclusive

The exclusive portion of our classic silver ball collection mainly includes high-end hand accessories like bracelets and handcuffs. They can include a strand of hammered beads or the inclusion of multiple colors in one piece. Save these for those customers who want nothing but the best for their jewelry collection. 


Each portion of our classic silver ball jewelry collection comes with its own set of benefits. So you can rely on these to add more spark to your jewelry store. By purchasing these pieces in bulk, you can save a significant amount and see more profits for your business!

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