Do you want to start selling jewelry online but...

      Have a hard time taking professional-looking photos of your product?

      Don’t have the budget to hire a professional photographer?

      Don’t have the budget to pay for a model?

      Want to provide a short video clip but simply have no experience to do it yourself?

      Have no time in your busy schedule to take care of media content on your own?

What is a Digital Media Marketing Kit

Selling your product online has become vital in keeping your business alive. Regardless of whether you have your own webpage or are selling through a third party like Amazon or Etsy, it's important to have the right images for the product you are selling..

Unfortunately, it's not always easy to get high-quality images of your product when you are a small business owner.

What Is a Digital Media Marketing Kit?

For just $9.99, your media kit will include:

       A high quality image of the product on a white background

       Two photos consisting of the jewelry being modeled

       A 10 second clip of the product being shown

With the help of our Digital Media Marketing Kit, you’ll be able to post professional images of our beautiful wholesale silver jewelry without having to lift a finger.

HD White Background Image

  • High resolution 1000x1000 px image on white background
  • Photos shot by an experienced jewelry photographer
  • Images are high quality and won’t crack when you zoom in
  • Because we know our jewelry so intimately, we know how to make them look good on camera

Jewelry on Beautiful Real Model

  • We include two images of the jewelry on the model: the overall look and style of the piece
  • A detailed photo of the product in focus
  • All of our models are professional
  • Our studio consists of high quality equipment to produce only the best quality images

10 Seconds Video

  • The video clip includes the jewelry worn on the model
  • The video is made in HD quality
  • Our photoshoots are styled by a professional team

Our Latest Kits

Lock Silver Jewelry Collection

Lock themed silver jewelry is now one of the hottest fashion trend. And of course, we have it for you here at Karen Silver Design at best wholesale price direct from our factory. Our Lock collection include earring, ring, necklaces both with and without CZ.

Digital Media Marketing Kits also available in this collection. Buy it now and sell them in all of your channels, both online and offline!

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Shop Lock Digital Media Marketing Kits

Does It Worth ?

  • Our Digital Marketing Kit is much more cost effective than hiring your own team to take photos.

  • Not only will you not have to pay for a photographer, but you’ll also get an outstandig and professional video clip without also having to hire an additional videographer.

  • For just $9.99, you’ll have all the product photos you need, and more!

  • Save time trying to plan your own photoshoots and let us take care of it.

  • Once the order is placed, it can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks to receive your Digital Media Kit.

  • You’ll be able to start promoting your jewelry online before the product has even arrived at your doorstep.

  • With the Digital Media Kit, you’ll be able to focus more time on selling your products!


How does it work?

Select any package you like and just add them into your basket, just like normal product in our store. After checkout, we will get back to you with Link for you to download the media Package you bought.


Can I use them on my website or as a print media in my store?

Yes. You can use them to promote product on website, social media or any other online platform. You may also use them as a print ad for your store.




Have Question?  

Our Customer Service staff is more than happy to help! 

Call for support at: +66 2615 2224 

Working Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:30 AM - 19:00 PM (UTC+6)






Can I resell them?

No. Reselling or re-distributing our Digital Media Marketing Kit without our permission is strictly prohibited.


Can I get Refund?

No. We do not provide any refund for this Digital Media Marketing Kits.


Do you use international model for all model images?

Yes, we only use international model.

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