Wholesale Silver Ear Crawler Climber Earrings

Once in a while, we come across some awesome trends. One of the more recent ones are the ear crawler silver earrings that require just one piercing. When worn, they look like you are wearing multiples. Our wholesale sterling silver ear crawler climber earrings are now available in our store. Don’t miss your opportunity to order them for your store now.

If you’re looking for earrings that might become your next best seller, keep reading. These earrings known as ear crawler earrings are unique in design and in the way they are worn. And before you ask, yes we sell these at wholesale prices.

If you have yet to see pictures of these earrings, you should take a moment to do so. You’ll see how they’ll look on someone that wears them. They are not like your standard earrings. These are usually worn around the ear.  

The design might look intriguing to look at when you first see them. But once your customers see what they look like and how they are worn, they might want to try them on and even buy them. Let’s check out what we have for our collection of sterling silver ear climber earrings.

Ear Cuff Climber

One of these earrings to check out is our ear cuff climber earrings. They are available with a combination of sterling silver and faux pearl. So if you are looking for earrings that stand out, your customers will love wearing them.

For example, you can suggest your customers a pair of these Sterling Silver CZ & Pearl Crescent Ear Crawlers. How can you say no to cubic zirconia, pearl, and silver all in one pair of earrings? With earrings like this, you might start a conversation or two about where you’ve got them (or your customers may refer them to your store).

Imagine, more of these ears wrap jewelry pieces sold because someone observed one of the most interesting pairs of earrings they’ve seen yet. Before you know it, people will be dying to know more about them and why they are so popular.

If you are looking for ear climbers at wholesale prices, we will be more than happy to hook you up. We will even ship them to your store no matter where you are in the world. We serve clients in various countries whether they run a retail store or an online only jewelry store.

If you’re in Germany or South Africa, we will work with you to make sure that these ear climber crawler earrings hit the shelves at your stores so you get more sales. You’d be surprised how fast people catch on to new jewelry trends.

It pays to be right on top of the latest trends. When people find out that you have something new and exciting, you know that they’ll come to your store looking for it and pay good money for it. Silver ear wrap jewelry has been around for a while now, but it’s still a hot seller around the world.

Silver Ear Crawler Earrings

We have silver ear crawler earrings that come in different patterns. For example, if you know customers that love flowers, they might enjoy the Rose Flower Ear Crawler In Sterling Silver earrings. Made from oxidized sterling silver, they will look great for semi-formal attire or if you want to wear something unique with your casual wear.

If you want a simple design, you can check out the Sterling Silver Linear Lines Ear Crawler earrings. For those earrings that make the perfect gift for someone, we highly suggest these Sterling Silver Vertical Heart Ear Crawler Earrings. Nothing says ‘I Love You’ or ‘I appreciate you’ like heart shaped earrings.

It’s all part of the wide variety of silver ear wrap jewelry that we are creating now and in the future. Soon, we will have stud ear crawler earrings if you want a combination of stud and ear wrap earrings. We’re looking forward to releasing these new earrings sometime soon (and the design is something that is going to impress not only your customers, but you as well).

What Is An Ear Crawler Earring?

Ear crawler earrings are fairly new, but quite unusual. It does have a distinct look, but the question is does it require multiple piercings? The short answer is no. 

All it takes is one piercing and that’s it. These earrings and the way they are designed may give off an elongated version of stud earrings. Most of these ear climber crawlers will wrap around your ear or look like you have multiple ear piercings (when you only have one).

Ear crawler jewelry may be one of the latest trends out there. And that’s a good sign that now is the time to jump on it. The last thing that you want to do is miss out on an opportunity where you can sell what could be a best-seller the moment they hit the shelves. 

There is no better time than now to get on this new trend that requires no more than one piercing. It’s earrings where they can just be put on just like any other pair.

How should ear climbers be worn?

You can wear them however you please. There really is no wrong way to wear them. Where just one or both.

Either way, you or your customers want to look their best. An ear climber might make the best piece of jewelry to make a statement (especially if you have short hair or have it pulled back into a bun or ponytail).

Order These Earrings Now!

If you are looking to order the latest trend in jewelry, there is no better time than now to order these silver ear crawler earrings. You can order one of the many designs that we currently have in our catalog. At some point, we may have more designs coming soon so watch this space for more information.

Our ear crawlers made from silver are beautiful and can look great with cubic zirconia or pearls. Or you might find something that might be simplistic in design. Either way, there are earrings out there that will be fitting for each customer that wants a new pair to wear. 

What are you waiting for? If you want to order these ear crawler cuff earrings and more, check out our catalog now.

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