Sterling Silver Ear Cuffs Wholesale Collection

Ear cuff become very popular recently and if you are searching for sterling silver ear cuffs wholesale collection, your search end here. Discover our large collection of beautiful silver ear cuff with stunning designs in different finishing and plating. Collection includes plain silver ear cuff, Pearl ear cuff and CZ ear cuff. Create your new silver ear cuff collection with us now.

Welcome to our sterling silver ear cuffs wholesale collection featuring a wide range of designs suitable for all kinds of customers. They come with spikes, chains, bands, twists and more! Let your fashionable consumers pick the right shade for them from these highly polished jewelry pieces.

Wholesale Silver Ear Cuffs Collection Features

925 Sterling Silver

As we all know, sterling silver is one of the most durable materials. From cooking equipment to jewelry, this material proves to be worth every dime in all cases. Even if your customers love wearing such jewelry on a daily basis, the ear cuffs will not be damaged because of their incredible coping mechanism.

Besides, it is possible to craft sterling silver in many ways. This enables our silversmiths to explore many experimental designs along with some traditional ones. That is why you will find a number of interesting choices in our sterling silver ear cuff collection.

Sterling silver is also hypoallergenic. You can easily encounter a customer allergic to nickel since 5-10% of the global population have this issue. So you can offer them silver ear cuff instead to save their skin from itching or suffering from a rash.

High polishing finish

It is hard to ignore the appeal of high polishing finishes. Who doesn’t like to add some shine to a regular look? Our entire earrings cuffs wholesale collection comes with this high polishing finish. Whenever each ear cuff receives a hint of light, it shines gloriously with subtle elegance.

The smooth surface of each ear cuff has a high gloss. It will accentuate the appearance for any customer in both daytime and night time. After all, a little bit of bling never hurt anybody. So let your customers shine beautifully every day with these highly polished ear cuffs.

Four Colors Available

Even though all of our ear cuff pieces are made of sterling silver, they come in several shades. Of course, the original untainted silver color dominates all other shades. So you can offer all of them to your customers in this shining silver hue.

However, if they want something more colorful, you can also give them other options. This particular collection of ear cuffs includes gold, pink gold and oxidized colors. The first two utilize gold plating to achieve the warm tones. Both the gold and the pink are great solutions to bringing a low-key shine to the overall look. They bring a different sense of royalty to an outfit compared to the silver ones.

The oxidized shade is undoubtedly the darkest one. These pieces introduce the antique flavour in any jewelry piece. It adds more texture to the otherwise smooth silver ornaments. Your customers can make the best use of these while planning a bohemian or beachy look.

No need for piercing

The best part of this collection is your customers don’t need to go through the painful process of ear piercing! So if you need to offer jewelry pieces for ladies or men who want ear cuffs with no piercing, you can easily display these in front of them. It also works great with children looking for jewelry.

Such ear cuffs for unpierced ears will help them to accentuate any look without giving up their comfort. Besides, they will have many designs and colors to play with! From chains and twists to bands and spikes, we got it all in this wholesale ear cuffs jewelry collection.

Affordable Pricing

This collection is anything but expensive. Although it comes with a wide range of high-end versatile designs, the associated cost is set at a very reasonable price point. On top of it, you can get them at a much lower rate by purchasing the ear cuffs in bulk! You will find the wholesale price for each piece under its photo.

Silver Ear Cuff Styling Tips

Although ear cuffs seem like a restrictive idea for styling at first, it can actually be incorporated into the look in several ways.


Say a customer has invested heavily in one gorgeous dress full of flair, sparkles or some other dazzling design. She would definitely want all eyes on that dress when the big night or event comes along. The perfect companion with such a flashy look is minimal jewelry and makeup. So she can definitely go for these beautiful ear cuffs to bring new dimensions to the already glamorous look. Its shine will complement the dramatic outfit like no other piece.


Ear cuffs are definitely a go-to piece for punk lovers. They look great with spiked hair, dark gothic makeup and choker. These are great for accompanying bright colored hair like purple, green, red, etc. The ear cuffs shine in the middle of all that chaos like a touch of serenity. As a result, they balance the two sides of that coin and complete the whole look.


If a customer is not in the mood for accessorizing too much for the day, he or she can easily pick these ear cuffs. Since they come in neutral colors like silver, gold and oxidized, anyone can use them for any look. Such a small piece of jewelry on their ear will represent their laid-back mood appropriately.

Ideal Customers for Ear Cuff Collection

In case you are wondering who this ear cuff wholesale collection will appeal to the most, here is a guide for it in brief:

All Genders

These ear cuffs suit all genders. They are designed to be unisexual. So, any piece is not strongly feminine or masculine.

Teenagers & Youth

Ear cuffs are in huge demand for teenagers and young people. Many customers in this age group want more edge to their look and ear cuffs are the perfect way to do it. Besides, clip on ear cuff are great for children who still don’t have pierced ears.

Classy with an edge

Classy adults who love dressing up with a bit of an edge also utilize ear cuffs like these to bring a new dimension to their looks.

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