Wholesale Enamel Jewelry

Enamel jewelry can make a statement and your customers can enjoy the look at any age. Discover our wide range of wholesale enamel jewelry collection, ranging from the trendy to the timeless. We carry silver and enamel jewelry in every type, from earrings to rings and pendants. Stock our supply and you’re sure to satisfy existing customers and earn new ones.

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Enamel jewelry is trendy right now but it’s always been pretty popular. It’s a great piece for expressing individuality and taste and the look is more unique than many other available materials. If you are looking to stock your shop with these pieces, you’ve come to the right place. We have everything you need to keep our supply up. We have earrings, pendants and even rings in our beautiful enamel design. And within every category, we have several options for you to stock.

Enamel Earrings

We have no shortage of options for you if you are looking to keep your shop stocked with beautiful earrings. We have them in virtually every color and design. Our stock includes the simple and tasteful to the timeless and sophisticated all the way to the trendy and eye-catching. We have something every one of your customers will enjoy, no matter their age or personal style.

For silver enamel earrings we have a variety of beautiful flower designs including our Bluets Flower Silver Earring with Green Enamel and CZ. This flower design is delicate enough with just the right amount of color to capture a bit of attention. We have dangle earrings as options as well such as our Domed Circle Spotted Sterling Silver Enamel Dangle Earrings or the heart version of the same style in our Domed Heart Silhouette Sterling Silver Enamel Dangle Earrings. Both of these options are sophisticated and timeless.

Black enamel earrings can also make a statement and we have plenty of those as well. If your clients like simple, you may want to choose to carry our Enamel Gradual Cascade Silver Dangle Earrings which are just dainty enough. We also have fun options available, such as our Enamel Dragonfly Dangle Earrings in Sterling Silver. These might be for your younger clientele, or the young at heart.

As much as black goes with everything, white does as well and we carry both of these options in our collection of white enamel earrings too. If dangle earrings aren’t in high demand with your clients, we even offer a wide variety of enamel stud earrings. Our enamel earrings wholesale is chock full of options to suit the needs and wants of all of your clientele.

Enamel Pendant Jewelry

We have classic looks available in our silver and enamel pendants and we also have some more carefree and fun options. Our classic looks include our timeless Sterling Silver Enamel Dotted Domed Circle Pendant which perfectly compliments our matching earrings. Stock both and your customers can enjoy a nice set.

Some of our trendy options include the Sterling Silver Penguin with Enamel Pendant. We also have the same look in the likeness of a giraffe. These pieces are really fun and tend to sell really well with the younger crowd.

Enamel Rings

There is no shortage of rings available. You’ll find plenty of enamel rings wholesale in our supply. We have fun conversation starter options but we also have the understated and simple look available as well.

If your customer is looking for an enamel silver ring, look no further. We have plenty to choose from and they are all prettier than the next.

We have a wide range of enamel flower rings available as well. These include our Sterling Silver Coil Wrap Enamel Flower Ring and out more simplistically designed Five Point Enameled Sterling Silver Twist Ring.

Shop our Wholesale Enamel Jewelry and Build Clientele

Regardless of the style or type, you can’t go wrong stocking our enamel pieces. They never go out of style and not only will you keep your existing clients happy and returning for their next piece of jewelry, you’re sure to gain new customers too. We’ve highlighted a few options here but we have plenty of others available.

Keep our enamel pieces in your shop or store and see how fast your business grows. 

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