Engravable 925 Silver Jewelry Wholesale

Engravable jewelry is perfect when you want something that is personalized. Lots of people are looking for a more personalized touch, especially when it comes to their jewelry. It can be in honor of a special person in their life, a special day like a wedding, or something with their name on it to represent who they are. Discover our wholesale engravable 925 silver jewelry now.

Engravable jewelry in silver is by far one of the most popular types of jewelry out there. By having a nice stock of jewelry for your customers, you’ll be able to keep up with the demand that is always ongoing. Especially when many people are looking for personalized items for that friend or family member in their life.

Engravable jewelry is where the customer will make a special request that should be engraved in the jewelry that they order. It can be someone’s name, initials, a special date, and more. If you want to make gifts that last a lifetime and leave a permanent impression on your customers and the person receiving it, you can get started by purchasing our wholesale engravable jewelry. Let’s discover our wholesale personalized jewelry!

Sterling Silver Engravable Rings Wholesale

If you are looking for the perfect gift for weddings or anniversaries, our personalized engraved rings are perhaps the best gift ideas for couples. For example, your customers can request their names and the date of their wedding so they each have a ring that represents their union. There are a few different designs that your customers can choose from.

You can choose from open-ended or flat-surfaced rings. Or, customers will appreciate our stackable engraved rings that are among one of our most popular choices. Your customers will have a personal preference based on design, so it would be a good idea to have a lot of variety when they want to sell sterling silver engravable rings at wholesale prices. Plus, we have over a dozen of different designs that will be perfect for a custom-made, well fit ring for those who want something special to commemorate the best day of their life.

If you really want to haul in the profits, you’d be surprised with how many people are looking for silver rings that can be engraved. Order a small stock and sell them as a trial offer and you’ll see what we mean.

Sterling Silver Engravable Pendants Wholesale

Your customers wear pendants as a way to keep something close to their hearts. And they can choose between different designs. One of our popular designs is the engraved silver heart pendant. Our sterling silver pendants for engraving perfect option for your customers who want to keep the initials of someone near and dear to their heart close by. And just like the rings, it can also be dates for a child’s birth, a wedding day, or the day of someone’s passing. Our engravable sterling silver heart pendant will definitely be the perfect gift for anyone who is sentimental. 

Another perfect idea is a sterling silver locket that are engravable. Customers can add someone’s name and insert their favorite picture of someone special so they can keep them close no matter where they go.

We also have pendants that come in different shapes that might be a good option for your customers if they want options aside from a heart shape design. If you want to keep your jewelry store well-stocked, you can purchase these sterling silver engravable pendants at wholesale prices.

Wholesale Engravable Silver Necklaces

We take pride in manufacturing engravable necklaces. These are excellent for women who want to wear them during the day or during those special occasions like formal events. One of our best sellers is our engravable sterling silver heart necklace. We’ve heard from clients that these have been perfect as Valentine’s Day and anniversary gifts. And we couldn’t be happier. Another fan favorite is the engravable round pendant necklace. Whether your main customers are husbands looking for an anniversary gift for their wives or someone looking for an engravable necklace for a daughter or granddaughter for her birthday, graduation, or wedding we’re more than happy to help you fulfill your necklace inventory when you want, however you like it.

Wholesale Engravable Silver Earrings

If you are looking engravable disc earrings and other designs, then we have them available and ready to ship to you. We have seven different types of engravable disc earrings that you can sell to your customers, each with the ability to engrave something like a person’s initials.

You can choose between our silver dangle heart stud earrings or our silhouette hoop earrings. Your customers will often have a preference for earrings that can dangle or keep close to your ears. All you need to do is fulfill what personalized requests they might have in their order. You’re in the business of creating jewelry that is custom-made to order by your customers. Why not go the extra mile and offer the earrings as a standalone item or as part of a package deal when they order other sterling silver engravable jewelry from your store? Two can’t be as bad as one as far as deals are concerned.

Engravable Bangle

We have a collection of engraved silver bangles that customers can personalize with someone’s name or their own. These sterling silver engravable bracelet and give it that added beauty. Customers can wear this as part of their everyday attire or during those dressy occasions like a dinner party, a wedding, or a formal get together.

There are plenty of designs to choose from and customers will make whatever special requests that you can be able to fulfill. Nothing can be more exciting than delivering sterling silver bangles that are personalized and can be given as a gift to themselves or that special woman in their life. You’ll be making a lot of husbands and fathers quite happy when you provide them with this option.

Jewelry Blanks For Engraving

If you are looking to create your jewelry from scratch, we are proud to offer wholesale engravable jewelry blanks. These are perfect if you are looking to make custom made to order bracelets and other jewelry where you can create various charms and trinkets. We also have sterling silver bracelet blanks at wholesale prices if those are more of a better sell for your store.

Wholesale Engravable Silver Jewelry

Silver is often one of the most beautiful types of jewelry that is sold on the market today. It’s just as valuable as other jewelry like gold or platinum.

But it’s not the beauty that counts. It’s actually more than that. You can sell engraved jewelry silver so you can be able to meet the ongoing demands of your customers. Every occasion happens almost every day. Birthdays and anniversaries are just a couple of them. But don’t forget the holiday occasions like Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or even Mother’s Day.

Somewhere, there is a customer that is searching for that perfect gift idea for that special someone in their life. And it’s up to you to provide them with a good idea. Something that will last them a lifetime. There is no other gift idea that is way better than a personalized item. Coffee mugs and t-shirts are one thing. But if your customers want something that lasts forever, then engraved jewelry made from silver is what you want for your store.

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