Buy Sterling Silver Filigree Jewelry Wholesale

Sterling silver filigree jewelry is universally loved because of its versatility. Both earrings and rings are styled with intricate patterns making beautiful bespoke sterling silver filigree designs that can be worn as a statement piece. Antique and modern designs make beautiful jewelry that you’ll pass down through generations. Our filigree silver wholesale jewelry collection will make the perfect addition to your store and delight your customers.

For over 5,000 years, the art of handcrafted filigree designs has been passed down from different cultures, starting with the ancient Mesopotamians. Filigree is created by twisting small filaments of precious metal, and creating beautiful patterns like lacework, scroll motifs and even more modern symmetrical geometric patterns.

The stunning bespoke designs are then soldered onto silver or gold. You have probably noticed filigree designs incorporated into buttons, photo frames, trophies, dinnerware and more. At Karen Silver Design, we have a whole line of sterling silver filigree jewelry, including rings and silver filigree earrings.

Sophisticated, unique sterling silver filigree jewelry designs can act as an accent piece to perfectly complement your outfit. These pieces are so versatile that they appeal to a wide variety of jewelry fans. Our collection of wholesale filigree silver jewelry is sure to please even the pickiest customer.

Filigree antique jewelry can include many different images and patterns, representing love, nature, religion, unity, heritage, and so much more. Our range of silver filigree earrings perfectly showcases how intricate the designs can be. Bring the beauty of handcrafted designs into your store with this exquisite collection.

Striking Sterling Silver Filigree Jewelry

The pieces in our filigree collection have a unique charm that gives them broad appeal across different age ranges and interests. The distinctive look of filigree makes each piece a work of art that could easily act as a statement piece for a special occasion, while the timeless silver materials make other pieces perfect for everyday wear.

Our filigree manufacturer creates these artifacts by stretching the precious metal until it’s as thin as a piece of thread. Then, those threads are twisted and molded into the beautiful patterns you see used in our jewelry. The jeweler takes special care with each piece for a truly unique finished product.

The looks in this collection range from modern and youthful to classic and antique. They make wonderful permanent additions to your jewelry collection. You’ll pass down these pieces to the next generation who will appreciate the intricacies just as much as you have.

What Will You Get from This Silver Filigree Jewelry Collection?

Here’s a taste of what you’ll be getting when you choose Karen Silver Design as your source for wholesale filigree jewelry supplies.

Silver Filigree Earrings

The silver filigree earrings in this collection come in all shapes and sizes and fit a variety of occasions. There’s something for everyone, no matter the budget. Choose from different finishes like matte for an antique look, or high polish to add an eye-catching shine to your earrings. You also have the option of silver or oxidized coloring to really customize your pieces to match the individual.

Our teardrop hook silver filigree earrings come in designs subtle enough for everyday wear, while specialty patterns like hearts, shamrocks and flowers make wonderful special occasion gifts. For an elegant addition to your wardrobe, pair our chandelier drop earrings with an updo for a truly stunning statement.

Our wholesale silver filigree earrings collection is timeless and delights jewelry customers of all ages.

Sterling Silver Filigree Pendants

Pendant necklaces make wonderful keepsakes, and with so many stylish options to choose from, you’re sure to please your customers. Best-selling designs like the teardrop-shaped polished filigree pendant have lovely symmetric designs. The swirling patterns are reminiscent of hearts or flowers making them wonderful choices for all ages, whether it’s a special piece for a young woman or a keepsake item for a loved one.

Modern water spray designs and textured open spirals add interest to these silver filigree necklaces. The filigree patterns are adaptable to different styles. The choice between silver, purple, white and oxidized colors adds a unique look to the different items.

Sterling Silver Filigree Ring

A sterling silver filigree ring is a classic piece of jewelry that anyone would love. Our designs are both understated and intricate so you won’t feel like you have to save these rings for a special occasion, and will instantly notice how much thought and detail has gone into the design work. Choose between silver and oxidized colored sterling silver filigree rings.

Braided and nautical patterns are very on trend and make fantastic bridesmaid gifts to perfectly complement a nautically-themed wedding. Simple twist designs on a slim band add a hint of style to everyday outfits without the hassle of trying to match a piece with your outfit - they go with everything.

For eye-catching statement pieces, our larger geometric designed rings add intrigue and make great conversation starters. Puffed designs allow the filigree patterns to really pop, while elaborate patterns like art-deco and Celtic designs make great gifts for trendsetters. Karen Silver Design has a wide range of sterling silver filigree jewelry that will spark conversation and intrigue in your store.

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