Gold and Diamond Fine Jewelry Wholesale

Our solid gold and diamond fine jewelry wholesale collection has finally arrived. We offer a large collection of 9K, 14K and 18K solid gold jewelry at factory price. Our fine jewelry category also includes gold jewelry with high quality natural diamond at lowest wholesale price for jewelry retailers and resellers. Create your new collection with us today. Stock ready to ship. Low minimum.

If you are a jewelry store owner or distributor, we have some good news. Karen Silver Design has a new product category for our catalog. We are now offering wholesale gold jewelry and wholesale diamond jewelry at factory direct price. If you are a recurring client, you might be excited by the news.

We aim to become your best supplier for fine jewelry at wholesale online prices. Before you ask, yes we offer real gold and diamond jewelry. Like our sterling silver jewelry, we’ll make sure you get nothing less than that.

Going forward, we will be offering you plenty of real solid gold jewelry pieces along with diamond jewelry that is sure to dazzle and catch someone’s eye when you wear it. Whether it’s for everyday wear or special occasions, your customers are looking for the perfect piece that they can wear.

Let’s go further and discuss what we offer for gold and diamond jewelry so you can check out our catalog and stock up your next inventory.

What is fine gold?

Fine gold contains 99.9 percent gold. Which means it’s real gold and a small amount of other metal. We offer different karats of gold including 14k solid gold jewelry.

We also offer solid gold jewelry in 9k, 14k, and 18k. What are the differences between these karats of gold? Let’s explain in more detail:

  9k gold: The first you need to understand is that the number represents the amount of gold that is included. To begin, 9k gold contains 9 parts gold and the remaining 15 as additional metals. These include but are not limited to tin, nickel, zing, silver, and palladium among others. This will contain about 37 percent gold.

  14k gold: This contains 14 parts gold. This will have nearly 60 percent of pure gold and 40 percent of all other metals. This is perhaps one of the most popular types of gold in the jewelry market. And that is why we sell wholesale 14k gold jewelry at prices that you can afford.

  18k gold: This contains 18 parts gold. The purity will be 75 percent. Like 14k gold, it’s popular because of its purity and durability.

Of the three, you’ll know which one has more gold than the other. One thing to keep in mind is that 9k gold may not always be considered that. That’s because it’s due to the numerous additional metals that are included.

One type of gold is 24k gold, which we don’t have in our store. 24k gold is the purest gold there is. Thus, it’s also the most expensive.

Durability is also something that you need to let your customers know about. Of the three, 9k is the most durable. 14k and 18k are durable themselves, but they may be susceptible to scratching if you don’t handle them properly.

If you are ordering solid gold jewelry at wholesale prices, durability and purity are two things to always keep in mind. You want to work with a gold jewelry supplier that has everything that you need for your store. Karen Silver Design wants to be one of the gold jewelry manufacturers that will deliver and exceed your expectations.

As always, we’ll ship to wherever you are in the world. You could be in the United States, Australia, or even in our home country of Thailand. When you put in the order, we’ll send whatever you bought where you are.

Whether you’re looking for fine gold jewelry at wholesale prices or our abundant supply of sterling silver jewelry, we’ve got you covered. We’d love to have you as a client if you want to work with one of the wholesale solid gold jewelry distributors that understands the quality and value your customers want for jewelry.

Wholesale diamond jewelry

Don’t forget, we are also one of the wholesale diamond jewelry suppliers that you can work with. We use natural diamonds that are of good quality. Specifically, we have SI1 and G-H diamonds.

What exactly are these types of diamonds? We’re happy you asked. Let’s explain what they are:

  SI1 Diamonds: SI stands for ‘slightly included’. This applies to the clarity of diamonds. SI1 diamonds have the least inclusions compared to its SI2 counterpart. Inclusions can be found using 10x magnification, meaning you won’t see such imperfections with the naked eye. These diamonds will have better value over other diamonds such as VS2, which is a step above SI1 in terms of clarity.

  G-H Diamonds: These pertain to colored diamonds. And they are considered one of the highest types on the color scale itself. If you are looking for diamonds that are white and won’t have any shades of color that will be distracting, this is the type you want.

Let’s talk about the difference between SI and VS diamonds. The main difference comes down to clarity. SI diamonds will look much cleaner and will be a bit cheaper compared to their VS counterparts.

VS diamonds will be a bit more on the expensive side. Keep in mind that VS is at a much higher grade compared to SI diamonds. The higher the grade, the more you might need to pay.

That’s why we SI diamonds as one of the types we offer. Because we don’t want you to pay more than you need to.

As one of your wholesale diamond jewelry suppliers, we make sure you order the best so your customer buys the best. Whether it’s for themselves or as a gift for someone special, we take pride in offering wholesale diamond and gold jewelry that will sell like hotcakes, whether it’s during a special holiday sale or any day of the week.

We may be considered a place that offers cheap diamond jewelry at wholesale prices. But we promise that our quality goes well beyond ‘cheap’ or poor quality. The last thing you want to do is sell jewelry that isn’t good in value and lasts a short amount of time.

You deserve better and so do your customers. Why work with suppliers that will charge you a ridiculous amount of money for low quality jewelry? With us, that won’t be the case.

Gold and Diamond Fine Earrings Wholesale

Of course, we would be remiss if we didn’t offer real diamond earrings and solid gold earrings. These earrings will come in different types like stud earrings, dangle earrings, and hoop earrings among others. It’s no secret that your customers will choose a type of earrings that will be fitting for a special occasion.

Likewise, they can wear something small like stud earrings every day. They are less distracting, cute, and fitting for almost every piece of attire. If you are looking to purchase wholesale diamond earrings and wholesale gold earrings, we’ve got you covered.

Your customers may be looking for earrings that will look fabulous on them. They may be looking to wear something for a dinner party, a wedding, or a special occasion. Or if they love wearing diamonds or gold every day, they can wear something small that goes with their casual or professional attire like stud earrings.

Your female customers love to look their best. And it takes some pieces of jewelry to accentuate their personalized look. We are proud to offer you our new gold and diamond jewelry at prices that will be reasonable.

Why spend more than you have to in order to get the best? We’ll make sure you get the best at less than you’ve expected.

Wholesale Gold Diamond Rings

If you are looking for the perfect marriage between gold and diamonds, look no further than our wholesale diamond rings. These will be perfect for engagements, weddings, anniversaries, or just because.

You’ll love these solid gold rings at wholesale prices and for good reason. We cannot wait to release the new items we have in the future. When we do, we expect these to sell fast.

This means you’ll want to get in on the action as soon as it’s possible. We will keep you updated once our catalog has the items made available. Then, you can place your order with the latest inventory.

People are celebrating anniversaries, getting engaged or married, or given something that says ‘I love you’. These gold and diamond rings will be in demand throughout the year. If you want to order jewelry that will be selling well, then you’d be crazy not to get in on the opportunity.

Besides, what kind of jewelry store doesn’t have solid gold or diamond rings? We’re hoping it’s not your store. You’d be missing out on huge profits if you did.

Gold Pendant Necklace with Diamonds Wholesale

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. That’s true indeed. So it may be a good idea for her to get a gold diamond necklace from your store.

Our solid gold necklaces at wholesale prices are a must-have in your store. Especially when you have customers that love wearing jewelry during special occasions. Whether it’s someone’s wedding or a dinner party, your customers may find the perfect real gold necklace that will fit them and the attire they wear.

If you are looking for diamonds that will look gorgeous, you’re bound to find wholesale diamond pendants that will fit the bill. You’ll be able to get these at prices that you won’t bat an eyelash at. Because you know for sure that you’ll be selling something special to a customer looking for the perfect pendant.

Our solid gold pendants will also be an excellent option for those who want to wear something that is small and shiny. These pendants will be perfect for daily wear - whether it’s at home or at the office. You can be the go-to place where your customers can find these pendants.

Whether it’s gold, diamonds, or both, we’ll sell you nothing but the best. Your customers will fall in love with these bracelets the first time they set their eyes on them. 

Gold Bracelet with Diamonds Wholesale

Last but not least, we have our wholesale gold bracelets. These are perfect for someone who wants to wear something nice along with the rest of their ensemble. Your customers are bound to find a bracelet that will fit their personality.

These bracelets will come in different shapes and sizes. No matter what, your customers will get plenty of options. You can check out our catalog and see what we have in store.

You’ll be quite happy with the selection of bracelets along with the rest of the gold and diamond jewelry pieces we have in our new collection. With as many choices as you have, it may seem like a challenge of which one you’ll want.

Take your time and choose the ones that stand out best. You may want to do a test run with your market. Choose a couple of bracelets that you want to sell to some of your best customers.

Do they like the design? Is it just their size? Give them a good reason to buy it if they are looking for a bracelet that fits them best.

They might trust you enough to buy it. After all, they are your loyal customers, right? And who can say no to solid gold bracelets quite like the ones we have for you?

Final Thoughts

Our real gold Jewelry at wholesale price and diamond fine jewelry collection will be selling fast. It’s what happens when we introduce new products to our clients. The sooner you get on it, the better.

If you are interested in becoming one of our new clients, sign up for a wholesaler account today. It’s free of charge and gives you access to our catalog. We want to be the best go-to supplier for gold and diamond wholesale jewelry.

What are you waiting for? Sign up for a free account today and place your first order. When it all arrives, you’ll be excited to see what your customers will buy.

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