Flower of Life Jewelry | A Secret Symbol

Karen Silver Design offers high quality flower of life silver jewelry collection direct from our factory in Thailand at great wholesale price for jewelry resellers. Discover our large jewelry designs of meaningful symbol defining the sacred patterns of the universe now.

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Flower of Life often represents the source of life - a symbol defining the sacred patterns of the universe. If you are a jewelry retailer or a seller, you know the importance of purity and lustrous effect in every jewel. Flower of life symbol makes jewelry even more mysterious and precious.

Flower of life jewelry have intricate designs with its 13 circles drawn in a way that they look like flowers. Silver is one of the first five elements discovered. It is also a metal that was believed to carry magical powers by the ancient civilizations. This makes silver the perfect element for flower of life jewelry. And it looks amazing as well.

Silver is a tricky material to deal with for many. It may seem to lose its luster easily over time but cleaning and maintenance of silver is highly convenient. To produce good and durable jewelry, certain standard of quality is required when it comes to choosing silver.

We offer the purest silver and the most intricate finish. Although our specialty is in high-quality Handmade 925 sterling silver products and lightweight jewelry, we also cater to customizations and finishing as per request. Our plating requirements and surface finishing comes with a variety of types and choices that keeps up with the trend.

All the jewelries are manufactured under one roof. We have our own designers and development team who work with production facility to benefit and accelerate jewelry making.

Flower of life pendant, flower of life ring are the most popular gift items for flower of life pattern in jewelry. Flower of life jewelry sterling silver is an excellent option to keep in store as they carry an aristocratic vibe. Flower of life jewelry design is attractive not only because of its sacred stories, but also the design is unique and beautiful.

Customer Demand and Wholesale Prices

As a retailer, you are aware of the risks in business and how to leverage those risks so they benefit you eventually. Flower of Life Silver Jewelry Wholesale market is a huge market now because of high demand. And the demand directly comes from end consumers. It is important to notice their behaviour and plan future purchases according to that.

Our products promise excellent quality and the price ranges from US $2.00- US $60.00 only. The price varies with weight and difficulty of designs. With over 20 years of experience and 10,000 designs, we are confident that we can offer our retailers products with an impeccable finish.

Any retailer’s goal should be maximizing profit and retain their clients as well. Maximizing profit certainly helps if you can minimize your investment and costs incurred during shipping, deliveries, etc. Sterling silver has its benefits, so its high price is very reasonable. Make sure you have a trusted wholesaler who has good reputation for sterling silver and purchase from them. A good investment lies in good material. Only high-quality raw materials produce magnificent end products.

Creating Demand | Keep Your Happy Customers Coming Back

Flower of life jewelry comes in rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants, anklets, bracelets and customized jewelries for modern piercings are also in popular demand. This era is all about incorporating spirituality in fashion. The demand for flower of life jewelry won’t fall in the near future but might decline gradually. Customers might love flower of life pendant, flower of life ring, flower of life earrings now but they will want newer designs in your collection.

Mix it up! Choose jewelries that represent different symbols and also have a wide range of options in flower of life jewelry. It’s easy to get creative about fashion which is why creating demand for your clients will be simple as well.

Your customers do not know yet about what they want, it is up to you to create something different that will make your customers want to buy even though they had no intention of buying it in the first place. Innovation becomes difficult in tech as there are a lot of R&D involved, but when it comes to crafting the perfect jewelry into something no one has seen before, everyone can become an expert. 

At the end of the day, jewelry exists with the purpose of making people feel beautiful and happy. If it makes your clients happy, if it makes them want to come back to you again, you win! That is enough motivation to keep creating new designs.

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