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Geometric shape jewelry has never gone out of fashion. That's why we keep expanding our geometric jewelry wholesale to a large collection. For many jewelry resellers, it’s one of the top jewelry theme that always sell and give high profit. We offer earrings, pendant, ring, bracelet, necklace in all kind of geometric shape such as circle, teardrop, square, triangle - you name it, we have got it all.

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It is time to upgrade your inventory! Since geometric jewelry is back in trends, it would be a great idea to invest in geometric jewelry wholesale collections. Luckily, we already have just that in stock for you. Keep reading to find out how and why this investment can bring you more profits. There are several reasons to invest in some chic silver geometric jewelry collection this season. Here we are going to dive into three of them:

Geometric Jewelry Design Theme is Latest Trend

Geometric jewelry has made a solid comeback recently. After multiple reincarnations since their first peak in popularity in the 1920s, sharp edges and geometric figures are in vogue once again. In addition to jewelry, these shapes are also evident in technological pieces like smartphones, mechanical ones like cars and even buildings! Naturally, this trend has also reached our industry of ornaments.

Trendspotters must have noticed the rise of such jewelry pieces around them by now. You can grab their attention by staying in trend and displaying a wide range of impressive silver geometric pieces in your store!

Sterling Silver

We all know how significant the material is to a piece of jewelry. Especially, the people who make a living out of such pieces definitely need to invest in only those pieces which will last for a lifetime at the very least. This is why investing in sterling silver geometric jewelry is a wise decision for any retailer.

We are glad to let you know that all of our jewelry pieces are crafted from high-quality 925 sterling silver. As a result, you can serve your customers highly durable ornaments which can last for decades.

This 925 silver material is made of 92.5% silver and 7.5% of other metal alloys. It has been a cornerstone for elegant and luxurious jewelry pieces since the age of royalties. Now your customers can also celebrate their beauty with these timeless ornaments and accessories.


This particular collection of ours based on geometric themes boasts a versatile range of ornaments - both in terms of the jewelry categories and the underlying game with shapes. Starting from the typical shapes like circles and squares, we have taken the game a little further by creating more distinct outlines.

Utilizing the blessings of light and shadows, we have created an impressive range of depth in our pieces. We also included multiple shades other than just silver so that you can present more options for each piece to your customers. You can check them all out yourself in the collection displayed below.

What Does This Collection Have?

1.  Sterling Silver Geometric Earrings

Our collection brings you elegant pairs of earrings which present the beauty of simplicity in multiple ways. You can invest in the typical sterling silver geometric earrings designed with hollow or solid circles and rectangles if you prefer the traditional style.

However, if you want to present your customers a little deviation to the usual designs, you can also explore our special earrings. These pieces feature teardrops and coin shapes which are sometimes accentuated with white or pink pearls. You will also find dappled circles, double tier rectangles and bell shaped earrings here.

Although the majority of our collection comprises of silver jewelry, you will also find some gold-plated, pink gold plated and rhodium plated pieces in it.

2.  Silver Geometric Necklace and Pendant

We are proud of the pieces we could come up with in our necklace collection. At just one glance, you can view the wide range of designs we explored for it. This collection of geometric pendant jewelry and silver geometric necklace includes everything from royal gorgeous designs to modern chic vibes. Some of our most popular pendant pieces are the chandelier of teardrops, the sparkling snowflake of zirconia, the singular polished pearl in a teardrop shape and the round hollow pendant textured like a wreath.

3.  Sterling Silver Geometric Ring

Similar to the necklaces, our geometric rings also combine the present and past of jewelry designs. They can come with beaded textures, dented dimples, pink zirconia stones, polished pearls, as well as cubic, spherical, rectangular, hexagonal and octagonal shapes.

4.  Silver Bracelet in Geometric Theme

The rest of this collection consists of similarly versatile collection with both classic and experimental pieces. You will find many Silver Geometric Bracelets and charms consisting of sterling silver, zirconium and pearls in it. 

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