Wholesale Sterling Silver Hook Earrings

Sterling silver hook earrings are one of the many types of earrings that we make in our factory in Thailand and sell at wholesale prices. And they come in different lengths like fish hooks or Shepard hooks. Either way, they are the kind of earrings that will look great on any woman. Discover and create new 925 sterling silver hook earring with us now.

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Your jewelry store will always be selling high-quality jewelry that appeals to almost every customer. Among one of the most popular types of jewelry are earrings. More specifically, sterling silver hook earrings. If you are selling online or have a physical location, it’s always a good idea to sell the best quality jewelry to customers no matter where you are in the world. We have sterling silver earring hooks that you can purchase at wholesale prices. But they come in so many different types. Let’s take a look at a few of them so you have options on what to buy. 

French Hook Earrings

One of our best selling designs is the French Hook earrings. All of them are made from high-quality .925 sterling silver. When purchasing these, you know that you are getting nothing but the best. What you are not getting are fakes that pass off as silver jewelry. You can buy earring hooks in bulk at prices that are quite reasonable. The moment you put these on the shelves, it will give your customer the opportunity to see how good it would look on them. 

Shepherd Hook Earrings

If you are looking for earrings that are slightly longer, then you’ll want to take a look at the number of shepherd hook earrings that we have in stock. We have well over a dozen earrings that you can choose from including the Egg Shaped Dangle Shepherd Hook earrings that look exquisite for daytime wear or even a night on the town with that special someone. Yes, you can get dangle earring hooks in shapes like the shepherd hook among other shapes. We also have some eye-catching earrings such as the Elegant Blue Stone earrings. We have silver shepherd hook earrings of different shapes and sizes that will fit you perfectly for almost any occasion. 

Sterling Silver Fish Hook Earrings

Another type of hook earrings that sell like crazy at wholesale prices are the sterling silver fish hook earrings. They are shorter in length, but they come in so many different designs that come in different charms. But they are made from real sterling silver that brings out its beauty and shine. Whether you wear them for the office or a formal event, these are the earrings that are less of a distraction and more subtle. If your customer is the kind of woman that doesn’t want to speak loudly with her jewelry, odds are she’ll like these sterling silver fish hook earrings. What better time to order them now while the demand is still steady even today. They make the perfect gift for someone looking for a good idea for that special woman in their life. It will also be great for the woman that wants to improve their overall style.

Hook Earrings Made From Silver

We have plenty of other hook earrings that are made from our factory. Don’t forget, we ship them to our clients no matter where they are in the world. Our wholesale earring hooks are just what you might need for your store whether you are going the traditional route or doing it eCommerce style. One of the styles you might like for your store is the sterling silver teardrop hook earrings. Why silver instead of any other metal you ask? Silver is easy to clean and it can last a long time as long as you wear it on a regular basis. As long as you are careful and you take the best care of it, you’ll be able to wear these sterling silver hook earrings for as long as you like. You might even pass them down from one generation to the next. And they too will do their best to take care of them. We believe in high-quality and that’s exactly what you’ll get and so will your customers. When you put these earrings on display, don’t be surprised if they catch someone’s eye.

Get Wholesale Earring Hooks Now

If you want earrings that are guaranteed to look great on your customers, then our sterling silver earring hooks at wholesale prices might be just what you need. You can get different types of earrings or the hooks themselves so you can place your own personal charms on them. Whether it’s custom made or not, your customers deserve nothing but the best. If you are are a jewelry store owner, be sure to take a look at our wholesale earring hooks so you can sell them to the right customers who want them for their jewelry collection.

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