Silver Hoop Earrings Bulk : Affordable at its Best

For jewelry resellers, buying hoops earrings wholesale is a great investment as demand for hoop earrings increases in the fashion world. Discover our wide range of silver hoop earrings at most affordable wholesale price, direct from our factory.

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The great thing about wholesale is that it offers retailers cheaper options based on the quantity they purchase. The more the retailers purchase, the cheaper the price gets and profit margins go up significantly, leaving retailers happier.

People have purchased silver jewelry to give to their dear and loved ones for ages now. In fact, it’s gone to such an extent that we often find silver Jewelry cementing relationships long before diamond or gold Jewelry can even be considered as options.

With hoop earrings, the wholesale factor plays a major role as hoops seldom go out of fashion. Especially considering all the unique fashion senses that women from all backgrounds tend to have, hoops help bring a sense of unity among women who love to showcase Jewelry.  

The array of wholesale earrings you can choose from range from small sterling silver hoops, medium sized hoops to fancy hoop earrings. Extra large hoop earrings wholesale and plain hoop earrings in bulk also available to purchase at most affordable price.

Wholesale hoop earrings, whether wholesale sterling hoops, silver hoop earrings wholesale or any other type of wholesale hoop, enables greater profit margins as well. At the end of the day, profit is the main target, whether for distributors or retailers.

Hoops Making Statements

When it comes to hoop earrings, the options available give great leeway to clients who either have a knack for one particular type of hoop or simply can’t make up their mind regarding what type of hoop earring to wear. They can choose something that says it all and doesn’t require the rest of the outfit to make a statement or they can choose something that says nothing and simply blends in well with the rest of the outfit.

Just like any other Jewelry item, hoops make a personalized statement. The different ways in which your clients can choose to wear their hoops is anything short of remarkable. Whether your clients want a simple look, a stylish look, a hip look or a daring yet brave look, hoops give flexibility for all styles and looks.

Here are some looks to suggest your clientele:

  1. Bold lipstick colours with hoop earrings

This combination offers a hipster look. Women can choose to be bold, show off their bangs, they can choose to keep their hair straight, curly or a mess. The bold lipstick generally complements the hoops really well.

  1. Extra Large sized hoops with a head wrap

When this combination is brought together, women look empowered. This combination goes well with bracelets and necklaces. Women can choose to finish up the look with a scarf wrap, bringing in the traditional look while screaming out empowerment. This look also works really well for the street look. It offers a combination of trendy yet classic all the way.

  1. Big hoops with a bun

This look is perfect for women who don’t want their hair messing around their face. The look goes seamlessly with casual wear, ranging from shirts and pants, corduroys, to casual dresses. It’s probably not a bad idea to give this look a go at the office as well since formal wear often requires hair to be out of the way.

  1. Geometric or differently shaped hoops

The unique thing about hoops is the variety at which they are available. There are hoops that come in geometric shapes of all kinds, tribal hoops, spiral hoops, rainbow hoops to a whole other world of nothing but hoops. These compliment the unique look that many clients are aiming for.

  1. Tiny and small sterling silver hoop earrings

The smaller sized hoop earrings go well in a professional or school type setting. As these don’t stand out as much as the bigger hoops, they allow for the rest of the outfit to do the talking. These are easy to style and can be great for an everyday look. Make no mistake by doubting these for their elegance though. Style and elegance remain intact, even for these smaller sized hoops.

  1. Hoop drop earrings

These earrings tend to hang lower down than the ordinary hoops. Off shoulder tops or dresses go best with this type of hoop. These yell out a more sophisticated look, not too bold but elegant and graceful.

  1. Mixing and matching hoops

Those who have several ear piercings can try out mixing and matching different types of hoops. This can actually make a far more unique fashion statement than those choosing to wear one particular type of hoop. Pairing up three-four hoops may not be everyone’s fashion choice but for many, there’s no look more sophisticated than a mix of the hoops!

Keep the Hoop Varieties Going at All Times

Make sure your clients have options in hand by always keeping a wide range of hoops available for quick sales. If you’re worried about sales, always remember, you can never go wrong with stylish hoops in stalk.

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