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At Karen Silver Design, we have a huge selection of sterling silver bangle bracelets at wholesale prices in stock. These wholesale silver bangle bracelets are all made out of 925 silver, the ideal silver content made specifically for silver jewelry applications. 925 silver denotes 92.5% pure silver, resulting in silver that is hard enough to keep its shape and last for generations. We maintain a strict quality control process that guarantees all our jewelry is of the highest standard of quality in the industry, and we sell all our jewelry at wholesale prices directly to the public.

Large Factory and Huge Inventory

Karen Silver Design has been in business for over 20 years. In that time, our facilities have grown to include a large jewelry making factory and a huge inventory of sterling silver bangle bracelets at wholesale prices. With our quality control process, we have become a leading supplier to thousands of jewelry retailers, including several large jewelry chain store retailers all over the world. You can enjoy the same prices these major retailers enjoy when you shop directly at Karen Silver Designs.

Shopping with Us is Easy

Browse through our silver bangle bracelets collection on our website, choose your items and then contact us to place your order by phone or online. For orders from 3-5 pieces, we can have your order shipped to you within 2-3 days, anywhere in the world. For retailers who prefer to order in bulk, our shippers can guarantee delivery of large orders within 15-30 days of confirmation of the order.

Retailers ordering in bulk will enjoy lower shipping costs per piece. This is why it pays to plan your orders carefully to take advantage of the lower shipping costs. You can reap extra profit, or pass the savings on to your customers to build up customer loyalty.

Now you can afford to keep plenty of high-quality 925 sterling silver jewelry on hand for your customers to select. They will feel proud to keep such quality jewelry in the family for generations and hand it down to their children and grandchildren.

Now there is no more need to visit local jewelry suppliers in your area who often charge higher prices that reduce your profits. Cut out the middleman and deal directly with Karen Silver Design to enjoy your sterling silver bangle bracelets at the lowest wholesale prices.

Visit Karen Silver Design in Thailand

If you're visiting Thailand and you're in the cities of Bangkok or Chiang Mai, drop into any of our four outlets and see our stunning selection of silver jewelry in person. We have a large stock of pieces from our extensive catalog on hand at our four jewelry outlets.

Our large factory means we’re rarely out of stock on your favorite item. But, if it’s not in the inventory of the outlet you visit, we can quickly manufacture it and have it shipped directly to you. From outside Thailand, we make it just as easy to shop with us online or by phone. Get in touch with Karen Silver Design today to enjoy quality sterling silver bangle bracelets at wholesale prices.

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