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Karen Silver Design has been in business for more than 20 years. In that time, we have become a trusted supplier to thousands of both jewelry retailers and several large jewelry chain stores all across the globe. Karen Silver Design stands for quality. We employ a rigorous quality control program at our large manufacturing facility that has earned us an excellent reputation within the jewelry industry. Our large inventory of stock and the quick turnaround in our factory has also allowed us to sell sterling silver bracelets wholesale to retailers all across the globe.

Choose from Our Large Variety of Silver Bracelets

At Karen Silver Design, being out of stock on any item of jewelry is practically unheard of. If you choose any item and it’s not in our warehouse at the time of ordering, our jewelry craftspeople will work to create the piece to fill your order. All of our silver bracelets are made from 925 silver. This is the top standard grade of silver used in jewelry making. It denotes a 92.5% purity, but it also allows for a harder type of silver that holds its shape for generations and provides you with a silver bracelet that is as beautiful and timeless as it is long-lasting. Silver jewelry is also a good investment and provides you with an asset that is practical for both everyday wear and special occasions. Silver bracelets from Karen Silver Design are an extra good investment because of the low prices we are able to maintain. Now you can cut out the middleman and enjoy wholesale prices on every wholesale silver bracelet you order.

Visit Karen Silver Design in Thailand

If you are ever in the cities of Bangkok or Chiang Mai in Thailand, be sure and stop into any one of our four outlets where we'll show you the expansive collection of our sterling silver bracelets at wholesale prices we have on hand. If you are outside of Thailand, order 3-5 pieces from our extensive collection either online or by phone at +66 2615 2224, and we can ship your order within 2-3 days.

Order in Bulk to Save Even More

By ordering in bulk, you can save even more on the cost of our wholesale sterling silver bracelets. The shipping cost increases in small amounts the larger your order. The more you order, the lower your costs per piece. You can increase your profits, or pass the savings along to your valued customers to increase their loyalty to your jewelry store.

When you order in bulk, our shippers can have your order delivered to your door within 15-30 doors of confirmation of the order. Your customers will always enjoy a large selection of quality jewelry from which to choose.

If you have an urgent need for delivery, choose the 2-3 Day Express Delivery option. You'll enjoy a quick turnaround of your order and fast delivery.

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