CZ and Crystal Silver Bracelet Wholesale

When it comes to the best-looking jewelry, there is no greater blend of sterling silver and cubic zirconia. Alternatively, the mix of silver and crystals make these bracelets look very glitzy. We offer CZ and crystal silver bracelets at wholesale prices so you can order them in bulk and sell them fast in your jewelry store. Create your new CZ and crystal silver bracelet collection with us now.

If there is one piece of jewelry that is worth selling in your stores, it’s bracelets. Especially the kinds that include cubic zirconia and crystals. They are the perfect mixture to add that glitz and glamour to any attire be it semi-formal or casual.

We sell CZ and crystal silver bracelets at wholesale prices so you can purchase them in bulk and sell them online or at your retail location. Made from our factory in Thailand, we make sure that you get nothing but the best. If you are looking for some bracelets to sell, take a look at what we have available so you can consider a few options of what to order.

Silver Cubic Zirconia Bracelet

If you’re looking for bracelets that are guaranteed to catch a few eyes, then look no further than these silver cubic zirconia bracelets. These are the perfect choice for your customers if they’re looking for something that will be nice to wear during a warm summer evening. Whether it’s out with friends or with that special someone, these bracelets are perfect to show off and let them shine.

One of our favorite options is the Sterling Silver Bracelet with Faux Pearl and CZ accents. If you’re looking for a great bracelet that is long, dangly, and perfect for those formal events where flashy is acceptable these are the bracelets that you can. This CZ bracelet just might be one of your best sellers in your store.

We also have sterling silver CZ bracelets and sterling silver CZ heart bracelets that you can enjoy even in times where it’s OK to show off your jewelry. These make a great gift for anniversaries, birthdays, and even those “just because” moments. If your customers want something more exquisite like these, or CZ bracelets at wholesale prices are always available for purchase.

We even have 925 CZ bracelets that are made from the best sterling silver we can find. Believe us, we don’t believe in fake silver. All of our silver jewelry is made from 925 silver, which is considered the best in the business.

Silver and Crystal Bracelets

We also have our selection of silver and crystal bracelets. If you want to purchase crystal bracelets at wholesale prices, then you’d be hard-pressed to find them elsewhere on the wholesale market. We manufacture nothing but the best when it comes to bracelets.

We see silver and crystal mesh very well together. And they look perfect together for all those bracelets that are big or small in size. We think that you’ll love bracelets like the Faceted Crystal Bead Bracelet. Not only that, but we’ll also be able to sell these to you and ship them to anywhere around the world.

Our clients have been satisfied with all the jewelry that we’ve sold to them at wholesale prices. Plus, they have had no trouble selling them to customers in their stores. If you want customers that want a nice dangly bracelet or something that’s more subtle, these silver and crystal bracelets are a must-have.

Don’t Wait Any Longer, Order Your New Supply Now

If you’re a jewelry store owner both in the eCommerce or regular retail setting, there is no better time than now to get your new supply of jewelry. We are always taking new client orders and will make sure that you get the orders you need for your store. You pay reasonable wholesale prices for everything in the store.

Best of all, we ship these to any place in the world. Whether you have a retail store in the United States or a fulfillment center in Australia, we’ll make sure that your supply of jewelry will get to your store on time, every time. We are proud to serve our repeat clients with high-quality jewelry that might just fly off the shelves in your store.

We are a reliable supplier that makes jewelry in our Thailand-based factory. We make the best and we don’t pass any fake jewelry off as the real deal. We even have new jewelry that we release every single month so you don’t have to run out of any ideas on what to sell.

We sell jewelry that is perfect for seasonal wear or celebrations of various holidays. We will make sure that your customer’s demands are met so you can sell your jewelry every single time. If you need a supplier, we’ll be more than happy to work with you.

If you are looking for CZ bracelets at wholesale prices or any other jewelry, just look through our catalog and see what you like. You can purchase in bulk based on the demand of your customers. Each time you order, you can adjust the amount of jewelry that you need based on what your customers love.

Don’t wait any us today when you’re ready and order your next supply of jewelry.

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