Flower Themed Silver Bracelet Wholesale

Flowers are a thing of beauty and our flower themed silver bracelets at wholesale prices are bound to be one of best sellers for many jewelry stores and retailers. Whether it's Daisy, Sunflower, Rose or Lily, we have it all. Check out our large collection of 925 sterling silver flower themed bracelets that we have for any occasion now!

If you know customers that love flowers, then keep reading. We have our collection of silver flower bracelets that we are happy to show off. If you have a customer who loves a specific flower, you might just sell them the bracelet that has it.

With so many choices, you’ll be hard-pressed to choose the ones that might fit perfectly in your store. But not to worry, we have a ton of our favorites that we’ll suggest. Now, let’s dive right in and see what we have so you know what to get at the wholesale prices you can afford.

Birth Flower Bracelet

If you are looking for the perfect flower bracelet, a birth flower bracelet will be the best option. Especially when it showcases a birthstone of your customer or even multiple birthstones representing their family. Either way, they make great gifts or something that they can wear to express who they are.

Daisy Flower Bracelet

Our daisy flower bracelet is always one of the best options to have in your store. Especially if you know a customer that loves daisies. Why not suggest to them this Sterling Silver Daisy Bracelet?

All silver with a small gold center, this will be the perfect bracelet that your customers can wear. Whether it’s with a nice dress on a summer afternoon or looking their best while being professional in a work setting, it will fit with any kind of clothes they wear.

There certainly is no wrong way to wear a bracelet quite like this.

Gold Plated 925 Flower Bracelet

We have plenty of gold plated 925 flower bracelets that you can choose from. You can get a gold plated version of our 925 Silver Hawaiian Flower Bracelet, Sterling Silver Flirty Flower Bracelet, or even our Sterling Silver Floral Inspired Dainty Chain Bracelet. These are just a small sample of what we offer for bracelets not only in regular silver, but also gold plated and even in rose gold colors.

With bracelets in all kinds of different colors, that gives you a lot of variety. And you can order them so you give your customers options as well. No matter what flower bracelet pattern you’ve got, you can allow your customers to browse around and see which ones stand out.

Our gold flower bracelet is among one of our best options. You may want to snag those before they’re gone for a while. So don’t miss out.

If you are new to our site, let us remind you that you can sign up for a wholesaler account at any time. Just enter in your information and you will have access to our catalog of jewelry. Not only will you get the prices of our necklaces, earrings, and pendants, but also on bracelets as well.

This also includes our line of flower chain bracelets among others. And don’t forget, you can order these and we’ll send them to wherever you are around the world. Whether you own a jewelry kiosk in Australia or have an online store but have a warehouse for inventory in Canada, we’ll send it wherever it needs to go.

We’ll make sure the shipping process for this and all other orders are smooth, seamless, and without issue. Even better, you get all this done at affordable wholesale prices. The last thing you need is dealing with shipping issues that will eat into your profits.

Let’s talk more about bracelets and continue on.

Sterling Silver Rose Flower Bracelet

If you are looking for the perfect sterling silver rose flower bracelet, we’ve got them. This is the kind of bracelet that you’ll want to have on hand for those special occasions. This can be a gift for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, a wedding present, anniversary gift, and so on.

This is the perfect bracelet for someone special in a person’s life. If someone is looking for that last minute gift for that special someone, this will give you the perfect opportunity to sell this to them. They will marvel at the design and they will be in awe of the charm.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a nice looking sterling silver flower bracelet like this anywhere’s else.

Flower Charm Bracelet

Our flower charm bracelet is perfect for so many reasons. If there is a wedding coming up, you can give this to a little girl who will appreciate it forever. It’s the perfect flower girl bracelet for the one who wants to decorate the ceremony with beautiful flowers.

This includes our collection of adjustable macrame waxed cotton bracelets that are made in different colors. They are also made from different flower charms as well. You don’t want to miss out on bracelets like this featuring flower charms of different kinds.

No matter what the occasion is, these will be awesome to wear.

Order Our Flower Bracelets Now

If you are looking for flower bracelets that your customers will love, we’ll be the place to provide them. All you need to do is look through our catalog and choose the ones you know your customers will like. And your next orders will be easier after that.

That’s because you have taken notes on what kind of flowers your customers love. And it will make things easier for you to find those certain bracelets. When you get your hands on them, it will be easier for you to sell (and it’s more money for your store).

Don’t wait any longer. Order your flower bracelets at wholesale prices now.

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