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Silver chains are very popular items to give as gifts for special occasions or to add to your personal jewelry collection. Find a wide selection of 925 silver chains wholesale when you shop online or by phone at Karen Silver Design. Karen Silver Design is both a manufacturer and a dealer in silver chains. Our large warehouse and our factory work in concert to provide you with a huge selection of chains for everyday wear or special occasions. All our silver chains are made from the highest quality 925 silver. This means they are 92.5% pure silver. This is the ideal standard for jewelry makers as the silver is not too malleable and soft and it holds its shape for ages. It provides you with both a sound investment and a magnificent piece of jewelry that all your friends will envy. Step out in style with sterling silver chains at wholesale prices from Karen Silver Designs.

We are the Leaders in Quality Control

By virtue of our large inventory and large manufacturing facility, we are able to ensure the utmost in quality control, while offering the lowest prices. Our emphasis on the importance of quality control has earned us a reputation for only delivering the finest products. It has made us the preferred suppliers of quality silver chains and other jewelry to thousands of retailers all around the globe as well as several large jewelry chain stores.

We Sell Direct to the Public

Our large factory and inventory has also made it possible to offer our sterling silver chains at wholesale prices direct to the public. Now you can cut out the middleman by calling or ordering from us online direct. We can ship as little 3-5 pieces within 2-3 days. There is no more need to deal with local jewelry retailers, we ship anywhere in the world. If you’re in Bangkok or Chiang Mai, drop into any of our four outlets and see the high quality and stunning selection we have on display. Our entire inventory is also available on our website. Now you can simply browse our product line and order from us direct to enjoy the same fine jewelry you find in stores in your area, all at wholesale prices.