925 Sterling Silver Earrings Wholesale

If you are looking for a wide variety of earrings, look no further than our 925 sterling silver earrings at wholesale prices. We have plenty of designs and types of earrings such as 925 stud earring, silver hook earring, 925 dangle earring and many more that you can order. We offer our 925 sterling silver earring at great wholesale price direct from our factory. Shop now!

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If you are a jewelry store owner or distributor, this is for you. We have plenty of sterling silver 925 earrings that you’ll want to grab right now. By the time you have finished reading this, you might already have ordered some.

We have all kinds of silver earrings for women that you can purchase today. We’ll send them to wherever you are in the world. If you are new here, feel free to sign up for a wholesaler account and look through our catalog.

We’ll be taking a look at what we offer you from our vast collection. If you are looking for affordable sterling silver earrings, we’re the supplier you’ll want to partner with. Let’s take a look now at what we’ve got for you.

Sterling Silver Stud Earrings

First up, we have our collection of sterling silver stud earrings. You’ve got so many earrings to choose from in our stud earring collection including our Sterling Silver CZ Lead Sprig Stud Earrings, Sterling Silver CZ Marquise-Shaped Drop Stud Earrings, and our Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Star Stud Earrings among others. Our small silver stud earrings are high in quality and your customers will love them.

We also have plenty more than what’s on our list including our sterling silver ball stud earrings and gold plated earring at wholesale price. Our wholesale silver stud earrings are perfect for those that want to wear something that is small, subtle, and classy. If you have customers that love jewelry, but nothing too attention grabbing, these are perfect.

Our wholesale sterling silver earrings just might be what you’re looking for. We’re the supplier that will be happy to help. Just order them and we’ll send the order your way, whether you live in the UK or the USA.

Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings 

We have sterling silver hoop earrings at wholesale prices. These are the kind of earrings that come in different sizes. Small or large, they are great to wear whether it’s for a day at the office or a night on the town.

Large sterling silver hoop earrings at wholesale prices are available. You may also find small sterling silver hoop earrings to be more appealing choices as well. It may depend on which ones are selling in your stores.

Your customers might be making suggestions on what they want to see in your stores. That may be a sign of growing demand. When you meet demand, the sales will follow. It’s one of the reasons why we are your best place to get wholesale sterling silver earrings.

Our earrings include the Sterling Silver Double Hoop CZ Earrings, Sterling Silver Timeless Hoop Earrings, and our Sterling Silver Geometric Hoop Earrings among others. One of our favorite designs out of this bunch is our silver geometric earrings. 

The design is quite exquisite and we’ve got plenty more. Our geometric jewelry collection is worth checking out when you have the chance. 

Think that’s all the earrings we’ve got? We’ve still got plenty of more to show you. Let’s get right to it and show you what else is in our catalog.

Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings

Are you looking for sterling silver dangle earrings, you know we’ve got them. These include our 925 Sterling Silver Openwork Circle Hoop Threader Dangle Earrings, Matte Silver Long Twist Dangle Earrings, and our Oxidized Ornate Curves Dangle Earrings among others.

These dangle earrings are perfect for those that want to show them off a bit. We won’t blame the customer that wants earrings like that. These earrings may be perfect for that special occasion like a night on the town or a dinner party where you can dress to impress.

These are silver simple earrings that your customers will love to wear whenever they can. You can purchase them at prices that you can afford. Don’t be surprised if you pay less than you would through other suppliers.

No, they are not cheap quality. They are great quality and will last almost a lifetime. If you are looking for the best Thailand earrings at wholesale prices, where else would you go?

These earrings should not be confused with our silver chandelier earrings. While they do have that dangle, they are for more classier events like weddings or formal events. You can order those at any time and include it with the rest of your order.

Sterling Silver Huggie Earrings

The next kind of earrings we have are the sterling silver huggie earrings. These include our Sterling Silver Dainty U-Hoop Earrings, Curved Cubic Zirconia Studded Sterling Silver Mini Hoop Earrings, and the Detailed Textured Oxidized Silver Dimensional Ball Earrings and many more.

These are small earrings that are like the small hoop earrings we have. But these are slightly different. These huggie earrings will hug your ears while making the woman that wears them look their best. 

These are excellent earrings that are subtle and small. If you have customers that want that kind of jewelry, these are perfect for them. Plus, these huggie earrings are exactly what they’re looking for. 

We’ve got plenty of these earrings in our catalog. Feel free to look around when you have the chance. You never know what kind of designs will be eye-catching and good looking for your customers.

Sterling Silver Drop Earrings

If you are looking for awesome designs, you’ll love our sterling silver drop earrings. Some of these include our Sterling Silver Filigree Teardrop Drop Earrings, Sterling Silver Ring Cascade Drop Earrings, and our Birdcage Inspired Open Floral Design Drop earrings (along with many others).

One of our favorites from this bunch includes the silver filigree earrings. We’ve got plenty of these earrings that you can check out when you get the chance. Just search ‘filigree’ and you’ll get plenty in our search results. 

These are the kind of earrings that will be an upgrade to your personal style. When you take a look at our catalog, you’ll notice some of the classy looking designs we’ve put together. These are many of the thousands of designs that we have in our catalog through many pieces of jewelry.

Silver Pearl Earrings

If you love silver and pearls together, our silver pearl earrings might be what you’ll love. These include our Sterling Silver Synthetic Pearl Stud Earrings, Long Sterling Silver Drop Pink Pearl Earrings, and the Easy Breezy Elegant 925 Matte Silver Pearl Floral Earrings. If you love the mix of silver and pearl, you’ll love these earrings (and so will your customers).

Sterling Silver Ball Earrings

Our sterling silver ball earrings are some in different designs and types. For example, we have the Delicate Silver Threader Chain Ball Earrings. Not only are they ball earrings, but also one of our many sterling silver threader earrings in our collection.

You can be sure that these ball earrings will be perfect to wear for almost any occasion. They are small, dainty, and not as distracting as some of the other earrings. You can get them to dangle a bit or be a little subtle.

Create your own earrings

What if you sell custom-made earrings? If you do, we’ve got good news. You can get plain sterling silver earrings as part of a kit where you can build your own earrings (or per request of your customers).

We have bulk silver earrings that you can order at wholesale prices. Your customers can request a special pair of earrings with the kind of charms they want to include. We’ve got all kinds of sterling silver earring supplies that you can purchase now along with the rest of your order.

These include our silver earring hooks at wholesale prices. One of the secrets of getting more sales is giving your customers that personalized experience. This includes taking a custom order and making it exactly what they want.

This also includes jewelry engraving for various jewelry pieces. If you are in the custom jewelry business, you are guaranteed to make sales no matter which way you slice it. This includes allowing your customers the opportunity to build their favorite pair of earrings. 

They might even be fans of mismatch earrings. We’ve heard from some of our clients that those are the ‘it’ things today among many jewelry trends.

If you’re a jewelry store starting out, you might want to consider adding a customizable jewelry service at some point in the future. You’ll never know what kind of demand you might get from it. If you are just one person operating it, it may be difficult at the start.

What else do we offer?

We’ve got plenty of earrings for you to check out. If you are looking for silver statement earrings, our Sterling Silver and Cubic Zirconia Lightning Bolt Stud Earrings. If you are looking for something elegant, our sterling silver cubic zirconia earrings might be something your customers will love.

We’ve got plenty of earrings that include cubic zirconia including our Sterling Silver Round CZ Dangle Hook Earrings, Sterling Silver CZ Marquise-Shaped Drop Stud Earrings, and the Sterling Silver Ribbon CZ Stud Earrings among many others. 

We also have wholesale crystal earrings that you might want to check out. If your customers are looking for something that is exquisite, then look no further than earrings like that. You’d be surprised what kind of earrings we have in our warehouse.

If classy is what you sell, we’ve got you covered. Just find what we have in our catalog and we’ll send them your way. We take good care of our customers including you.

We have large earrings at wholesale prices, jacket earrings of sterling silver, and silver wire earrings and more. We may have lost count of how many earrings we have in our collection. But we’ll always have them on hand whenever you need to order more.

We can say the same about most of the jewelry we design and manufacture here in Thailand. Over 30 years strong and we’re still coming up with design ideas. With happy customers around the world, there is no sign of us stopping soon.

Whether you are a new client or have been with us for a while, you know the kind of service we provide for you. We’ll send you the next order quicker than any other supplier.

Order our earrings now!

If you are a jewelry store owner, we’ve got all kinds of earrings that you can buy from us. Our catalog is filled with plenty of different types and designs. They are made from sterling silver that looks exquisite and not cheap.

You’d be hard pressed to find another supplier like us anywhere online. Are you ready to order from us? Take a look at our catalog and see what we have to offer.

Once you are ready, just place your order and we’ll send it to you wherever you are in the world. Don’t wait, order now.

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