Filigree Silver Earring Wholesale

Filigree themed earring is one of the most popular designs- a must have collection for every jewelry retailer . It's one of those classic pieces that can be sold  all year round. We offer a large collection of 9525 sterling silver filigree themed earring at best wholesale price direct from our factory in Bangkok. Stock ready to ship. Shop now.

If you are looking for earrings that are timeless, we have one type that your customers can enjoy. This will be an extensive guide featuring filigree earrings. They are made from sterling silver, but we also have them available in gold as well.

Whatever your customers want, we’ll provide it for you. If you are a jewelry store owner or distributor, this is the guide that you’ll want to read carefully. Let’s discuss why silver filigree earrings (and their different variations) are worth adding to your inventory.

What are the different types of filigree silver earrings?

There are plenty of different sterling silver filigree earrings that we offer to our clients. For example, we offer our Silver Ornate Filigree Teardrop Dangle Hook Earrings. These are great to wear along with professional, even semi-formal attire.

They’re not as large and distracting compared to other earrings. If you have customers that are looking for something subtle, these might be a good option. Other options we offer are Sterling Silver Filigree Tree-Dimensional Ball Earrings, Oxidized Silver Filigree Spiral Dangle Earrings, and Sterling Silver Floral Artwork Filigree Double Drop Dangle Earrings among others.

Whether you’re looking for silver filigree hoop earrings or filigree drop earrings, we’ve got you covered. By the way, we offer more than just silver earrings.

We have 14k gold filigree earrings including our collection of 14k gold filigree hoop earrings. You may be the kind of jewelry store owner that wants to mix things up a bit. Silver and gold are often two of the best kinds of jewelry sold - online or in a retail space.

At Karen Silver Design, we create the best filigree silver jewelry from Bangkok. We also believe that you should offer variety as well. That’s why we design different filigree earrings so your customers aren’t settling for too few options.

We offer plenty of choices like our filigree heart earrings, filigree dangle earrings, and sterling silver filigree hoop earrings. This is just a sample of what we offer. You may have customers who regularly shop your store for earrings.

There’s certainly no such thing as having too many earrings - whether you sell or collect them. You can offer them gold filigree teardrop earrings to add to their collection. Or if they are looking for something a little flashy, why not offer them gold filigree chandelier earrings?

If gold is something you want to add to your inventory, we have plenty of other jewelry pieces. You don’t want to miss out on the gold filigree leaf earrings, gold filigree heart earrings, and the gold filigree stud earrings that we’ve got.

All of these and more can be sent to you anywhere in the world. If you have an online store with a fulfillment center in the United States, we’ll send it there. Or if you have a retail space in Australia, we’ll send it there.

Our clients are a mix of online and retail jewelry store owners. For over 30 years, we’ve served many of them around the world. If you’re new to our site, we highly suggest that you sign up for a wholesaler’s account.

You’ll get access to our catalog of jewelry ranging from earrings to pendants and more. Don’t forget, you get these filigree earrings for women and a lot more at reasonable wholesale prices.

What makes filigree earrings special?

So you might be asking yourself this question: what makes these filigree earrings at wholesale prices great? First and foremost, they come in several different designs. You’ll notice the different kinds such as our filigree teardrop earrings or our silver filigree ball earrings. 

They also come in different types like our filigree earring studs, dangle, and others. Simply put, they are just like any other types of earrings. However, there’s something special about filigree in particular.

Let’s take a look at what filigree itself is defined as. It’s a type of openwork design that features intricate designs. The earliest known works of filigree can be dated back to the ancient cultures - specifically the Egyptian or Mesopotamian cultures.

It also had made its way to the Roman Empire. The filigree designs consisted of wires made from silver or gold. This would create a structure that would look like laces woven together.

Even today, silver and gold are used for our filigree earrings. But we do use different colors as well to make them look great. This includes our black filigree earrings.

Whether they are made from silver or gold, adding a bit of color to make them pop is always a great idea. These openwork designs make it interesting not only for earrings but also different pieces of jewelry that we have.

We have well over 10000 different designs of jewelry pieces. A lot of love and care has gone into every single one. We are proud to say that we have distributed these pieces all over the world to our clients.

We may never know who wears them. But we are confident that your customers (and the customers of all our other clients) will take the best care of our jewelry pieces with the utmost respect and appreciation. Not only that, we create these knowing they will make the perfect addition to anyone’s jewelry collection.

Why Karen Silver Design?

It’s important that you consider Karen Silver Design as your supplier for jewelry pieces like our filigree earrings. We are happy to accept new clients - especially jewelry store owners tired of being burned by suppliers that nickel and dime them while providing less than quality jewelry pieces. We promise not to give you less than the best.

One of the reasons why we’ve been a trusted supplier for many years is that we give our clients the real thing. As a jewelry manufacturer and supplier in Thailand, we are always making high-quality jewelry and selling them at affordable wholesale prices. You’ll always get a great deal - even a steal of a deal.

We don’t believe in cheap quality either. Your customers don’t deserve it and neither do you. We understand how important jewelry can be to a person.

Whether it’s an engagement ring or a gift for someone special, we make sure that’s what your customers get. Even today, people are getting better at spotting fake jewelry. You’ve likely seen your share of it as well.

If you are looking to work with a supplier you can trust, we’ve got you covered.

Order filigree silver earrings from us today

If you are interested in ordering filigree silver earrings, we are the supplier for you. Be sure to sign up for a wholesaler account so you can access our catalog. When it comes time to order your new inventory, make sure you include our filigree earring collection.

We look forward to hearing from you if you have any questions or concerns. Don’t be afraid to reach out to us at any time. Order from us today and we’ll ship your order to wherever you are in the world.

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