Hammered Sterling Silver Earring Wholesale

Hammered sterling silver earrings are made in a certain way with special technique that create a unique, classic finish and look. This hammered finish silver earring is a top seller for many jewelry retailers and wholesalers. Karen Silver Design offers a large collection of Hammered sterling silver earrings at great wholesale price direct from our factory. Discover and create a collection with us now!

If you are looking for exquisite sterling silver earrings at wholesale prices, you’re in the right place. We will be taking a look at hammered sterling silver earrings. We’ll give you an explanation of what they are and why they get their name.

If you are a jewelry store owner or distributor, you’re always on the lookout for the next best thing for your store. You might find a lot of options that your customers will love. There might be particular earrings that they might enjoy.

If hammered silver earrings are what you want to order, we’ll have you covered. Once you order them, we’ll send them your way. Now, let’s continue by talking a little more about hammered earrings and what they are.

What are hammered earrings?

To explain what hammered earrings are, let’s go a bit broad and talk about hammered finish jewelry. A hammer finish is done with the use of a small hammer. The intent is to leave small dents behind.

What a manufacturer does is repeatedly tap the metal with a hammer, leaving small dents and divots. They will create a random pattern that will give it that unique look. The feel of it will look a bit rough and rigid.

One of the best things about hammered jewelry is that they can be made in half sizes instead of whole. Before the hammering process, a jeweler will polish the piece all over including the edges. Another polishing is done after the hammering process in an effort to make it more pronounced.

This can be done with hammered silver hoop earrings, gold hammered hoop earrings, and much more. We also have our own collection of these earrings including our Hammered Sterling Silver Circle Stud earrings, Triple Tiered Dimple Hammered Dangle Teardrop Earrings, and our Textured Silver Oval Shell Dangle Hook Earrings among others.

These sterling silver hammered stud earrings along with our sterling silver hammered hoop earrings are going to fly off the shelves once jewelry store owners know what’s going on. The sooner you order them now, the better.

How to order hammered earrings?

If you are new to our site, you’ll want to sign up for a wholesaler account. This will give you access to our catalog as well as our wholesale prices. Once you make your order, just give us your shipping information and we’ll send you the order.

You can be running a kiosk in the United States or run an online store with a fulfillment warehouse in the United Kingdom. Just give us the instructions on where it needs to go and we’ll make sure that it gets there. Your jewelry store business will be looking good with the new additions to your store.

You might even be the only place in your area where someone can find silver hammered heart earrings or even large hammered silver hoop earrings. You might sell exclusive jewelry compared to your competitors, who may not have what you have.

Imagine having the edge on your competition because you are selling unique styles. These can be sterling silver hammered disc earrings or hammered silver dangle earrings. If you are looking for a supplier that will provide you with those and a whole lot more, we’d be happy to take you on as a client.

We handcraft our jewelry including our hammered jewelry pieces. Each piece is high-quality and well-made. So you’re getting nothing but the best.

The best part is that you get it at affordable prices. No, we don’t cheapen the quality to match the price. If anything, you’re getting a steal of a deal every time you order jewelry through us.

We certainly won’t sell you fake silver jewelry either. If you want to work with a reputable supplier, we’re here to help. Our Thailand manufactured jewelry just might be some of the best quality jewelry you have ever ordered or sold.

We want you and your customers to be happy. You sell them the jewelry and you make the money that will help keep your business operational and yourself well-paid.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for excellent jewelry pieces that look good, then you’ll want to check out our hammered earrings. If you want to order them along with our 925 sterling silver at wholesale prices, then look no further than us.

We want to be your long-time jewelry supplier. We will deliver you nothing but the best. You sell the jewelry to your customers and they’ll make sure they keep those pieces for a lifetime.

Don’t wait. Order hammered earrings from us today and we will send you the best pieces you’ve seen yet.

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