925 Sterling Silver Heart Earrings Wholesale

Heart themed 925 sterling silver earring is one of the most classic jewelry design that people love and our sterling silver heart earrings at wholesale prices are can’t miss items for every jewelry retailer.  Not only Valentine’s Day, heart silver earring are also a great gift for Father's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas and many other occasion. Discover our collection now.

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If you are a jewelry store owner, we’ve got earrings that you want to check out. More specifically, we’ll be showing you our collection of sterling silver heart earrings. We’ll be taking a look at different types such as hoop earrings, stud earrings, and others.

The one thing they have in common is they are shaped like a heart. If you are reading this in January, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. So it would make sense to order earrings like these as soon as you can.

By the time the order arrives, you’ll be ready for your big Valentine’s Day sale at your store. These heart earrings at wholesale prices are yours for the ordering. Want to know what we’ve got.

Keep reading and we’ll show you what’s in our collection.

Heart Drop Earrings 

If you are looking for a unique pair of earrings, the heart drop earrings are something to look at. These include the Polished Silver Smooth Heart Drop Earrings. We also have the Heart’s Desire Openwork Dangle Earrings, and the Double Upside-Down Open Hearts Dangle Hook Earrings as some of your best options.

If you think these earrings are great, you’re not going to believe what else we have in store for you. Let’s keep going.

Open Heart Earrings

One of the best designs we’ve sold is our open heart design. It’s a minimalist style and very intriguing to the eye. Our open heart earrings are just some of the best sellers in our catalog.

The sooner you act on ordering these, the better. You can choose such options like the Double Upside-Down Open Hearts Dangle Hook Earrings, the Openwork Hearts Sterling Silver Dangle Stud Earrings, and the Sterling Silver Textured Open Hearts Stud Earrings among other options.

These are some of the many heart earrings at wholesale prices you can get now. Especially when Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. If you are a jewelry store owner in Thailand or the United States, we can send the order to you.

You could be an online store owner or have a retail space. Either way, we’ll be glad to send the order your way. Our silver open heart earrings are those can’t miss earrings that you should order.

Sterling Silver Heart Hoop Earrings

If you like hoop earrings, you might like the sterling silver heart hoop earrings we’ve got. Your customers might like them as well. These hoop earrings such as the Romantic Sterling Silver Heart Silhouette Huggle Hoop Earrings are among some of the best ones we’ve got.

We also have plenty of large heart hoop earrings that you’ll like as well. If you have customers that are used to purchasing earrings that are slightly larger, you’ll want to include these in your order as well. These are awesome gifts for any special woman like a wife, best friend, or someone special in a person’s life.

These heart shaped earrings hoops you can get at great prices will be hard to pass up. We’re warning you right now.

Sterling Silver Heart Stud Earrings

If your customers prefer something small and dainty, then these sterling silver heart stud earrings might be a good option. We have plenty of options like the Sterling Silver Textured Open Hearts Stud Earrings, Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Heart Stud Earrings, and the Sterling Silver Double Heart Stud Earrings.

With so many choices, it’s hard to know where to begin. Our sterling silver heart stud earrings are one of the best on the market compared to other wholesalers. The good news is that we won’t give you the runaround.

Nor will we ever pass any fakes off as real jewelry. You’ll get real sterling silver love heart earrings at wholesale prices you can afford every time. We still got plenty of more earrings left.

But keep in mind that these small silver heart earrings are a can’t miss for your order.

Silver Heart Earrings Dangle

Our silver heart earrings that dangle are not to be forgotten by you or the earring lovers of your  store. These include our Silver Pixelated Hearts Marquis Dangle Earrings. We have many awesome designs you’ll want to check out when looking at these dangle earrings.

We have thousands of these jewelry designs crafted by us. Including these silver heart shaped earrings. They are unique and have been created over the course of 30 years.

Best of all, our clients and their customers love them. Even our large silver heart earrings are something worth checking out (especially the dangle types). We take pride in serving our clients new and recurring with the best jewelry options.

If you are new to our site, you may want to sign up for a wholesale account and look through our catalog before you order.

Order These Heart Shaped Earrings Now

Whether it’s pearl heart earrings or sterling silver cubic zirconia heart earrings, we’ve got you covered. All you need to do is include these earrings in your next order. We’ll send them to you and make sure they are on your shelves by Valentine’s Day.

Besides, you don’t want to miss out on the best opportunity to take in extra sales. Especially when someone may be looking for a last minute gift on Valentine’s Day for that special someone. Want to get in on the fun?

Don’t wait. Order these earrings from us today and make your store the place to be on Valentine’s Day and beyond.

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