925 Sterling Silver Puppy Dog Earrings Wholesale

The popularity of dog lovers is increasing. If you are looking for the best earrings for puppy lovers, our 925 sterling silver puppy dog earrings at wholesale prices might be the answer. We have a large collection with many designs available for you to choose. Best wholesale price direct from the factory with stock ready to ship. Low minimum. Shop now.

People love their puppies! And what could be better if you can offer your dog lovers sterling silver puppy earrings?

We’ll be taking a look at a collection of these earrings including the different types that are available. You know that you have customers that love dogs. You might even get them to buy a pair that will look great on them.

We have plenty of choices such as our silver paw print earrings. Whether you sell online or as a retailer, we’ve got you covered. Let’s take a look at the choices we have for you.

Dog Paw Stud Earrings

First on the list, we have our dog paw stud earrings. If you are looking for a small pair of earrings that you can wear almost any day, then these might be perfect for you. These include but are not limited to our Sterling Silver Puppy Paw Print Stud Earrings or even our Sterling Silver Silhouette Earrings.

We have so many stud earrings in our collection. This includes our paw stud earrings and our puppy earrings studs. We sell these at the best prices so you can sell them to your favorite customers.

Our sterling silver dog stud earrings are among one of our best sellers. You'd miss out not to jump on the opportunity to get them yourself. We’ll ship them to your store no matter where you are. Even if it’s a fulfillment center where all your jewelry orders are taken care of, just give us the information and we’ll go from there.

Get as many of our sterling silver paw print stud earrings and you’ll start selling them like hot cakes. All you need to do is sign up for a wholesaler account (if you are new to our site) and look through our catalog before ordering.

We’re not done yet, we still got more of our paw earrings at wholesale prices. Let’s see what else we have for you.

Paw Print Dangle Earrings

Aside from our stud earrings, we also have our collection of paw print dangle earrings. These earrings are a bit larger than stud earrings, but will definitely stand out when you are wearing them wherever you go. Dangle earrings have been some of our client favorites and for good reason.

We have heard many of our clients talk about selling their dangle earrings with great success. If that isn’t a sign that they are a popular choice, we don’t know what is. What we can tell you is that our dog print earrings are definitely not worth passing up.

These paw print earrings at wholesale prices are one of the tens of thousands of different designs we have. And we’re just talking about all pieces of jewelry. Every year, we release more than 1,000.

For over 20 years, we’ve satisfied our client base and we are always growing. The reason for this? We deliver awesome puppy earrings like stud earrings and even paw print gold earrings.

Our earrings are designed and made right here in Thailand. We may be one of the most reliable suppliers on the market. And we are the ones that deliver the real deal and not the fake jewelry that passes off as real.

We know you are looking for the best pieces of jewelry every time you order your latest inventory. This will usually include paw earrings made of silver, necklaces, bracelets, and so much more. You’ll be pleased with our collection of choices.

Whether it’s National Puppy Day in the United States or any kind of day, you know your store can sell the best pieces of jewelry to your loyal customers. Our sterling silver dog paw earrings don’t have to be sold just on a special day dedicated to our dogs.

You may have devoted dog lovers that will order your jewelry pieces any time, any day. They might be looking for jewelry pieces for themselves or that dog lover in their life. What we’re saying is that every day could be National Puppy Day if you are a dog lover yourself.

Our Sterling Silver Paw Print Earrings might be exactly what your customers are looking for. Small, cute, and easy to wear. What better pair of earrings could you offer a dog lover that walks into your store?

If you are an online store that runs ads, you could run certain ads that are targeted at dog lovers. If you get the right offer in front of the right people, that’s where you’ll rake in the sales.

Puppy lovers will love! Don’t wait…order now!

Our puppy paw print earrings are one of many pieces of jewelry that you can order for your store right now at wholesale price. You could have a sale planned out for a special deal on all dog paw print jewelry pieces. 

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