Sterling Silver Pendants at Wholesale Prices

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Karen Silver Design has been a manufacturer and dealer of silver pendants for more than 20 years. In that time we’ve gained the trust of jewelry retailers all around the globe for our large stock, our low prices and our fast turnaround of orders. We have many designs of silver pendants in stock. All of them are manufactured from high-quality, 925, sterling silver. This is the highest grade of silver used in the jewelry industry. 925 refers to the silver being 92.5% pure. 925 silver is used by jewelry manufacturers because it gives jewelry its hardness and ability to hold it shape. It’s also what allows fine silver jewelry to last for ages. This means that when you order silver pendants from Karen Silver Design, you not only get a great selection at the lowest prices, you get jewelry that will continue to increase in value over the years.

Everyone Can Enjoy Our Low Prices

By ordering your sterling silver pendants wholesale from us, you avoid having to pay retail prices for your jewelry and we can ship your jewelry in only 2-3 days. We cut out the middleman and ship direct to you. We have a proud history of serving retailers and large jewelry chain store retailers all over the world for the last 20 years. Now we can pass the same savings onto you by buying direct from us. Choose from our wide selection of attractive sterling silver pendants. If it’s not in stock, one of our jewelry craftspeople can easily make your pendant to order. In this way, we virtually never run out of stock of our quality silver pendants.

We Make Buying Quality Jewelry Easy

If you are in Bangkok or Chiang Mai, please visit one of our 4 outlets to view our vast selection of sterling silver pendants at wholesale prices for yourself. Or simply call us direct at +66 2615 2224, or order online from our website.