Wholesale Gold Plated Silver Pendant

925 sterling silver pendant with gold plated is one of the top selling product line to many jewelry resellers and retailers as it look very luxury while still being very affordable in price. Karen Silver Design offers large collection of 925 sterling silver pendant with real gold plated at best wholesale price. Discover and create new affordable luxury silver pendant collection with us now.

If you are a jewelry store owner, chances are you are looking to sell a wide variety of jewelry. If you are a seasoned seller or new to the scene, there is no better time than to sell wholesale gold plated silver pendants then right now. Here are some of the pendants that we have available:

18k Gold Plated Pendant

If you are looking for a kind of gold plated pendant that will really look good on your customers, then you’ll need to check out our line of 18k gold plated pendants. We have plenty of them in stock and are ready to sell them in bulk at cheap prices. And by the way, the quality is quite good. When we mean cheap, we mean affordable prices. These pendants will definitely be worth selling to those looking for the perfect gift for that special someone.

Gold Plated Pendants Wholesale

We also have plenty of gold plated pendants at wholesale prices that you can stock up on. They are available with different shapes and charms. Each one is made with a personal touch and makes a great piece of jewelry to wear every single day.  One of our favorite designs that we make is the Interwoven Celtic Style Openwork Pendant. Of course, we also have an interwoven heart design that really stands out compared to other heart charms and designs.

Order Wholesale Gold Plated 925 Silver Pendants Now

If you are looking to order a new supply of gold plated pendants, now is the time. Whether it’s a gold plated pendant necklace or a gold plated silver pendant, you’ll have plenty of choices to choose from. And you won’t have to worry about spending an arm and a leg when buying in bulk. We take pride in making our jewelry right in our factory and shipping them worldwide. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world. If you have a jewelry store, you got a supplier. Don’t forget, we sell high-quality jewelry. You won’t have to worry about jewelry that is poor in quality and will fall apart in a short amount of time. Don’t wait -- find the jewelry of your choice and sell it to your customers today. Our 18K gold plating pendants are waiting for you right now.

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