Animal Silver Pendant Wholesale

There’s a good chance that you have customers who are animal lovers. And these animal pendants we sell at wholesale prices may be just the next best thing for you to offer to them. Whether they love their dogs or sea creatures, there’s a sterling silver pendant just for them. Discover and create a new Animal Silver Pendant collection with us now!

If you are a jewelry store owner or a distributor, you have been familiar with some of the ‘evergreen trends’ for quite some time. You have heart-shaped jewelry, season themed designs, and so much more.

But if there is one other trend that isn’t going away anytime soon, it’s animal-themed jewelry. Many of your customers are probably animal lovers. They may like dogs, cats, wildlife, or something else.

We have various silver animal pendant necklaces that are available for you to check out. Our collection is filled with all kinds of animal designs to choose from. These include our animal print pendants.

If you know customers that are animal lovers, you know what to order. That way, when they come around your store next time, you just might have the perfect pendant for them. If they are a loyal customer of yours, you can sell it to them at a discount price.

Not a bad idea, is it? What do we have available for animal pendant jewelry? Let’s dive right in and see what we have for you to order:

Sterling Silver Animal Pendants

What do we have for sterling silver animal pendants? We have plenty of different types. These include but are not limited to our Sterling Silver Openwork Dolphin Pendant, our Sterling Silver Reindeer Pendant, and one of our favorites, the Sterling Silver Baby Elephant Pendant.

We also have some interesting designs as well including the Sterling Silver Origami Rabbit Pendant, the Sterling Silver Origami Camel Pendant, and the Sterling Silver Cat Face Pendant. You get so many different designs of our animal pendants at wholesale prices. We sell you nothing but the best at prices you can afford.

If you are new to Karen Silver Design, you will be happy to know what you’ll get for a low price. Your first order will be $199 and can be shipped to you anywhere around the world. Whether you are in the United States, Australia, or anywhere else we will make sure that our jewelry will get to you as soon as possible.

You might have an online store or a retail space that you have used for a long time. Our clients are new to the business or have been doing it for generations. No matter what, we serve our clients and have made them happy for 30 years.Want to know more about what else we offer? Keep reading.

Animal Print Jewelry

Our animal print jewelry is one of our best-selling pieces of jewelry within the animal category. These include our Sterling Silver Dog Paw Pendant, Sterling Silver Openwork Paw Prints Pendant, and the Sterling Silver Openwork Paw Print Pendant. 

These print pendants are great for those cat and dog lovers that you know most. It may be a reminder of that furbaby they have now. Or it may be a reminder of that best friend they had growing up, but is no longer with them. Either way, you must order this jewelry for the pet lovers that are your customers as well.

If you run an online store, you can run a campaign that is targeted at animal lovers and previous buyers. If you run a physical location, perhaps a ‘Pet Appreciation Day’ sale might be something worth considering. If you have an idea on how you want to sell these 925 sterling silver animal pendants, then we’ve got you covered.

Large Silver Animal Pendants

If you are looking for large silver animal pendants, then you’re in the right place. We have everything from the Green Shell Butterfly Silver Pendant, the Feline Inspired Silver Cat Pendant, and the Sterling Silver and Cubic Zirconia Fish Pendant among others. They are large in size, but nice to wear whenever you want something that is larger and a bit noticeable.

These pendants are definitely worth the conversation pieces. Especially if you are an animal lover yourself. We have different types of sterling silver animal pendants throughout all walks of wildlife from domesticated animals, wildlife, sea creatures and more.

If you love a certain animal, there’s definitely a pendant for you. That’s the message you want to send to your customers. There is not an animal lover alive that doesn’t want pendants like these.

Get Our Sterling Silver Animal Pendants Now

If you are an animal lover yourself or have customers that do, then now is the best time to get animal pendant necklace jewelry for your store. We have plenty of animal pendants of silver to choose from. Different types of creatures from the land and sea are what we have in our catalog.

These animal pendants of silver are perfect for everyday casual wear. And it might be something you can wear on days when you feel like expressing your true love for animals. These pendant necklaces with silver animal designs are one of the ongoing trends that keep on selling in our stores. So you better order them while you still can.

We can sell these to you at an affordable price. So why go somewhere that will give you the runaround? Or better yet, why buy jewelry from suppliers that will charge you a ridiculous amount of money?

If you want animal jewelry that looks great on your customers, you know where to go next. If you are new to our wholesaler catalog, create a new account now. From there, you can look through our catalog and order these animal pendants for your store. What are you waiting for? Order now.

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