925 silver flower pendant Wholesale

If there is one design that will make jewelry sell, it’s flowers. Our 925 silver flower pendants at wholesale prices are available to our clients that are jewelry store owners or supply distributors. Our flower pendants are made with special production techniques which make them unique and different from other supplier's. Discover our large collection of Wholesale Silver Flower pendants now!

If you are looking for a pendant that your customers will love, then look no further than the flower pendant necklace. We have beautifully designed pendants that will look great when they are worn on the perfect summer day. As always, we sell them at affordable wholesale prices.

Whether you are a jewelry store owner or a distributor for stores in your area, you know about our wide variety of jewelry that you can find in our catalog. If you are looking for a 925 silver flower pendant or something similar, you are in the right place. Keep reading to find out what we have for flower pendants at wholesale prices so you know what to choose from.

Sterling Silver Flower Pendant

We have a wide variety of favorites that our clients choose from our catalog. What is your favorite Sterling Silver Flower Pendant? Which ones do you think will stand out and become your next best seller at your jewelry store?

We do have a few suggestions if you feel like you’re stuck. First, we have the Sterling Silver Rose Wreath Pendant. What we love about this pendant is that it has that handcrafted design that looks like perfection the moment you look at it.

If you are looking for the perfect handmade silver flower pendant, then this one in particular is one of our best. Wreaths don’t have to be for the holidays. This wreath in particular represents the sign of a never-ending love between two people.

This wreath pendant might be the perfect gift for that special woman in someone’s life. It can be for Mom, a daughter, a wife, or any special woman who deserves it. If handcrafted perfection is what you’re looking for, this is the pendant for you.

If you want something a little smaller, the Sterling Silver Plumeria Flower Pendant might be a good option as well. This is a charming little pendant with a Hawaiian Plumeria flower. If you are looking for something that has a little tropical charm, this is the sterling silver flower pendant necklace that you are looking for.

Looking for something that will give you a little bit of “luck”? We highly recommend our Sterling Silver Clover Leaf Pendant. Believe us when we say that clover leaves aren’t for St. Patrick’s Day. This might be a good luck charm for the one customer that is looking for that perfect flower silver pendant for their collection.

If you are looking for a flower pearl silver pendant, then you might want to check out the Sterling Silver Flower Pearl Pendant. With a small dainty little flower charm with a pearl in the middle, this will definitely look great with any attire. It doesn’t matter if it's casual attire or something you wear to the office, this pendant will blend quite nicely.

If you are looking for something that is exquisite and exudes elegance, the Sterling Silver Flower Pearl Pendant is something that you’ll probably sell like nothing else. Especially on special occasions when it’s someone’s birthday or anniversary. Don’t be surprised if this ends up being your best reviewed piece of jewelry you have sold whether you are a retail store or an online store that sells hundreds of necklaces and pendants every day.

Whether you sell online or as a physical store, we are glad to help as one of your trusted suppliers. We handcraft our jewelry in our factory in Thailand. And we sell them at wholesale prices to our clients all throughout the world.

It doesn’t matter if you hold the inventory in a warehouse or a spare room, we have you covered. We have retail spaces in the United States and online stores in Canada that rely on us as a supplier that sends you the real deal every time you order. No need to deal with scammers or suppliers that send you jewelry that claims to be silver but isn’t.

Everything you see in our catalog is made of real sterling silver. So if you are looking for some of our favorite flower pendant designs, you’re in the right place. And our catalog is full of them.

But we’re not done yet. We have plenty of other flower pendants jewelry pieces that we can suggest for you. Still need more options?

We have so many designs and yet you might not have enough time to choose. So leave the suggestions to us. To begin, we might interest you in something that is exquisitely designed that you may not resist. The pendant we’re talking about is the Sterling Silver Pinecone Pendant.

This pendant will definitely be the best choice for someone who loves nature. It’s design is eye-popping and the handcrafting of the charm is impressive. We cannot think of a large flower pendant necklace quite like this.

For something a little more exotic, then you might want to check out the Sterling Silver Poinsettia Pendant. This is the perfect flower that may be in season once a year, but it definitely stands out as one of the best pendants you can wear everyday if you so choose. If you want some kind of collection of flower pendants, the Poinsettia pendant does not disappoint.

Another one of our favorites includes the Flower Natural Wood Silver Pendant. These might be the best necklaces made from natural wood. It’s stained to give you that distinct look. And it has that flowery design that will stand out no matter what you wear.

Another one similar to it is the 925 Silver Floral Wood Pendant. The design may look a little unique, but it does have that wood material stained in brown so it looks a bit more elegant. If these are some of the necklaces that you want to buy for your store, you will get them at one awesome deal.

Lastly, we have the 925 Sterling Silver Pearl Nestled Ball Burst Pendant. With a faux pearl in the middle and a ball burst design, you wonder who comes up with such mind-blowing and exquisite designs. This is yet another pendant that can blend in quite nicely with any attire.

Whether it’s a semi-formal dinner party or if you are just relaxing in casual clothes, this pendant will definitely bring out its best.

Order Our Flower Pendants At Wholesale Prices Now

There’s no better time than right now to order your next batch of jewelry for your inventory. These flower pendants are abundant and we are glad to offer them to our clients both new and recurring. If you are looking for a new supplier, give us a chance.

We ship to your store no matter where you are in the world. We don’t deny anyone based on how long they’ve been in business. Whether you are starting out as a new online store or have been in a retail space for a quarter of a century, we will be happy to hook you up with our wholesale flower pendants and so much more.

Our catalog has all kinds of flower pendants to choose from. Order what you want to sell and we will take care of the rest. Don’t wait, order from us today!

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