Sterling Silver Heart Pendants Wholesale

Looking for a classic heart themed 925 sterling silver jewelry at wholesale price direct from the factory? You are in the right place! We offer a large collection with so many designs of heart pendant for you to choose. Whether it’s for Valentine’s Day or a just because gift for that special person, a silver heart pendant is always a perfect gift that people buy. Create your new collection with us today.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. What better time to order a heart pendant necklace than right now? Especially when you’ve got a Valentine’s Day sale coming right up.

If you are a jewelry store owner, there is no better opportunity to rake in more sales this time of year. With Christmas gone and a new year already underway, the fun never stops. Especially when you are planning a time period where jewelry sales will be on the up and up.

Valentine’s Day is perfect for jewelry store owners just like yourself. Your customers may be looking for that one gift that their special someone would love and appreciate. A silver heart pendant necklace might just be one of them.

If you are in the process of ordering a new supply of jewelry for your store, you’ve come to the right place. These pendants are something that you don’t want to miss out on.

What do we have in our collection? Let’s show you what we’ve got:

Open Heart Pendants

One of our favorite designs are the silver open heart pendants. The designs are open ended and we cannot get enough of them. We have a silver open heart pendant that is a Sterling Silver Stars & Hearts Openwork Pendant.

Another one of our favorites is the Linked Open Hearts Sterling Silver Pendant. We have so many different types of these pendants, we might lose track. Then again, thank goodness for our catalog.

If you are looking at an open heart pendant at wholesale prices, you know that we’ve got plenty of them. Take a look at what we’ve got in our catalog before you order. That way, you’ll know exactly what you have.

Sterling Silver Heart Pendant

We have plenty of wholesale heart shape pendants for you to choose from. Where do we begin? Why not a half heart pendant?

Or maybe you want a large heart pendant necklace like the Delicate Polished Silver Filigree Heart Shape Pendant. There’s plenty of choices here to choose from if you are looking for a bigger size. Plus, we’ll send them to you wherever you are in the world.

If you are in the UK or the United States, we’ll send your order over to you. It also doesn’t matter if you are a retail store or an online one. We’ve served many customers around the world no matter what their set up is.

As long as you are selling jewelry on a regular basis, we’ll be glad to supply you with a large silver heart pendant and so much more.   

Cubic Zirconia Sterling Silver Pendants

There is nothing quite like the impressive combo of sterling silver and cubic zirconia. Our Sterling silver cubic zirconia heart pendant like the Sterling Silver Openwork Heart with CZ Stars Pendant might be a good choice. This is a beautiful design that we are proud to create ourselves.

It’s one of the thousands of designs we were able to put together in over 30 years of selling jewelry to our clients. We also know that heart shaped designs tend to get popular around Valentine’s Day (and rightfully so). If you are looking for a heart pendant at wholesale prices, you do not want to miss out on the cubic zirconia sterling silver heart pendant necklace we have.

Sterling Silver Double Heart Pendants

Love can be twice as nice with a sterling silver double heart pendant. The Linked Open Hearts Sterling Silver Pendant might be one of the best options to choose from. Another one of our favorites is the Sterling Silver Hugging Hearts Pendant.

These are some of our favorite heart shaped pendants made of silver. You may even include our heart-shaped lockets as part of your order. Some of these may be for Valentine’s Day, but they can also make great Mother’s Day gifts as well.

Sterling Silver Crystal Heart Pendant

Our sterling silver crystal heart pendant is absolutely stunning and gorgeous. Where else but our catalog will you get it? If you are looking for a pendant that you don’t mind showing off whether you are out and about or in the presence of close friends, it’s the one you’ll want.

It’s part of what we offer as part of our wholesale heart shaped pendant collection. If you want to purchase your next batch of pendants at the best prices you can find, you know exactly what to do. Go through us of course.

We offer plenty of jewelry pieces such as our sterling silver necklace heart pendant. With so many options, it may seem overwhelming. But we promise you that you won’t have to run out of a lot of ideas on what to sell now and any time in the future.

Plus, we are always ready to answer questions you may have about ordering through us.

Order Our Sterling Silver Pendants Now

If you are looking for a 925 sterling silver heart pendant like the ones we have, we’ve got you covered. We have these pendants and more jewelry in our catalog. Take your time to choose the jewelry you want and place your order soon.

If you are new to our site, feel free to sign up for a new wholesale account. Once you have your order in place, we’ll send it to you fast. Don’t wait any longer.

Order our heart pendants just in time for Valentine’s Day today.

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