Animal Silver Ring Wholesale

If there is one trend that never changes over time, it’s animals. There are plenty of animal lovers who are your most loyal customers. Our animal silver rings at wholesale prices may be a good place to start and order for your inventory. Who can say no to a piece of jewelry featuring their favorite animal? Discover our animal silver ring wholesale collection Now!

It’s no secret that you have customers who are animal lovers. And some of them prove their love wearing the jewelry they enjoy. Whether it’s sea creatures, domestic animals, or something else, they will talk about them all day if they wanted to.

Your customers may also have a love for jewelry as well. We will be taking a look at our collection of animal inspired rings so you can order them for your customers. These are rings that feature different designs of various animals. 

You can choose one that has a paw print that represents your dog or cat. Or it can be a design of a wild animal that they love and adore so much. It could even be a spirit animal of theirs.

You name the animal and we just might have it on our catalog of the many designs we have put together over the past 30 years. Want to know what’s in store? Let’s dive right in and showcase our collection of animal shaped rings.

Gold Animal Rings

If you are looking for rings that will look lovely on any customer’s finger, look no further than the gold animal rings that we have in our collection. You can get a gold plated version of some of our sterling silver rings including our Sterling Silver Tortoise Ring or the Sterling Silver Snake Animal Ring.

These are just a couple of rings that not only have a silver option, but also a gold one. We have many animal rings at wholesale prices, it’s hard to choose which ones will be the best option for you.

If gold may not be your thing, we understand. There are plenty of other rings that we have available. Let’s keep going to find out what else we offer.

Silver Animal Rings

Our animal rings made of silver are among some of the most popular items being sold to our clients. Whether you are new to us or a recurring client, you might have a good idea of which one of our jewelry pieces are being sold on a regular basis. We have plenty of rings that you can choose from including the Sterling Silver Whale Tale Open-End Ring or the Textured Sterling Silver Starfish Ring among others.

Our sea creature collection is just one of many animal-themed rings that we have available in our catalog. And we can ship these to you anywhere in the world. Whether you own an online store in the United States or have a retail space in the United Kingdom, we’ll make sure that your order gets to you as soon as possible.

We have all kinds of wholesale animal rings at prices you can afford. Your first order as a new client will start out at $199. After that, you can order what you want for the price of $99.

So you are getting one heck of a deal on jewelry animal rings and other designs in our collection. Our silver animal rings include our animal print rings as well. These include the Sterling Silver Paw Print Ring and the Sterling Silver Dog Paw Print Ring.

We even have some animal lover rings that fit just about any customer that loves a certain animal. For example, you might have a customer that loves her Scottish Terrier. So it would be an easy sell when you show her the Sterling Silver Scottie Dog Ring that you have in one of your displays.

So what do you have to lose? There are sterling silver animal rings that you can sell to almost any animal lover that you know. There is no one that knows your customers better than you.

We also have an eye on the latest trends as well. So if we find animal rings for women that we think they’ll enjoy, we’ll make sure they’re on your shelf sooner or later. After all, we release about 1,000 new designs almost every year. 

And that just might be enough for you to get excited for what we may have in store for the future. Who knows? This may include other animal designs as well.

If you have ideas for designs, let us know. We may be able to help put it all together. While we might not make promises or guarantees, it’s always a great idea to listen to what our clients have to say.

Especially when it comes to pieces of jewelry that you can dream up. You think of an idea and we may consider designing it in the future. You might have some ideas for animal rings as well. 

Whether it’s our wholesale gold plated animal rings or our silver ones, we’ve got a lot to offer to our clients.

Order Our Animal Rings Now

If you are looking for animal rings that are available at wholesale prices, we are the place for you. Karen Silver Design serves new and recurring clients around the world. We make sure that you get the best silver animal rings available.

If you are a new client and have yet to sign up for a wholesaler account, you can do that on our website. After that, you can browse through our catalog and see what we have to offer. This includes our wide variety of animal rings.

What are you waiting for? Order from us today and make your customers happy.

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