Wholesale Sterling Silver Flower Ring

If you are looking for beautiful nature inspired rings, check out our wholesale sterling silver flower ring collection. If you love flowers as much as your customers, you know that floral pattern jewelry is a trend that stays popular year in and year out. With our special production technique, our flower design silver jewelry is something you wouldn't find elsewhere! Discover now!

If you’re a jewelry store owner or distributor, you might be taking a look at the latest trends. You have your ear to the ground and your eyes on what’s becoming more popular as time goes on. If there is one thing that may not dwindle in popularity anytime soon, it’s flower jewelry.

If you know any customers looking for a flower ring, keep reading. Because we will be showing you our sterling silver flower ring collection. We have plenty of designs for you to choose from and we know that you’ll love one or more of them.

We are proud to offer you so many of our different rings that you can order. These rings can be for a special occasion or something your customers can buy for themselves. Either way, we have a flower ring design that may be for someone who enjoys shopping at your store.

Let’s dive right in to see what we offer:

Rose Gold Flower Ring

We have flower rings that come in different colors. Not only do we offer sterling silver, but we also offer a rose gold flower ring. The mix of pinkish rose and gold make rings like these a thing of beauty.

For example, our Sterling Silver Laurel Wreath Ring is one of the many rings that is available in many colors including rose gold. With so many colors, you may order a few of each. You never know which rings may be a favorite of one of your customers.

Rose gold is growing in popularity for a few good reasons. And now is your chance to snag to one of these rings for your inventory. These make for perfect flower engagement rings.

If you are a new client of ours, keep reading. Because we have a few more types of flower rings at wholesale prices you can check out. Once you have been able to see what we have in our collection, you can open up a new wholesale account and place your first order.

If you are looking for a pink flower ring, check out this ring collection in particular.

Pearl Flower Ring

If you are looking for something that is a bit more exquisite, we have our collection of pearl flower rings. For example, we have our Sterling Silver Abstract Flower & Pearl Ring. This is one of our many sterling silver large flower rings that we have to offer. 

If you are looking for something that is small and dainty, we recommend the Sterling Silver Pearl Flower Twist Ring. Both of these rings look absolutely gorgeous, especially with the pearl as its jewel.

We handcraft these rings to perfection and ship these to our clients no matter where they are in the world. If you live in Thailand, the United States, or anywhere else we will ship them to you no problem. All you need to do is order and choose how you want it shipped. 

For almost 30 years, we have provided our clients with quality sterling silver jewelry like these rings. Our simple flower ring and others have been ordered many times even repeatedly from our recurring clients.

Sterling Silver CZ Ring

We have an excellent collection of Sterling Silver flowers CZ rings. If you are looking for the perfect blend of sterling silver and cubic zirconia, we have plenty of rings for you to choose from. We have a Sterling Silver CZ Flower Twist Ring that you will absolutely love to have in your collection.

This is the kind of ring that will be perfect for someone’s bride on their wedding day or their anniversary. You do not want to miss your chance at ordering rings like this to make someone’s special day even more special.

Flower Cluster Ring

Surprisingly enough, one of our best sellers among clients is our flower cluster ring. One of our best rings is the Beautiful Rhodium Plated Cluster Ring in Sterling Silver. It’s a 925 silver flower ring that we know you’ll love and appreciate (and so will your customers).

Our cluster design is perfect for those who want to purchase a ring for themselves. Who says you can’t treat yourself to a nice piece of jewelry? These are the kinds of rings where we have gotten many compliments from our clients on the design alone.

We have well over 10,000 different jewelry designs including all the ring designs that you see in our catalog. Every year, we release about a thousand more of them. If we can dream up a design, we get it done.

We follow the latest trends and the trends that keep going even from years ago. Because we know what will be best sellers for your store and which designs won’t be so popular. We’re jewelry suppliers and it’s exactly what we do.

Flower Filigree Ring

One of our most uniquely designed rings is our flower filigree ring. Our Oxidized Filigree Sterling Silver Ring is among one of our best selling rings that we have in our catalog. This is yet another one of our 925 sterling silver flower rings that we recommend for those who just want a ring for the sake of wearing it.

Nothing special for such occasions. It’s a ring that you can wear along with other pieces of jewelry. If you are looking for rings such as the filigree rings, take a peek at our catalog. We have plenty more.

Flower Cocktail Ring

Do you have a customer that loves wearing a cocktail dress during their night out? If so, then recommend something that will be the perfect match: a flower cocktail ring. The Sterling Silver Textured Cocktail Ring is among one of the best choices you can offer to your customers.

This is perfect for any semi-formal attire that your customers will love to rock during a dinner party or a night on the town with friends or that special someone. They’d be hard-pressed to find something quite like this anywhere else.

And your store just might be the place for them to get one of these flower cocktail rings.

Want Sterling Silver Flower Rings? Order From Us Now

Our silver ring with flowers is one of the many collections that will keep on selling both to our clients and our customers. We have sterling silver flower band rings and everything in between. And we take pride in our work from the design process to showing them off to clients like you.

We know that your customers are looking for the best. And you’ll get exactly that when you order from us. Quality sterling silver rings that are guaranteed to be the real deal, not some cheap knock off.

We sell these at reasonable wholesale prices so you will be able to keep your inventory up to date. You’ll love our ring collection including what we have for flower rings. All you need to do is look through our catalog and choose which rings you think will be the best sellers for your customers.

Whether you live in the United States or anywhere else in the world, we’ll ship them to you even at costs that you can afford. Don’t delay, order from our catalog today and see which flower rings are the best for you. 

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