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Hammered 925 sterling silver ring is one of the must-have collections for every jewelry retailer. Its unique texture, the feel, and the look is what set them apart from normal high polish and other finishes. Karen Silver Design offers a large collection of 925 Sterling Silver Hammered Ring at best wholesale price direct from our factory in Thailand. Discover and create your new collection with us today!

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If you are looking for interesting designs for jewelry, we might have something you like. We’ll be taking a look at our collection of hammered sterling silver rings. We’ll briefly discuss how these rings got their ‘dented’ design.

No jewelry store owner or distributor would want to say no to these pieces of jewelry. We have so many choices for you to choose from including a hammered gold ring. Karen Silver Design is the place where you can get your order of sterling silver rings at wholesale prices.

Let’s talk more about these kinds of rings and explain how they are made.

What is a hammered ring?

A hammered ring will have tiny dents throughout the ring itself. These dents are the exact texture made by a very small hammer. What makes these great is that the dents will cover any kind of scratches or imperfections a ring might have.

The texture itself makes it eye-catching and very interesting. When you run your fingertips across it, you’ll feel the bumpy, rigid texture. You might like this feeling compared to a smooth finish.

Either way, our jewelry makers will make sure our hammered jewelry pieces are the best you’ve ever ordered. We are a 925 sterling silver rings manufacturer that will ship these to wherever you are in the world. Whether you have a retail space in Australia or an online store with a fulfillment warehouse in Canada, we’ll make sure it gets there.

If you don’t have a wholesaler account yet, feel free to sign up for one. We’ll give you access to our catalog including our prices. You’ll see that we have some of the best deals compared to any other supplier out there.

Our hammered sterling silver rings: What do we have for you

You don’t want to miss out on what we have on a hammered ring in women’s. You also don’t want to miss out on any of our favorite hammered finish rings. This include but are not limited to our favorite choices: 

  Sterling Silver Minimalist Hammered Ring


  Sterling Silver Hammered Square Ring


  Sterling Silver Hammered Oval Ring


  Oxidized Sterling Silver Hammered Style Rings


  Polished Silver Hammered Ring

These are just a few samples of what we have in our catalog. We may also have new designs coming soon including a hammered heart ring. You’ll love having these rings handy for those looking for that perfect gift for a special someone.

Or you might have customers looking for the perfect hammered sterling silver band ring for weddings and anniversaries. You might have someone that will buy a ring for themselves. It never hurts for a customer to treat themselves to a new piece of jewelry every now and then.

Yes, we have a lot of rings of different designs. But these hammered sterling silver rings at wholesale prices are some of the best we’ve ever put together. You might be looking for ideas for stocking up on your new inventory.

So why not give these hammered 925 silver rings a chance? We will make sure you’re sent the real deals. Not some kind of fake silver jewelry.

Can you order other hammered jewelry pieces?

Of course you can. In fact, we have all kinds of hammered sterling silver jewelry pieces. These include our earrings, pendants, and others. You can purchase so many pieces such as our Hammered Sterling Silver Circle Stud Earrings, Silver Open Hammered Star Pendant, and Sterling Silver Elongated Hammered Chain Link Earrings among others.

You can order our hammered rings as samples of what we have to offer. If you love the feel and texture, you’d be crazy not to order from the rest of our hammered jewelry collection. We have 10000 different designs of jewelry that we have made over the past 30 years.

Our clients the world over are quite happy with the hammered jewelry pieces. In fact, they’re also happy with the service we have provided for them and more. If you have yet to look for a supplier that can help your store sell the best jewelry pieces, Karen Silver Design will be more than happy to take you in as a new client.

Can we order non-hammered jewelry pieces?

Again, yes. You can include other jewelry pieces in your order. It can be hammered rings, smooth rings, or something else your store needs.

In fact, think about the jewelry pieces your customers have requested. Your customers and the market are your best bets in finding out what jewelry you should order for your next inventory. You can also ask your own customers some questions like ‘what their dream jewelry pieces are’.

The more you get to know your customer, the easier it can get to order jewelry pieces. When you listen to your customers, they can still buy from you and become loyal customers.

Order our hammered jewelry from us now

If you are looking for hammered jewelry, we are the place for you. You can order from us today and we’ll send you the order as soon as possible. You have a business to run and demand from customers to meet.

These hammered jewelry pieces might be the best pieces you’ve sold to date. What are you waiting for? We’ve got plenty of options for you to choose from.

Order from us today and you won’t be disappointed with our jewelry pieces.

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