Matte Ring Wholesale

Beside classic high polishing finish, matte finish rings are growing in popularity because of their unique look. We offer a large collection of 925 sterling silver matte rings with different types of matte finish such as mixed brush, statin or even sand blast finish, which are hard to find. Discover our matte ring collection at wholesale price and create yours now!

With plenty of rings out there, it’s hard for a customer to find one that will look perfect. There may be rings that have different textures - with matte being one of them. This guide will go over the different types of matt finish rings that are available in our catalog for you to order.

If you are a jewelry store owner or a distributor, you don’t want to miss out on these. These rings are worth checking out. And your customers might just want something that will look unique for their jewelry collection.

Let’s dive right in and discuss in detail what matte rings are and why they are important to have in one’s jewelry collection.

What is a matte finish ring?

A matte finish may look like a satin finish. So there are times when they can be mistaken for a satin finish ring. The only difference is that a matte finish is smoother and more polished looking.

Another thing to notice is that matte finishes have little to no reflective properties. This is something to keep in mind whenever you want to order a matte finish gold ring or a matte silver ring. Whatever the color might be, you’ll have customers looking for that perfect ring that they’ll wear for whatever reason.

It can be a ring for casual wear. Or it can be a gift such as an anniversary ring. Or it can be a wedding band. Whatever the purpose, there’s a matt ring that will be worth fitting for someone who wears it.

From an aesthetic point of view, it’s considered to be fashionable. It’s also an excellent ring for a man who wants to wear it as a wedding band. Some even say that the matte finish represents strength and masculinity.

Yes, not all rings are designed for women. Some are also made for men as well. If you have any male customers, these rings might be a good option.

Whether it’s for Father’s Day, Christmas, or just because - a ring like a matte gold ring or a matt silver ring might be a good fit for the man in someone’s life.

What makes matte rings so great?

People might care about aesthetics when it comes to jewelry pieces - especially rings. Whether it’s a matte finish silver ring or a matt gold ring, it’s important to look at the details that make a jewelry piece like this great.

Some might not mind something that has little to no reflective properties. And that’s fine - they may not want a ring that is so shiny and distracting. They want to keep it subtle while wearing it as a symbol that may strike up a conversation.

A silver matte ring or matte rose gold ring may not look as shiny compared to regular sterling silver rings. But they can have a special meaning for someone. Not to mention, they may be stronger than different types of rings.

So they may wear a ring that is durable - which can be a symbol of strength. The texture of these rings are a little grainy of a feel. Thus, they don’t feel like you’re touching metal.

If you want to order matte silver rings at wholesale prices, we’ve got you covered. If you order a handful of our different Matte Ring 925 Sterling Silver at wholesale prices, we’ll send them to you wherever you are in the world.

Whether you have a retail space in Australia or an online store with an inventory warehouse in Canada, we’ll make sure that your shipment is headed to the right place. Just place the order, make the arrangements, and you’re good to go.

What is the difference between matte and satin finish?

Matte and satin are often confused for one another. So let’s straighten out the differences between them. Matt finishes won’t have any lines or marks while satin finishes will leave them.

Another is the shine factor. The shine will be dull when it’s reflecting with matte finishes. Satin on the other hand will radiate with a soft shine.

This will be a good thing to remember whenever you are selling ring brushed matte polished jewelry. Don’t forget, you can also buy different satin rings including satin finish gold rings, satin rose gold rings, and satin gold rings. There are many themes and designs that have matte finished, including filigree earrings and others.

Purchase matte rings today

We have the rings you want at prices that you can afford. A matte ring will be great for a customer that is looking for durability and doesn’t mind it being less than ideal in terms of aesthetics. If you are looking for spectacular rings, we’ve got you covered.

Be sure to look through our catalog and order our collection of matte rings. Also, don’t forget to add different pieces of jewelry for your inventory as well. Don’t wait - order now.

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