925 Sterling Silver Wholesale Minimal Ring

If your customers love rings, they’ll love the 925 Sterling Silver Wholesale Minimal Ring collection that you can order from. Minimalism is now a popular trend. They are a simplified design which can be worn everyday and match easily with any outfit. That's why many jewelry resellers have them stocked in their store. Discover our large collection of minimal 925 rings and shop now!

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If you are looking for rings, you’ve come to the right place. We have a sterling silver minimal ring that your customers will enjoy. In fact, we have several.

We’ll show you what we have in our collection here in a moment. A lot of your customers may be wearing rings on a regular basis. We’re not just talking about the engagement and wedding rings.

They wear fashionable minimal silver rings that are a part of their personal style. They have a style that defines them as the unique individual that they are. You may have customers always on the lookout for the next best ring in their collection.

And you can deliver that for them. Let’s take a look at what we have for minimal rings in our catalog.

925 Sterling Silver Minimal Ring

We have plenty of 925 sterling silver minimal rings in our collection. The real question is where do we begin? One of our best choices is our Minimalist Sterling Silver Bar Ring.

But that’s not the only ring that we’ve got. We have a Sterling Silver Minimalist CZ Ring that has a mix of sterling silver and cubic zirconia. We always love it when we see the mix of silver and shiny cubic zirconia come together to shine like the beautiful thing that it is. 

If we dare say so, it’s one of our favorite 925 minimal rings in our catalog. We even have some that have unique designs. For example, we’ve got our Sterling Silver Geometric Silhouette Ring.

The square on top of a rectangle design is probably one of the most interesting designs that anyone can dream up. It can be yours to order along with the other minimal rings in our catalog. We ship these rings and plenty of other pieces of jewelry in our collection to any place around the world.

If you own a retail space in the United States or run an eCommerce store in Canada, we’ve got you covered. Just order a mini ring or several from our collection and we’ll send them your way. Best of all, the price for these rings and your order will always be affordable.

No ridiculously high shipping fees, no nothing. It’s what we do as a jewelry supplier for our clients. If you are new to our site, feel free to take a look at our catalog. If you are happy with our selection, you can sign up for a free wholesaler account.

We are always taking in new clients every day. So far, we have many happy clients the world over. One of those reasons is the large collection of jewelry including our sterling silver minimal rings.

Where else can you get rings like the Sterling Silver Minimalistic T Bar Ring or the Sterling Silver Minimalist Hammered Ring? No place but Karen Silver Design. If you love these rings, you might be inclined to buy them right now.

But don’t forget, we’ve got other pieces of jewelry for your inventory as well.

Order our wholesale sterling silver rings now

If you are looking for great deals on minimalist rings, then you’ve got a jewelry supplier that will get it done for you. Karen Silver Design has dozens of minimalist rings that you can order from our catalog as soon as today.

If you have a big sale coming up, now is a good time to stock up on new jewelry inventory. Whether it’s an online store or a retail space, we’re here to help. Order now and we will make sure your first order and beyond is worth every penny.

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