Jewelry Letters and Initial Wholesale

Letters alone don’t mean much for anybody. They are just units of the alphabet unless you can turn it into something much more meaningful like we did! Welcome to our Letters and Initial Silver Jewelry Wholesale Collection! We offer letter and initial silver earring, ring and pendant in different finishing and plating option. Create new letters and initial collection with us now.

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Our brand new collection features jewelry letters at wholesale prices in order to bring more versatility to your store. Then your customers will have one more option as the perfect present for their loved ones. Such stud earrings based on initials and in classic shades add a lot more value to the gift. Find out all other reasons which make this collection worth it!

Best Features of this Collection

There are many attractive aspects of this elegant and meaningful silver letter jewelry collection. If you are wondering why making an investment in this collection such as letter rings silver and stud earring will be profitable for you, go through the following features.

925 Sterling Silver

As we all know, sterling silver is one of the most sought-after materials when it comes to jewelry. It portrays the timeless elegance every woman looks for. Any piece of jewelry crafted from sterling silver adds the classic touch to an usual look.

Besides, it is very well-known for its high durability. This material consists of 92.5% silver, while the rest is made of an alloy containing mostly copper. Compared to any other material like pure silver, 925 sterling silver lasts for a very long time. That is why the stud earrings in this collection will not snap or get dislocated suddenly. As a result, you can serve your customers with quality jewelry for years.

Two kinds of finishing

Not all occasions call for the same kind of glitz and glamour. So to cater to all those various needs and keep things versatile in this simplistic collection, these earrings come with two kinds of finishing.

Letter and Initial Design Silver Jewelry in Matte Finishing

If a customer is not into too much glamour or shine, you can still encourage them to grab attention with the matte earrings of our collection. The beautiful finishing just sweeps over each letter like an exquisite wave of subtle glamour. Combined with the various colors we offer, these silver letter stud earrings give a lot to appreciate.

Letter and Initial Design Silver Jewelry in High Polishing

Let your customer’s personality shine bright through the highly polished silver letter jewelry of ours. We have many new additions in this category to offer the maximum number of letters possible. Each piece of this high polished stud collection comes with a smooth reflective surface that glows beautifully in the light.

Three Classic Shades

Although all of our wholesale initial jewelry is made from sterling silver, they do come in multiple classic shades! Of course, the natural glimmering silver tone is enough to impress an audience. However, one does need variations every now and then. That is why we have included the superbly aristocratic shades of 18K Gold Plating and Rose Gold Plating! They bring new dimensions to any plain look by adding a touch of royalty.

So if you have been worried about presenting a wide enough spectrum of colors for your customers, this is it! Our collection of silver initial jewelry will enable you to offer impressive shades to them without compromising the classic appeal.

Very Affordable

The best part of our collection is the incredibly reasonable price it comes in. You will hardly ever come across a batch which promotes such a high quality of jewelry crafting at such a low price point.

We keep your convenience in mind while setting up the details of any collection. This one is no different! On top of the already impressive prices, we also offer big discounts on bulk purchases. Therefore, you can get the most fruitful deal from us while also making substantial profits from our beautiful letter earrings in silver.

So stock up your store with these classic studs coming in versatile colors and finishing styles! Let your customers have the ideal gift for anniversaries, birthdays and other special occasions!

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