Buy Wholesale Silver Lockets at Great Factory Prices

Check out the exquisite collection of wholesale silver lockets made from 925 sterling silver. We offer classy and elegant locket pendants at very reasonable wholesale prices. Our collection includes classic silver heart locket and geometric style like round and oval. Discover our silver locket jewelry with different shape and design at great price.

Just one silver locket necklace can mean a lot to the right people. It never goes out of fashion and can fit into any party or occasion. Especially the lockets where customers can insert photos inside can be a great gift choice on those special days. For all these reasons these wholesale lockets make for a fruitful investment any time of the year.

Karen Silver Design is a locket manufacturer who can get you these wholesale locket pendants at a very reasonable price. If you buy the lockets in bulk, it can prove to be more advantageous since you will be getting a big discount. So stock up before the holiday season begins to make the most of business opportunities.

We have different designs and themes of silver jewelry locket for different occasion and events available for jewelry resellers at best wholesale price.

Sterling Silver Heart Locket Necklace

Bring your customer more than the essentials with our simple and sleek silver locket necklaces. It shines with glory every time one puts their eyes on the pendant. They are made of 925 sterling silver which guarantees high quality and impressive durability at the same time.

Silver heart locket necklace designs can looks quite simple but sometimes, that is all one needs to impress the people they love. Going overboard is not a great solution when it comes to gifting the individuals who stay close to one’s heart. So customers can utilize this easily as the perfect present on a special day or to cheer up their loved one while going through a rough time. This is the perfect purchase for the customers looking for something classy, simple and elegant all at the same time. Moreover, most of our silver heart locket necklace can insert photos of the recipient and themselves into this locket. There are two photo frames included inside the pendant to make room for those precious pictures. Other than that, some of our heart locket which is also silver photo locket necklace are light in weight as well. Thus it will not feel too heavy or awkward for the wearer but still add to their glowing personality.

Sterling Silver Round Picture Locket Pendant

Let’s take a break from the hearty goodness and explore the circular creations a little. For instance, the Geometric design locket such as oval, round, circle and rectangle design silver locket necklace is a great choice for customers who prefer simplicity. Each shape can be meaningful such as the round pendant that works like a silver sun bringing new light to each customer’s relationship. It has been crafted with care by the silversmiths to ensure a smooth texture on every side. Just touching it will make the wearer feel more relaxed.It is also the perfect accessory for people who prefer subtle accentuations to their look. This silver pendant will look good on anybody for any occasion or party no matter the theme. So feel free to buy these lockets in bulk since every lady needs this simple and sweet accessory in their collection. Such bulk purchase will also save you some money while generating the same profit. 

Sterling Silver Engraved Locket Pendant

The last Locket theme we recommend for you from our wholesale silver lockets collection is a little different in appearance from all the pendants mentioned above. It does not have a completely smooth texture or a plain outlook. Instead, they are engraved with meaningful words.

Silver locket pendant engraved with words like “Mum”, “Grandma”, “Sister” and “Best Mum” can be a hot selling item in meaningful events like mother day or birthday where people are looking for meaningful jewelry as a giftWe also offer wholesale Silver locket pendant and necklace engraved with words like “Love” and “I Love you” for special event like Valentine’s Day. If you find a customer struggling to find the perfect gift for any of his/her loved ones - family, friends or romantic partner, this locket will be a great solution for that person. They can also add some personal touch by including one or two photos inside as most of these pendant are silver photo locket necklace.

These meaningful engraved silver lockets design can be a good option for special and meaningful events. You can purchase these silver lockets at a wholesale price and prepare for a highly profitable Valentine’s Day.

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