Matte Silver Finish Jewelry Wholesale

Matte finish jewelry doesn’t allow for any kind of shiny and glitz. But that’s what makes this kind of jewelry special. Especially when you have customers who want jewelry that is subtle. We hand matte every piece of jewelry to produce the highest quality. Discover our large matte finished wholesale silver jewelry and create a new stunning jewelry collection with us now .

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Matte Finishing

If you are a jewelry store owner looking to order a new batch for your latest inventory, keep reading. We’ll be talking about the different kinds of jewelry that have matte finishing. This is the kind of jewelry that doesn’t allow any kind of reflective properties.

This is the kind of jewelry that is for the customer that doesn’t mind wearing jewelry that is not glitzy or shiny. You can get this type of finishing from necklaces, pendants, rings, and so on. We sell matte finish jewelry at wholesale prices. 

And we sell this to jewelry store owners like you. Whether it’s a retail space in the United Kingdom or an online eCommerce store with a fulfillment space in Australia, we’ll ship it to you after you order it. We will be unveiling our collection of matte jewelry so you know what you can choose the next time you order your new inventory.

You don’t want to miss what we have in our silver matte finish jewellery collection. These pieces of jewelry come with a special sterling silver matte finish that will really make them look beautiful even without the shine that comes with normal jewelry.

Let’s dive right into the list:

Matte Silver Necklace

A matte necklace is one of the perfect necklaces for someone who doesn’t want a little bit of glitz and glamour. They want to wear something that’s subtle and casual. These necklaces are made from 925 sterling silver, one of the purest types of silver we have.

Yes, you are getting the real deal when it comes to silver. And we won’t sell you any fakes at all. We stand by this promise and it’s the reason why our clients have trusted us for years. If you are tired of suppliers giving you the runaround, we are always accepting new clients.

Matte Silver Earrings

We have matte hoop earrings that come in different shapes and metals. Our matte silver earrings are among some of our best sellers. If you have customers that prefer gold over silver, we also have matte gold earrings as well.

Who wouldn’t want a pair of matte gold hoop earrings? Our recent clients the world over have nothing but good things to say about these types of jewelry. We also have matte finish silver earrings that are perfect for every occasion.

Whether it’s a dinner party where you dress sharp or if you are in a professional setting at the office, you can wear these small earrings that don’t draw so much attention.

We have matte silver hoop earrings and also a collection of matte gold hoop earrings. Our supplies are almost endless since we make those almost every single day. When you order them for your store, order as many as you want (but don’t order too much since you might never know how much you’ll sell).

We also have a collection of matte silver stud earrings. If you have customers that are not interested in anything that dangles, these are the best earrings they can choose. We have the best matte sterling silver earrings that are available to you.

Don’t be surprised if your customers decide to choose both matte gold hoop earrings or matte silver stud earrings.

Matte Silver Bracelet 

We have more than just earrings. We also have a collection of Matte Silver Bracelets. These bracelets are perfect for almost any occasion. You can wear it at a casual day around the house or when you are stepping out with that special someone.

Our best selling matte silver bracelet is the Sterling SIlver Floral Inspired Dainty Chain Bracelet. It’s a little bit dangly, but you can wear it during those semi-formal events or when you are out having fun with friends or that special someone. Sure, it’s not shiny but it you can still catch a few eyes wearing it.

If you have customers that are looking for something that is smaller in size, the sterling silver lily flower charm bracelet is another excellent choice.

While we have a limited selection of these silver bracelets, it’s easy to choose all three of these bracelets so you are able to allow your customer to have more options when they are searching for that perfect bracelet.

What Are You Waiting For? Order From Us Now! 

We are proud to be a matte jewellery manufacturer. We sell this matt finish jewelry at wholesale prices. You get the best deals every time you order from us.

We won’t nickel or dime you ever when you’re a client of ours. Plus, you get the real deal when it comes to our silver jewelry. Whether it’s matte gold earrings, matte silver stud earrings, and everything in between we’ll be more than happy to supply them to you every time you place your order.

Name the kind of jewelry we have and we will deliver it to you anywhere around the world. Order some of our matte finish silver rings or a matte finish pendant so you have plenty of options that your customers can choose from.

They could be looking for that perfect gift or maybe something for themselves. How can they say no to matte silver earrings or a matte finish pendant? We’ve got it all.

Now is the time to place your order with us. Our matte silver jewelry collection is one of the largest collections that we offer. Our wide selection of matte stud earrings and matte hoop earrings are something you don’t want to miss.

What are you waiting for? Order now and replenish your store’s inventory today.

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