Moon and Star Silver Jewelry Wholesale

Take a trip down the shimmering road of celestial beings. There are countless songs, poems, paintings and other creative pieces based on the undeniable beauty of those heavenly bodies. Now we have given them a glamorous makeover with our moon and star silver jewelry wholesale collection! Create new moon and star silver jewelry collection with us now!

Take a look and discover at what this collection really has to offer! Each section of our moon and star collection is briefly discussed below:

Moon and Star Silver Earrings

Our celestial collection brings a wide range of moon and star earrings combining the glamour of stars and moon. Stars definitely dominate this section because of their interesting shape which can be molded in different ways.

You may find a bunch of little adorable solid silver stars dangling from above on star moon drop earrings, or a couple of tiny solid colorful stars accentuating an already eccentric design!

Then comes the stars with distinct textures solidifying their individuality in this collection. We have achieved such unique textures using wirework, floral motifs, cutouts and more.

We have moon and star stud earrings, as well as moon and star dangle earrings. So your customers can be both sophisticated and accentuated with our creations.

One of the most attractive aspects of these sterling silver moon and star earrings is the celebration of colors within. Usually, we offer only silver shades since our base material is sterling silver.

However, this collection comes with many more vibrant shades like black, turquoise, red, purple, green, blue, pink, orange and brown. Present a colorfully exquisite moon and star earring set to each customer with pleasure!

You will also get to choose from the glamorous gold plating and pink gold plating shades. These are the staple shades for any customer’s jewelry box. Especially moon and star earrings in gold can make their look uniquely appealing.

Moon and Star Silver Pendant

Get ready to see stars all over your jewelry! These heavenly bodies come in many forms on each moon and star pendant. They are all made of sterling silver which guarantees long-term use and high quality.

The circular pendants come with filigree effect making a mesh of the sparkling silver stars. Its matte finishing adds more aesthetic value to the already gorgeous moon and star necklace in silver.

Besides, you will also find pendants in multiple colors here. While the majority of these necklaces are available in silver only, a handful of pieces come in other attractive shades. They can be gorgeously plated with gold or gold pink. One or two pieces come in black and brown.

Moon and Star Silver Ring

Let the stars rest on your customer’s fingers with each moon and star silver ring we got for you. They can be smooth and highly polished or textured and matte. You will have a generous variety of designs to choose from.

All of them are built with the highly durable material of sterling silver. So investing in them will not go to waste.

The ring itself can be slim to highlight the design placed around it or above it. Alternatively, it can be thick enough to carry the stars on its own body.

You may find the stars engraved into these rings in a subtle manner. You can only distinguish between them with a sharp eye. They usually utilize the various finishing styles we provide for making this distinction.

A sterling silver moon and star ring highly polished to bring blinding shine for the viewers. They are great for accentuating glamorous party looks. On the other hand, you may see a textured starfish resting on the beautiful matte silver ring. These are better for appearances that require either subtlety or edge.

Moon and Star Silver Bracelet

Our bracelets utilize the charm of celestial stars to create elegant jewelry pieces. You will find both thin and elaborate designs in our bracelet collection.

The delicate chain of each moon and star bracelet in silver holds the mighty star in all its glory. The star can adopt the mysterious shade of navy blue covering the night sky.

While it may look like a piece of the deep sparkling sky caught and placed on a bracelet charm, this star is actually made with the incomparable stone of Lapis Lazuli.

You can also purchase them in three classic shades - silver, gold plating and pink gold plating. This will allow you to present many impressive color options in front of your customers.

There are some other bracelets that are not so low-key. For instance, some bracelets are created combining many beads and stars at the same time.

Light yellow citrine beads create a floral effect all around the bracelet. On the other hand, small vibrant red stones give it a totally different look. Tiny white shells instill sea vibes in it to create an overall soothing effect. The addition of silver stars makes these bracelets even more magical.

Moon and Star Silver Accessories

We have successfully incorporated the unreachable celestial beings into certain exquisite accessories. With these items, your customers can explore even more options to accentuate their looks with sterling silver jewelry pieces.

They can make the most of our headpins shaped like stars. One pack contains 50 of these pins. If your customer is an upcoming bride or is attending a high-voltage red carpet event, these pins can help to create the perfect look.

As you can see, there are many ways to utilize this versatile collection of moon and star silver jewelry pieces. They will surely be enough to astound your next customer!

Along with the profits, you can also save some money yourself by purchasing these pieces in bulk! The collection offers impressive discounts on bulk purchases for all wholesalers. 

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