Mother of Pearl and Shell Silver Jewelry Wholesale

There are very few looks more timeless or unique than a beautiful mother of pearl or shell design. Our selection includes a huge variety of pieces, with something for every one of your customers, no matter their personal style or taste. Discover our collection of beautiful mother of pearl and shell silver jewelry, from earrings to beautiful dainty pendants and timeless unique rings now.

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Mother of pearl and shell silver jewelry are ideal for any customer who loves gray jewelry or white jewelry or really any uniqueness in their accessories. These pieces are sure to grab attention while still maintaining their sophistication.

Mother of Pearl Jewelry Wholesale

Our wholesale collection has no shortage of options when it comes to shell or mother of pearl designs. Mother of pearl has a subtle elegance to its beautiful and unique color and that elegance shines through in each of our pieces. You can stock any our beautiful mother of pearl jewelry pieces and satisfy your customers of any age. We offer a range of pieces from beautiful earrings to dainty pendants and everything in between.

One of our best sellers are our sterling silver mother of pearl earrings, that are both unique and timeless all at once. One example is our beautiful set of Mother of Pearl Square Silver Fanned Dangle Hook Earrings. These earrings are incredibly unique with their perfectly square shape. They are a beautiful traditional mother of pearl color with a gorgeous sparkly accent just before the hook. They catch just the right amount of light.

We don’t just offer dangle earrings. We have plenty of mother pearl stud earrings as well as mother of pearl drop earrings. Each set has its own unique look and design. Stock them all and you’ll have something to suit each of your customers.

We also offer plenty of other mop jewelry pieces in our selection of mother of pearl sterling silver jewelry. Our wholesale mother of pearl pendants are absolutely breathtaking. One of our most popular pieces is the Sterling Mother of Pearl Circle Silhouette Pendant. The simple design includes a circle of beautiful sterling mother of pearl with a sparkly accent at the chain. A beautiful mother of pearl pendant necklace goes with every single outfit and your customers will love to be offered such a versatile accessory.

Our rings will suit nearly every style as well. They are simple enough to be worn every day, yet beautiful enough to dress up any outfit. Our white mother of pearl ring is a simple design, yet truly accentuates the beauty of mother of pearl. We also offer a similar design in our sterling silver mother of pearl ring which combines silver with the simple elegance of mother of pearl.

Wholesale Silver Shell Jewelry

Shell pearl jewelry has become incredibly popular in the last couple of years. Not everyone carries a wide variety of options for customers, either. So, you can really stand to get the business of customers who are looking for these unique pieces. Shell is unique because no two designs will ever look the same. It is as if you are selling one of a kind pieces every time.

We really offer everything when it comes to sterling silver shell jewelry. We offer shell bracelet wholesale where you can get really beautiful pieces that are conversation starters and eye-catching all at once. Some bracelet options include our silver shell bracelet which is dainty enough to match nearly any outfit while bringing the look just the right amount of sparkle.

We don’t just offer plenty of options when it comes to bracelets, though. We have several other beautiful silver shell jewelry pieces. That includes our array of pieces from our shell earrings wholesale.

One of our most beautiful pieces is the Lattice Shell Teardrop Silver Accent Earrings. This teardrop shaped earring is a beautiful mix of shell and white and catches just the right amount of light. They dangle daintily and reflect whatever light catches them.

Another option is our 12MM Round Shell Silver Earrings. These shell earrings silver are incredibly unique in their design and they’ll be a crowd pleaser with your customers. Their perfectly round shape gives a darker look to the earring, which is quite delicate. These have a shorter dangle, which means they won’t get caught on clothing or hair but yet they’ll still be quite noticeable on the wearer. Your customers will love this piece, which matches everything.

We don’t just offer beautiful shell earrings. We also have plenty of shell pendants for you to stock. One example is our Dainty Sterling Silver Shell Glamour Ball Pendant. This piece is a showstopper. Its dainty, yet beautiful. The simple design includes a beautiful dark shell ball that reflects light just enough to catch everyone’s attention. It’s a conversation starter yet maintains a timeless design.

Shop Our Wholesale

Shop our wide selection and you are sure to keep your customers happy and coming back. Win over new customers with our unique designs while satisfying your longstanding ones by introducing a new design. Our mother of pearl and shell wholesale options will keep each of your customers satisfied.

Stock each of them and you’ll be sure to give your customers plenty of options. Our matching pieces make great full set options while our other pieces offer a near one-of-a-kind option.

Mother of pearl is a beautiful, simple design that offers a sophisticated elegance to any outfit. Shell pieces bring a unique touch to any outfit. 

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