Wholesale Mother’s Day Jewelry

Silver Jewelry is the top Mother’s Day gift choice for many as it is the best of both worlds -  beautiful and meaningful while still being affordable. All of the silver jewelry in our wholesale Mother’s Day jewelry collection has been expertly crafted to maintain a high standard and desired quality. Discover our collection of sterling silver Mother’s Day jewelry and add to the collection today!

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With Mother’s Day coming up, your customers will surely be looking for everything from silver Mother’s Day rings to Mother’s Day bracelets, and if you want to fulfill that need for them, you have landed at the right place. We are sterling silver jewelry suppliers and have a selection of Mother’s Day jewelry sure to satiate the needs of your customers just in time for mother’s day.

We have a wide variety of jewelry.  Whether your customers are trying to get their mom a pearl necklace for mother's day or one of our many pendants and earrings, we have a wide selection that covers several styles and trends.

Our collection of Mother’s Day jewelry is all crafted with fine sterling silver and is made to uphold our standard of sophisticated and elegant jewelry. You will be able to find a variety of pieces of jewelry ranging from our mother’s endless love necklace, mothers day charms to our silver mother’s day rings. You should have no trouble stocking your store with our wide range of options and your customers will doubt be impressed with what they see.

Mother’s Day Earrings

If you want to stock your store with Mother’s Day earrings, we have unique and elegant earrings that your customers are sure to enjoy. Earrings make for a great Mother’s Day gift, especially when their aesthetic is designed specifically to show love and appreciation with an elegant design.

Our Sterling Silver Interlocked Open Hearts Earrings are stunning, elegant and stand out amongst other Mother’s Day earrings. They are a sight to behold with their unique design and the interlocking hearts are simple and gorgeous. They stand out a shining addition to our collection of Mother’s Day jewelry.

The interlocked hearts design is a touching tribute to Mother’s Day and will resonate with customers that see it on your shop shelves. Besides just being gorgeous to look at, it is a reminder to your customers that Mother’s Day is about sharing and showing love, and sometimes there’s no better way to do that than with a touching gift. 

Mother’s Day Rings

If you want to supply the Mother’s Day crowd with gorgeous, Sterling silver rings, our Mother’s Day rings are sure to please your customers. Our wholesale Mother’s Day rings are elegant, sophisticated and eye catching.

Our Sterling Silver Open End Heart Ring boasts a simple and charming design with twin hearts on either end that will draw the eyes of customers looking to give a loving Mother’s Day gift. It is an attention grabber and its open-end design is not only aesthetically pleasing, but comfortable as well.

When it comes to wholesale mother’s rings, we do what we can to make sure they are not only gorgeous to look at, but also emblematic of the spirit of the holiday.

Mother’s Day Necklaces

Our wholesale Mother’s Day necklaces each exemplify unique craftmanship and style and are sure to draw eyes in your shop. Boasting simple but distinct and attractive designs, our Mother’s Day necklaces serve as the kind of thoughtful and stylish gift that customers look for in a Mother’s Day gift.

One of our standout sterling silver mother’s day necklaces is the Sterling Silver Linked Hearts Necklace. Beautiful, simple and lightweight, the sterling silver composition is bold and radiates a message of shared love on Mother’s Day. Surely this year many of your customers will be looking for a heart necklace Mother’s Day. It goes well with anything from elegant to casual attire and could easily warm the heart of the recipient.

The perk of our sterling silver collection of Mother’s Day pendant necklaces is that while it is stylish and sophisticated, they are also affordable and an enticing buy to your customers. While sterling silver jewelry does a lot to add stylish and extravagant flare to whoever is wearing, it is easier on the wallet of those buying it than other fashionable metals. If you stock either of our well-crafted options, who wouldn’t pick up a sterling silver necklace for mother’s day?

Our Sterling Silver Solitaire Freshwater Pearl Necklace is not only sophisticated and gorgeous, it is unique amongst our wholesale Mother’s Day necklaces. The beautiful freshwater pearl looks bold against the light sterling silver and immediately catches the eye.

There’s no doubt that many of customers are looking to buy a pearl necklace for Mother’s Day. Pearls are a classy staple and generous gift. On display at your store, the freshwater pearl hanging at the bottom of the gorgeous sterling silver chain is sure to make your customers do a double take. 

With a 16.5-inch length, it is long and elegant making the pearl stand out that much more. The sterling silver chain is thin, sleek and compliments the deep white of the pearl. It looks great amongst a stock of necklaces and any mother opening it on Mother’s Day will be grateful their loved one decided to buy it through your store.

Mother’s Day Pendants

We have wholesale Mother’s Day Pendants to offer that embody the spirit of giving a meaningful and fashionable Mother’s Day gift. The Mother’s day heart pendant like Sterling Silver “Mom” Heart Locket Pendant is not only a detailed and beautiful locket, but it can hold a picture of your customer’s choosing to make for a more personal and meaningful gift.

As a gift, a Mother’s Day engraved necklace is chic, stylish and its simple heart design and space for a thoughtful picture make it a great gift for anytime. It also goes quite well with our mom bracelet sterling silver. It will jump out to customers that want to give a gift that will show just how much they love the mother in their life.

With the addition of the heart shaped Mother’s Day charm, this one immediately says “Happy Mother’s Day”. The small detail work on the heart is a beautiful touch and customers perusing your store will undoubtedly be impressed by it.

This Mother’s Day pendant would make a good addition to your stock of Mother’s Day jewelry and will catch the attention of customer’s looking for a piece of jewelry that they can add a little personal touch to. It’s a gift your customer’s mothers will hold close to their heart.

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