Wholesale Puppy Themed Silver Jewelry For National Puppy Day

As National Puppy Day is approaching, your dog-loving customers will no doubt be enticed by our selection of puppy jewelry ranging from our silver dog rings to our puppy paw print earrings. If you are looking to get wholesale puppy themed silver jewelry, you can’t go wrong with our collection. Explore our wide and varied selection of puppy themed jewelry for dog lovers now!

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As National Puppy Day is approaching, your dog-loving customers will no doubt be enticed by our selection of puppy jewelry ranging from our sterling silver dog rings to our puppy paw print earrings. This is truly a collection of jewelry for dog lovers. If you are looking to get dog jewelry wholesale, you can’t go wrong with our collection.

Our collection of sterling dog jewelry is expertly crafted and sure to catch the glare of anyone in your store that has a soft spot in their heart for dogs. Our variety of dog paw jewelry pieces ranging from our dog paw pendants to our Sterling Silver dog paw bracelet are each crafted with care, and customers passing by them on the shelf are going to take a closer look.

Each piece in our wholesale puppy themed jewelry collection exemplifies just how elegant, unique and stylish sterling silver jewelry truly is. Add to that the bonus of featuring simple and gorgeous puppy themed pendants and charms and what you wind up with is a selection of extravagant jewelry to offer your many customers that double as dog lovers.

Dog Paw Pendant

If you want to stock your store with dog themed jewelry, you can’t go wrong with our selection of dog paw pendants.  They are made of elegant and charming sterling silver and glisten on the store shelf.

Perhaps our most sophisticated and attractive sterling silver dog pendant is the Openwork Paw Print Pendant. Weighing in at just barely over a single gram, this lightweight beauty will appeal to your customers looking for something that is elegant and nice without being too cumbersome or flashy.


This silver dog pendant necklace is a must own for customers entering your store whether they already have dog themed jewelry on their mind or if they have a puppy of their own at home anxiously waiting their return.


The simple and prominent paw print that takes up most of the face of the pendant not only stands out on the shelf, but it will entice your shoppers looking for dog jewelry for humans. The silhouette shape around the paw print makes it more prominent and noticeable.


If you are looking to buy our dog jewelry wholesale to appeal to the dog-lovers walking your store floor, you can’t go wrong with a sterling silver dog pendant. Pendants are classy and appealing and make for a great gift for a loved one.


Pendant necklaces are sought after pieces of jewelry because of the added style that they provide to any ensemble. They are lightweight, chic, gorgeous and most importantly, very comfortable.


Our dog paw pendant is also appealing to customers who are shopping for someone close to them because it is simple enough that they will know that whoever it is going to will appreciate it, but elegant enough to know that the recipient will be blown away.

Dog Paw Bracelet

Another standout in our puppy jewelry collection is our dog paw bracelets. After all, you can’t boast that you have dog themed jewelry if you don’t offer your customers a dog paw bracelet.


A puppy bracelet is more than just a novel piece of jewelry to your customers waiting to get back home to their dogs. It’s a chance to get a meaningful and impressive piece of dog themed jewelry that will represent their love for dogs as well as flaunt the impressive piece of sterling silver around their wrist.


Our most impressive dog paw bracelet is our Sterling Silver Paw Print Circle Bracelet. Measuring 6.5 inches in length and weighing in at only 1.2 grams, this bracelet is light and graceful.


The Paw Print Circle Bracelet is available in silver, pink, gold and gold tone, and offers your customers enough variety that they will need to get at least one. It is a sleek and thin dog paw bracelet and the dog paw charm is an immediate attention grabber.


Similar to our dog paw pendant, our Paw Print Circle Bracelet is simple and heartfelt piece of puppy jewelry that will resonate in the eyes and ultimately the hearts of prospect buyer’s looking through your store shelves.


The sterling silver adjustable chain is thin and comfortable and makes for a perfect fit for any customer walking through your doors.

Puppy Paw Ring

Our collection of dog themed jewelry would of course be incomplete without rings for dog lovers. Rings have long been a staple of any jewelry enthusiast, and with good reason. They are comfortable, simple and draw attention to a customer’s hand which would otherwise be devoid of jewelry.


If you are looking to fill your shop with dog jewelry wholesale, you simply cannot go wrong with our puppy ring. Crafted of course with the finest sterling silver, our puppy paw rings will appeal to the customer looking for jewelry that expresses their love for dogs without being too flashy or cumbersome.


Rings have always been one of the most popular pieces of jewelry because of the added style that they provide without being bulky, taking up too much space when worn, and because they go with literally anything that they could wear.


Besides being beautiful and easy on the eyes, they are also affordable and are highly likely to turn heads. Stocking your shelves with our sterling silver dog paw ring will be easy, but keeping them in stock may be hard once dog lovers get their eyes on them.


If your store is not already stocked with dog jewelry rings, look into our dog jewelry wholesale collection and expect them to catch your customer’s eyes the same way that they may catch yours.

Dog Paw Earrings

There is a reason that your customers will immediately do a double take at our puppy paw print earrings. It is because they are quite simply gorgeous. Our earrings for dog lovers will surely appeal to your customers that are looking to proclaim their love for dogs while also sporting the finest, most beautiful sterling silver dog jewelry possible.


Our puppy earrings are not only stylish and chic, they are downright adorable. They will appeal not only to the customers looking for well crafted sterling silver jewelry, but also those that want a fun piece of jewelry that telegraphs what kind of a person they are.


Sporting a small and simple, yet prominent puppy paw, our sterling silver dog paw earrings are instantly recognizable and will turn the heads of anyone looking through your store. Earrings have long been a go to piece of jewelry because they go with anything and do wonders in pulling an ensemble together while adding that extra flare that people seek from jewelry.


Even more appealing, our dog earrings silver are lightweight and comfortable which is most important when it comes to earrings.

Dog Paw Necklace

Essential to our selection of puppy necklace is our selection of dog paw necklaces. Made of fine sterling silver, they are more than just your average puppy themed neck piece.


Much like the other members of our sterling silver dog themed jewelry collection, our dog paw necklaces take advantage of a simple, stylish and immediately recognizable design that cannot be mistaken for anything other than a dog necklace.


After all, in the world of dog jewelry for humans there is nothing more important than finding a piece of jewelry that goes above in beyond in showing the customer’s love for their furry friends while still maintaining the style and beauty that they more than likely already associated with sterling silver jewelry.


Whether the customers walking your aisles or perusing your webpage are already in the market for a dog necklace or not, they simply cannot walk past our selection of dog lover necklaces without feeling their heart grow a size or two. They are hard to resist for the dog-loving customer.


A sterling silver chain makes for a lightweight and comfortable necklace. Add to that a charm that bares the simple and easy to recognize paw print of an adorable puppy and you have a piece of stylish dog themed jewelry that will make the dog lover in your store do a double take and need to check the price tag. 

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