Oxidized Silver Jewelry Wholesale

Jewelry with an oxidized finish has always been pretty popular, but it has exploded as of late. We are quality oxidized jewelry manufacturers and wholesaler that looking to bring you the best products possible. Provide them to your customers and they won’t be disappointed. Create new collection with us and our oxidized 925 silver pieces will be a crowd-pleaser with your customers.

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Silver oxidized jewellery has always been pretty popular but lately, the trend seems to be everywhere. If you want to get in on the profits, it’s important to stock oxidised sterling silver jewelry. Give your customers plenty to choose from and keep them happy. We have everything you need to keep your supply up, including beautiful earrings, pendants, and bracelets.We are quality oxidized jewellery manufacturers that looking to bring you the best products possible. Provide them to your customers and they won’t be disappointed.Our oxidized 925 silver pieces will be a crowd-pleaser with your customers.

Oxidized Earrings Wholesale

We have several options in our oxidized jewellery wholesale when it comes to beautiful oxidized earrings. Some are dainty while others are more likely to make a statement. Stock them all and you’ll be sure to keep your customers happy, while giving them plenty of variations.

Our sterling silver filigree Chandelier Dangle Earrings are both feminine and delicate while still being eye-catching. The filigree pattern gives these earrings a beautiful elegance, while the design of the chandelier drop is quite stunning. Our sterling silver jumping fish on a hook filigree dangle drop earrings are an option that will certainly make a statement. These oxidized silver earrings are shaped just like a jumping fish, giving them a fun look that will grab anyone’s attention. They are fun and quite popular.If delicate is what your customers want, you can’t go wrong with the egg-shaped dangle drop shepherds hook earrings, which are classic and timeless. These can be worn by customers of any age. The etched designs are delicate and intricate, adding a touch of elegance and glamour to any look.

We also have oxidized stud earrings for anyone who prefers studs over dangles.

Oxidized Silver Pendants

A beautiful pendant can really make a statement, especially when paired with an oxidized sterling silver chain wholesale piece. Our stock of oxidized pendants range from the delicate to the intricate and everywhere in between. If your clients want simple, we have it. If they prefer something a bit bolder, we have that as well. Our pendants are high quality, as are our chains.

For delicate options, our silver egg open filigree pendant pairs with our silver egg earrings, making a beautiful matching set that is both eye-catching and timeless.

For unique options, our sterling silver tortoise pendant is a beautiful, fun, and carefree addition to any look.

Oxidized Rings & Bracelets

If you are more likely to sell oxidized rings and bracelets, we have plenty of those to offer you as well.

A beautiful oxidized silver ring can be a real statement piece. Take our oxidized delicate floral blossom stud ring is quite eye-catching. The ruched ribbon design of this ring is both stylish and elegant. It is a timeless piece that will never go out of style, yet it maintains its elegance.Another option is our beautiful sterling silver tortoise ring which goes well with a variety of pieces in our shop. If your customers want a matching set, you’ll be able to provide it to them.Our oxidized snail sterling silver ring makes quite a bold statement. Designed as a snail, this piece is a big conversation starter and is quite unique. Your customers would be hard pressed to find another that looks similar.

Finally, an oxidized sterling silver bracelet is beautiful for anyone who prefers to wear their jewelry around their wrist. We have plenty of choices available, sure to please each of your customers and their individual styles.

What to Expect

Not all wholesalers are created equal. You may question that quality of items from other wholesalers. You might also question the lack of variety you find when shopping with others. When you buy from us, you can expect high-quality, unique oxidized pieces. While this look is trendy, it has always been popular and we can only expect it to stay that way. 

We have tons of simple, elegant pieces for those who prefer a more elegant and understated look. However, we also offer plenty of animal and sea life pieces that are sure to grab a lot of attention.No matter what type of jewelry your clients prefer, you will find it with us. If you want to provide your customers with a great shopping experience, that includes plenty of beautiful pieces, consider us and our wholesale oxidized jewelry India for oxidized finish jewelry. You will not be disappointed, and neither will your customers.

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