Wholesale Pearl Silver Jewelry

Silver and pearls are a classic combination, but they are far from old-fashioned. Modern pearl designs are both modern and classical, pure and sophisticated. Buying wholesale pearl jewelry makes it easy to add pearl jewelry to your collection and tap into the value and history of beautiful pearls. Create your new pearl silver jewelry with us today!

Pearls are a classic look, bringing elegance and class to any outfit. Modern pearls come in many styles and patterns. Variety is the spice of life and buying wholesale pearl jewelry makes it easy to offer looks catered toward all your customers’ different tastes and preferences.

For many, pearls are more than a statement look. Pearls are a symbol of magic, of the mysterious and not fully understood ways our world works. They are evidence of the wonder and beauty in seemingly everyday things.

Modern pearl jewelry ranges from classical elegance to edgy sophistication, getting the right pearl is more than just good color and shape. Wholesale pearl earrings make for elegant valentines’ gifts, wholesale pearl necklaces, especially with matching earrings, are beautiful statement pieces for business women. Or, buy only the pearl pendants wholesale, and match the pendant with a beautiful chain for a custom gift. 

Or, for a more understated but deeply meaningful look, wholesale sterling silver pearl rings are the perfect gift to mark meaningful occasions and the fulfillment of life goals and dreams.

We offer freshwater pearl jewelry wholesale as well as black pearls, and imitation pearls. Freshwater pearls give us a beautiful combination of pearl rounds and unique shapes and twists in our pearls, which we can then use to give unique character to our jewelry.

The Value of a Pearl

Pearls were once seen as old-fashioned, especially the uniformly round pearl necklaces with every pearl carefully selected for its size shape and color. But the idea that a pearl is old-fashioned shouldn't be dismissed.

The reality is that, while fashions in pearls have come and gone, pearls themselves have a long and treasured history as some of the most valuable and precious gemstones in the world.

Pearls have decorated the jewelry and clothing of royal families and have been given as gifts between great kingdoms and nations. Pearls, of all shapes and sizes, have always been a symbol of wealth, power, and prestige. 

In Rome, pearls were the height of value and sophistication. Julius Caesar limited the use of pearls to only the highest classes of Roman society. We have found the remains of a Persian Princess’s coffin, which was studded and decorated with pearls.

The Arco-Valley pearl, the third-largest pearl in the world, was given as a gift from Kublai Khan, a Mongol ruler of China, to Marco Polo, the famous explorer, and navigator.

In the 19th century the demand for pearls, among the nobility and upper classes of Europe in particular, was so high that the supplies of pearl-producing mollusks began to dwindle. 

Elegant Pairing, Sterling Silver and Pearls

The unique luster of fine pearls is well complemented by the bright shine of sterling silver. Plus, since sterling silver is a low-maintenance metal, you can trust your silver pearl jewelry to maintain a timeless beauty.

The white on silver look is subtle but still eye-catching. Pearls may not sparkle like some gemstones, but they maintain a beautiful glow in almost any light.

Silver and pearl also tend to go with any outfit, making them some of the most flexible gemstones in your jewelry box. A silver pearl bracelet can be worn casually, adding flair and sophistication, but the same bracelet can be worn over elbow-length gloves with a velvet gown and look equally stunning. 

Silver pearl drop earrings frame and bring light and color to your face, but they're equally suited to day and evening wear and can be styled to look modern and sleek, or classic and timeless. While a sterling silver pearl ring can be worn as a status symbol or a signal of purity and poise. 

You can also mix and match pearls. Since the gems themselves have a fairly uniform character, different styles and pairings made from the same metal will still look like an intentional set.

That means you can mix sterling silver pearl stud earrings with bolder necklaces, bracelets, or rings, and still create a unified look.

Plus, buying sterling silver pearl earrings wholesale allows you to curate your selection for a wide variety of styles and aesthetic preferences.

Black Pearls

Of course, the soft bright look of a white or pink pearl isn’t for everyone. Black pearls give more contrast, while still being a versatile statement gem. Black pearl jewelry is often a more modern take on the classics and a wonderful way to acknowledge the personality and character of a loved one. 

Black pearl earrings, like our understated black pearl stud earrings, are arguably even more versatile than their white or pink cousins. The glow from a black pearl is enchanting. The soft color mirrors the mystery and magic that long surrounded pearls, the seeming miracle creation of a simple mollusk.

Since black pearls are more common in modern and Avant-garde looks. They appeal to a wide audience that's looking for sophistication but don't want to revive the fashion statements of generations past. 

Saltwater or Freshwater?

Of course, there are some differences between pearls other than their size, color, and shape. Saltwater pearls usually are larger and have greater luster than their freshwater cousins. Many of the best saltwater pearls are sourced from Thailand.

Thailand pearl earrings, in any color, are some of the most beautiful pieces of pearl jewelry available. Pearl jewelry wholesale, from Thailand, makes it easy to offer a huge array of these gorgeous pearls, of all shapes, sizes, and colors.

However freshwater pearls can come in a wider range of shape and size, and they are more common and therefore more affordable than saltwater versions.

While usually smaller, modern cultivation techniques have brought freshwater pearls closer in size, luster, and other quality points to saltwater pearls. Plus, since freshwater pearls have thicker nacre (the main substance of the pearl), they are also more durable and hardwearing.

That means saltwater pearls may be slightly prettier, but freshwater pearls may be better for jewelry that’s likely to be worn often.

Jewelry that’s likely to be exposed to possible damage, like banging up against surfaces, getting snagged, and other stress, might be well served to use freshwater pearls instead of saltwater their pearls. A freshwater pearl bracelet, for instance, offers all the beauty and a great deal more durability.

It’s worth noting that most pearls, freshwater and saltwater alike, are cultivated pearls. That means that something was placed inside the mollusk to turn into a pearl. Cultivation, rather than lowering the value of your pearl, should be seen as a good thing.

Cultivation means that we have greater control over the size, quality, and other characteristics of the pearl. That translates to greater variety, and higher overall quality, than naturally produced pearls alone. While naturally produced pearls are still available, they tend to look and feel different than cultivated pearls.

Other Pearl Options

Once, imitation pearls were easy to spot. The luster of the gem was significantly different, and many imitation pearls were made with a pearl-colored coating that would eventually begin to chip and wear away.

More modern pearl alternatives are more attractive, more hardwearing, and easily fool your eye. Synthetic pearl earrings are a more affordable option that still provides elegance and class, no one will ever know. 

Whether you go with imitation pearl stud earrings or larger drop imitation pearl earrings can make the same impact as sterling silver pearl earrings made with genuine gems. Providing both genuine pearls and imitation pearls makes sure you have options for your customers, regardless of their budget.

Since modern methods for creating imitation and synthetic pearls are superior to older techniques, it’s now possible to buy a combination of imitation and cultivated pearls to wear together. That lowers the cost, making pearl jewelry more accessible, and makes new designs possible.

So, rather than disdaining synthetic pearls for your collection, a better option is thinking strategically about what to order in cultivated pearls and what to order with imitation pearls. Having both gives you a range of durability and price that cultivated pearls alone cannot match.

Synthetic pearls now come in the full range of color, size, and shape, like natural pearls. While white pearls are the most common variety in synthetic versions, you don't need to be limited to those options. Some of our earrings come in pink and other natural pearl colors.

Variety and Value – Silver and Pearl Jewelry

Our selection of wholesale pearl jewelry collection allows you to cater to any customer. Buying wholesale translated to wider profit margins and better prices. Since we offer a variety of styles, pearl types, and all in beautiful sterling silver, you have many options.

Pearls appeal to lovers of history, of classical fashion, of modern elegance, and sleek and refined tastes alike. Love of pearl jewelry is almost universal, and the use of pearls in jewelry has a long and storied history. 

Bringing silver and pearl jewelry into your store connects you, and our customers, to that long tradition.

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