Pet Themed Silver Jewelry Wholesale For Pet Day

Plenty of pet lovers keep their eyes out for high-quality jewelry to show off their love of their furry, scaled, and even aquatic companions. With Pet Day coming up, you can expect more requests for pet pendants, earring, ring and pet paw jewelry. Our Pet Themed Silver Jewelry Wholesale will help you fill the needs of this market on Pet Day for pet lovers with handcrafted sterling silver!

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Pets are fantastic. They come in all shapes and sizes, they make their owners happier, and they can even make you a more empathetic and compassionate person. It makes sense that pet lovers appreciate pet themed jewelry. 

This niche market is always eager when they find pet paw jewelry, and even more excited to find more specialty items like pet bracelets and love my pet jewelry. 

With Pet Day coming up, you can expect even more of these customers. Not only will they be looking for pet pendants for themselves, they’ll be looking for gifts for the other special pet lovers in their lives.

Our wholesale pet lover jewelry will help you prepare for the demand from these important customers. Best of all, you'll be able to provide a wide selection and can have the orders placed and the inventory in stock long before Pet Day arrives.

We carry a wide variety of sterling silver pet jewelry, covering just about every type of jewelry your customers could desire. We carry the more common varieties of jewelry, sterling silver pet rings, and pet paw earrings.

But we also carry rarer types of jewelry for pet lovers whose pets aren't celebrated as often. Our pet themed jewelry wholesale includes aquatic pets. We have a selection of beautiful silverfish, turtles, and sea stars to choose from.

These pieces will appeal to more than just pet lovers. Include them for ocean-lovers and conservation enthusiasts alike. If you live in an ocean tourist destination, these pieces will see increased demand during tourist season as well.

Since we offer our pet themed jewelry wholesale, you’ll be able to offer these pieces at prices accessible to the whole market.

Give your customers the option of a silver pet necklace shaped like an exotic chameleon, or a sassy cat silhouette. Pet paw print necklaces are popular all ear round, for pet lovers and animal lovers without pets.

It’s also worth considering that pet jewelry for humans might be worth stocking year-round. After all, people are always looking for new and creative ways to celebrate a new companion. Many people even look to pet themed jewelry as a way to memorialize their lost and departed pets.

Don’t be afraid to look beyond cats and dogs either.  A pet pendant necklace may be all the more special for a pet lover whose never been able to wear their favorite animal before. Animals like geckos, birds, and turtles might be fantastic companions, but they’re too often overlooked by the fashion and jewelry industries.

While we offer pet themed jewelry heading into pet day, you should also try to stock some animals that aren’t usually pets. Animals like owls might not be living in your pet lovers’ homes, but you can bet that a good number of them love other animals too. A set of beautiful sterling silver owl earrings or butterflies will appeal to a wide base of customers.

You can also cater to customers of all ages through pet jewelry wholesale. Bunny and cartoonish cats will appeal to children and teenagers. 

Or go for an edge of sophistication by including origami animals and more minimalist designs.

You can find a selection of pet jewelry wholesale for any customer. We have options ranging from the cute and cartoony to complex and realistic. Some options appeal to minimalists and people who prefer extravagant statement pieces.

You'll be able to dial in your order to the selection that best suits your store and customer base. But you'll also be able to offer affordable options that reach outside of your normal customers and attract new business.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Take advantage of Pet Day, and the ongoing demand for animal and pet themed jewelry to expand the appeal of your business. This event is the perfect time to expand your permanent stock with the most successful and appealing pieces.

There aren’t many opportunities to get a varied selection of sterling silver pet jewelry. But our selection is designed to appeal to many different age groups and aesthetics. Match your aesthetic, your local aesthetic, and build the kind of jewelry selection any pet lover would be proud to see!

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