Wholesale Rhodium Plated Silver Jewelry

Rhodium is a precious metal that when used to coat jewelry, can help protect against unwanted damage, scratches, tarnish and withstand more abuse without dulling the jewelry shine. With Karen Silver Design, you can buy high quality rhodium plated silver jewelry at factory price. We have rhodium plated rings, bracelets, and earrings for all your business needs. Discover now!

Have you been on the hunt for a wholesale retailer that offers a large selection of various rhodium jewelry options? Then purchasing your products from Karen Silver Design in Thailand will help your business stay up to date on the latest jewelry trends and buy products that your customers, or businesses you distribute to, will want to purchase from you.

Don’t know what rhodium is? Well, rhodium is a precious metal that when used to coat jewelry, can help protect against unwanted damage and scratches and gives off a lovely white or silver color. This makes the rhodium plated earrings and rhodium plated pendant really shine and offers a beautiful and elegant look to consumers. This also makes our rhodium plated silver tougher than other jewelry materials and able to withstand more abuse without dulling the shine or harming the surface of the item.

With a tough rhodium plating on all these wholesale items, you can ensure that your items will be safe when shipped, transported, and delivered to your business. You can also feel at ease knowing that when you send out your new items to businesses you distribute to or set them out on display on your own shelves, that they will be in great condition.

Our large selection of 925 silver rhodium plated jewelry will give you a large number of options to choose from so your store or distribution center will have a bit of everything. With a choice of rhodium plated silver bracelet, earrings, rings or rhodium chains jewelry you can give your customers the options they want so they will spend more time in your store and spend more money on quality items.

We have rhodium plated sterling silver earrings, wholesale rhodium plated rings, and a number of pendants and bracelets to choose from that all have a delicate and sophisticated look that your retailers will love. We also carry a line of rhodium plated silver chain that you can pick from for each of the pendants as well.

All of our rhodium plated jewelry has a second minimum order of $99 or higher for the U.S. and can be shipped for as low as $5.50 an order. However, we have numerous shipping and delivery choices that will fit any budget. And, the more you order from us, the more money you will save.

For your very first order with us, you will need to register for a wholesale account through our website. And after your first order – which has an initial minimum amount of $199 – you will get a lowered minimum of $99 an order from then on for all rhodium plated silver chains, rhodium plated silver pendant, rhodium plated ring, and earring orders.

Our rhodium plated sterling silver jewelry can ship within as little as 24 hours with 15-25 days shipping option chosen for delivery. If you need your items faster, we also offer 10-15 day delivery and 3-4 day delivery for an additional charge. This will give you a chance to save money on shipping costs for items that are not out of stock, and get the ones that are running out to your facility faster.

Karen Silver Design jewelry also comes direct from the manufacturer which speeds up the process. This cuts down on the travel time and enables us to get our products to you faster than others. Whether you are a jewelry retailer, reseller, or distributor, you can benefit from our low wholesale prices on all your rhodium plated bracelet wholesale jewelry and our fast shipping.

Whether you are wanting to purchase only rhodium earrings wholesale or rhodium plated rings wholesale, or you’re simply looking for a large selection of different jewelry options to fill your store with, you can find everything that you need at Karen Silver Design.

With our great wholesale prices on all wholesale rhodium plated jewelry, you can order as much as you need for your business without worrying about going over your budget.

With a low wholesale price, cheap shipping options, and a low minimum amount for purchase, you can boost your profit margins and start making more money with high-quality pieces of rhodium plated jewelry that will keep your businesses and customers happy.

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