Sandblast Finish Silver Jewelry Wholesale

Sandblast finish 925 sterling silver jewelry is one of the most interesting finishes you could find as they have a unique detail where you’ll feel it in a different way compared to other jewelry pieces such as matte or High polish. We have a large collection of sandblasted silver jewelry offered to you at a great wholesale price. Discover and create your new collection with us today.

Sandblast finish jewelry is one of the more unique types of jewelry you can find. This article will discuss what it is and where you can find some of the best pieces (Hint: you might already know who has them). Jewelry store owners and distributors won’t want to miss the opportunity to purchase these beautiful pieces.

Matte finish is a unique finish that you’ll see on jewelry pieces. These may not have a lot of shine, but they will exude a kind of uniqueness never seen before. You don’t want to miss these jewelry pieces.

Whether it’s a sandblasted gold ring or sandblasted earrings, you will be amazed by the look of these jewelry pieces. You might even sell these and your customers will go crazy over them. Let’s continue more by explaining sandblast jewelry and what makes them special.

What is sandblasted jewelry?

Sandblasted jewelry undergoes a unique process. These jewelry pieces have a matte finish that will not shine or reflect (with the exception of small light reflections). These are high quality, but it’s perfect for those who choose to be inconspicuous with their jewelry.

The process starts with the sand blasted metal getting hardened by a sandblasting blower. This will create the matte finish. Meanwhile, the blower will shoot specific abrasive material.

It’s abrasives and not real sand that is being used. The elements that are used include plastic, glass granulate, furnace slag, and corundum among others. Sometimes, nutshells can be used as an abrasive.

The sandblaster itself is high-pressured. So it will blow the abrasives into the jewelry while covering the silver detail. The matte finish will be complete and you will feel the texture as smooth, but a little rough and bumpy.

You may have seen matte finish before on vehicles. It doesn’t feel like metal. It feels more like a hard shell.

You may notice the matt finish jewelry that we are selling in our catalog. For example, take a look at our Triple Button Dangle Earrings. This comes in two finishes: high polish and sand blast.

You will notice the difference between the two when you buy sets of each of the finishes. You can order them from us since we are one of the best Thailand jewelry manufacturers. We will send you our jewelry pieces you’ve ordered to any place in the world.

Whether you live in the United States or Australia, we’ll send them your way. This includes our matte finish jewelry at wholesale prices. If you are new to our site, you can check out our catalog by signing up for a wholesaler account.

You’ll be able to check out our list of matt finish jewelry at wholesale prices. You can order as many as you can afford. Soon, you may be able to order sandblasted gold hoop earrings or matte silver jewelry that will look great on your customers.

What pieces of sandblasted jewelry are out there?

With so many types of jewelry pieces, you’ll want to know what kind of sandblasted finish jewelry is out there. This includes a sandblast finish ring or sandblast wide hoop earrings. You may find a necklace sandblasted and you will be able to sell it fast.

If your customers are looking for a unique ring, you might be able to help them out. It would be easy to sell a sandblasted ring. You can suggest that it can be the perfect gift for a special someone on the perfect occasion.

Aside from our sandblasted jewelry, you can also order pieces of jewelry through us. This includes silver earrings at wholesale prices.

Check out our sandblasted jewelry pieces now

If you are looking for unique jewelry pieces, sandblasted jewelry may be what you want to include in your store. With its unique features, you can sell these to your regular customers. They may not be as shiny as the rest of your inventory, but they are great to wear on any perfect occasion.

You’ll love the look and the feel of these jewelry pieces. You’d be hard-pressed to find an exquisite type of jewelry anywhere else. Some jewelry store owners even create it themselves.

Now that you know the process of how it’s made, you might have a good idea of creating your own sandblasted jewelry. If you’re not up to making your own jewelry, we’ll take care of it for you.

Check out our catalog and see which jewelry pieces have sandblasted finishes. You can order them now and we’ll send them to wherever you are in the world. If you have any questions about sandblasted jewelry you can reach out to us.

Don’t wait any longer. You can order our sandblasted jewelry now before they are sold out. Sign up for a wholesaler account today and get started.

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